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RAKBANK Credit Cards are among the most notable financial products across the UAE. However, while obtaining a RAKBANK credit card is a straightforward process, it still involves the steps of applying as well as checking RAKBANK credit card application status. Doing this ensures that you are aware of the RAKBANK credit card status.

After following certain steps, you will be able to monitor the RAKBANK credit card application status even if the bank falters in informing you about the card. 

To know more about checking RAKBANK credit card application status and the RAKBANK credit card status at any instant of the application process, keep reading below

  • Check RAKBANK Credit Card Application Status Online
  • Check RAKBANK Credit Card Applications Status Offline

Check RAKBANK Credit Card Application Status Online

Individuals interested in checking the RAKBANK credit card application status should follow the steps elaborated below

  • Visit the RAKBANK official website and locate the ‘credit cards’ section.
  • Search for ‘check RAKBANK credit card status’ or any similar option such as ‘track application’ 
  • You will be able to see an application form for the same purpose. Fill it out using details like credit application number, valid email ID, and so on.
  • After submitting the form, you will be able to view your RAKBANK credit card application status

It should be noted that if you are unable to view the RAKBANK credit card status using the above-mentioned method, you can easily do this

  • Log in to your bank account on the RAKBANK official site and move to the ‘credit cards’ section there.
  • This page will display all your current credit cards and the ones you have applied for.
  • If you click on the card that you recently applied for, you will be able to see the RAKBANK credit card status there

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Check RAKBANK Credit Card Applications Status Offline

An individual can also check RAKBANK credit card application status offline at a RAKBANK branch or the customer service number. 

  • Bank Branch: An applicant can visit a nearby branch of the bank and contact a bank representative to check their RAKBANK credit card status. The bank will request details like the credit card application, application number, and so on. Once your details are verified, you will be informed about the current status of your credit card.
  • Customer Support: Instead of visiting a branch in person, you can contact the customer support of the bank and request information regarding the RAKBANK credit card application status. You will be asked for the same details as above such as application number and others. If your details are verified and recognised as valid, you will be provided the relevant information for your RAKBANK credit card status.

How to Increase the Chances of RAKBANK Credit Card Application Approved?

A credit Score is a significant number that can influence crucial financial choices and options. This figure is utilised by creditors to determine your trustworthiness, as it assists them in determining if there is any major risk in lending you money. Any creditor, whether a credit card company, a bank, a loan banker or an auto dealership, will examine your credit score before agreeing to lend you money. This factor is key in getting your RAKBANK Credit Card Application Status approved.

Similar to other institutions, a fair credit score has to be maintained to fulfil the RAKBANK credit card eligibility criteria. If you want to maintain a good score and improve your chances of getting a RAKBANK credit card application status approved, you have to know the factors contributing to it first. 

Here are the 5 most important factors that affect your credit score and RAKBANK credit card eligibility.

  • The History of Payment  - Payment history is, by far, the most crucial aspect of your credit score as it accounts for 35% to 40% of your total credit score. While failing in a single repayment could also prove harmful, prolonged issues like severe repayment troubles, write-offs, bankruptcy, seizure, or foreclosures, can critically deteriorate your credit score. Such a diminished credit score makes it extremely challenging to obtain a loan or a credit card. 
  • Credit Utilisation - Credit usage accounts for approximately 30% of the credit score. It is simply the percentage of your total borrowed sum to your maximum available credit on all outstanding accounts (credit cards). It is recommended to maintain a smaller utilisation ratio for a higher credit score.  
  • The Credit Age - The age of credit accounts for 15% to 20% of the credit ratio in the UAE. Here, the age of your account is recorded to ascertain your capacity for savings and financial instruments for the long term. As an adequate credit age demonstrates that you are able to use a credit card for long without major hassles, possessing an old account may lead to improved credit scores.
  • Credit Varieties - Credit is generally classified into two types: credit card accounts and instalment loans. Possessing both these types of accounts will help you increase your credit score. 
  • Credit Inquiries - Every time you apply for a report on your credit, a query is recorded on your credit report. While a few queries may not prove detrimental, a large number of inquiries will reflect poorly on your credit file, which may cost you some points on your credit score. 

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The factors described above are to be kept in mind if you want to improve your credit score. As these factors are also considered while checking your application for the RAKBANK credit card eligibility, you should take a note of them if you wish to apply for a RAKBANK credit card.

Some quick tips that you can follow to improve your RAKBANK credit card application status approved:

  • Paying your bills on time
  • Reducing Existing Debt
  • Diversification of account and credit types (while ensuring that the payments are still completed on time)

Things to Consider while Applying for RAKBANK Credit Card 

The RAKBANK credit card eligibility criteria comprise the majority of factors that are to be kept in mind while applying for a RAKBANK Credit Card. Moreover, if your application was rejected earlier, having a clear idea of the eligibility criteria is even more essential. 

Given below are some key aspects to note while applying for RAKBANK credit card:

  • Age of the applicant: To meet the RAKBANK credit card eligibility for a RAKBANK credit card, a claimant must be at least 21 years old.
  • Nationality: Most RAKBANK credit cards are available to UAE residents only. If a non-resident person wants to meet the RAKBANK credit card eligibility requirements and apply for a credit card, they can get help from the RAKBANK customer service hotline.
  • Credit history: This is among the most essential criteria that should not be overlooked. RAKBANK credit card eligibility shows the cardholder's credit and loan repayment history, which provides an approximate idea to the bank regarding the applicant’s financial behaviour and capability. Thus, make sure that you have an adequate credit score to meet the RAKBANK credit card eligibility as a weak credit history may result in the denial of a credit card application.
  • Income: Each RAKBANK credit card requires the applicant to have a minimum monthly income as part of their eligibility criteria. As the requirement of each credit card varies, carefully examine the documents and apply only if you fulfil the income criteria for the same.

If you want to check out more best credit cards in UAE to apply, you can do all of that in just one place. Simply continue on our website and visit the ‘credit cards’ section for an easy buying experience. You will also be able to contact experts on our website who can advise you regarding the evaluation of various credit cards' features, rewards, and eligibility criteria from your perspective.

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