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Finance House is a prominent financial services company based in the UAE.  Established in 2004, it offers a wide range of products and services including personal and business finance, credit cards, asset management, and investment services.  Finance House has become one of the most trusted names in the UAE's financial sector with its commitment to superior customer service, innovation, and responsible banking practices.

Finance House credit cards make for a top choice in the UAE due to their numerous benefits and features.  After submitting your Finance House credit card application, however, you may need to track its status to know when the card will be delivered to you and when you can use it.

Reasons to Check Finance House Credit Card Application Status

Given below are the listed reasons why you would want to check your Finance House credit card application status – 

  • To know how your Finance House credit card application is progressing and whether it is approved, in progress, or rejected
  • To check if any other information or additional documents is required to fast-track the process
  • Keeping a tap on your Finance House credit card application status will help you to stay informed about any delays in processing and ensure that you receive your credit card promptly.
  • Checking your Finance House credit card application status can also help you detect and prevent potential identity theft, as you can quickly identify unauthorised applications made in your name.
  • You will know the estimated delivery date and time of your credit card.
  • Once you know when to use your credit card, you can proactively manage your finances.

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How to Check Finance House Credit Card Application Status?

Visiting Finance House Branch

You can check your Finance House credit card application status by visiting your nearest Finance House physical branch and following the given steps &ndash

  • Locate your nearest physical branch and make a visit during working hours.
  • Inform the customer representative that you would like to get an update on your Finance House credit card application status.
  • Provide the details to the representative including your full name, credit card application reference number (if applicable), registered mobile number, and any other details as asked.
  • The representative will check the Finance House credit card application status on their system and give your real-time updates.

Given below are the addresses of the Finance House branches in UAE – 

Location of Finance House Branch

Address of the Branch

Abu Dhabi (Head Office)

Orjowan Tower Building, Zayed 1st Street, Khalidiya Area P.O.Box: 7878 Abu Dhabi


Zayed Road, Al Quoz Area, 3rd Interchange Towards Dubai P.O.Box 124100 Dubai


Khan Corniche Street, P.O.Box 31004 Sharjah

Phone and Email Banking 

As an alternative, you can reach out to the bank via phone or email and learn about your Finance House credit card application status – 

Location of Finance House Branch

Call Centre Number

Contact Number 

Email Address

Abu Dhabi (Head Office)


+971 2 619 4000



+971 4 4075000



+971 6 5932333

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How to Increase the Chances of Getting Finance House Credit Card Application Approved?

While the following steps do not guarantee approval, they will certainly improve the chances of getting your Finance House credit card application approved. So if you plan to apply for a Finance House credit card, here are the ways to enhance your chances of approval - 

  • Paying Utility Bills and EMI Payments on Time: While evaluating your Finance House credit card application, the bank will look at your credit score and credit report to assess your creditworthiness.  Both utility bills and EMI payments are essential in making up your credit history.  By making timely payments on utility bills and EMIs, you can establish a positive payment history, improve your credit score, and show lenders that you are a responsible borrower. This, as you may expect, increases your chances of getting your credit card application approved.
  • Maintain a Healthy Mix of Credit: Having only one type of credit or limited credit history can make it difficult for the lender to assess your creditworthiness. For this reason, it is essential to have a mix of credit in your credit profile and make time to maintain a healthy credit score.  The diverse mix of credit includes secured and unsecured loans, personal loans, mortgages loans, credit cards and more.  This can make your Finance House credit card application attractive and increase its chances of being approved.
  • Limiting Credit Exposure: Limiting credit exposure, or the amount of credit you have in use, is another factor that can improve your chances of getting your credit card application approved. High levels of credit exposure indicate that you have many loans and credit cards that increase the total amount of debt you owe and negatively impact your credit score too.  On the other hand, low credit exposure indicates you manage your debt wisely and have a lower risk of default.  In addition, limiting credit exposure by settling down the existing debt and not opening too many new lines of credit also improves your credit utilisation rate.
  • Include all Sources of Income: Once you submit your credit card application, the lender will assess your ability to repay the credit card debt.  They will consider your income and expenses, as well as your debt-to-income ratio to determine if you have the financial stability to handle credit card payments.  The institution will look at your primary income source and take all other supplementary income sources into your account.  These supplementary sources of income can include rental payments, part-time or side jobs and more, which demonstrate to the lenders that you have a stable and diversified income stream.  Thus, by adding additional sources of income to your credit card application, you can improve your chances of getting your application approved.
  • Avoid Frequent Credit Score Checks: Another important thing to remember is to avoid frequent credit score checks after applying for a credit card in UAE.  Every time you check for your credit score, your credit score drops, which can negatively impact your credit report.  Make sure to check your credit score before applying to see whether you qualify for the eligibility criteria or not.  

Note: You can check your aecb credit score free on the Policybazaar UAE platform.

Factors to Consider While Applying for a Finance House Credit Card After Rejection

In case your first Finance House credit card application is rejected, you can re-apply for the same.  However, before re-applying, you should keep the following factors in mind- 

  • Know About your Credit Score: Checking your credit score before reapplying can give you a sense of where you stand in terms of credit and also helps identify any potential issues that may impact your application like errors on your credit report or high levels of debt.  Once you know your credit score, you can choose a suitable card for which you are more likely to be approved and develop the necessary credit score habits to enhance your credit profile.  Moreover, keeping a tab on your credit score avoids further damage to your credit standing.
  • Develop good credit score Habits: By developing good credit score habits before re-applying for a credit card, you can increase your chances of getting approved and obtaining more favourable terms, helping you achieve your financial goals.  Some good credit score habits include making utility and EMI payments on time, keeping your credit utilisation low, and avoiding opening too many lines of credit at once. 
  • Compare Different Types of Credit Cards: Comparing credit cards before applying for new credit cards can help you make a wise decision and find the best card suiting your financial needs.  Every credit card comes with different features, benefits, rewards, interests, rates and fees.  Once you select the credit card as per your needs, you should check the eligibility criteria, minimum requirements, and other qualification criteria to make a financial decision.
  • Don’t Apply for Multiple Cards: This is among the crucial factors to be considered while applying for a credit card.  When you apply for a credit card, it leads to a hard enquiry on your credit file.  Applying for multiple credit cards in a short period indicates that you are credit-hungry and at a higher risk of default.  Thus, compare the credit cards, check the eligibility criteria, and apply for only one.
  • Don’t Cancel your Existing Credit Cards: It is a big misconception that cancelling your existing cards will fast-track your new credit card application process.  By cancelling your current credit cards, your overall credit history will be shortened, which can adversely impact your credit report and score.  For this reason, it is recommended to think carefully before cancelling your existing credit card, as it can affect your chances of getting improved new credit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any online portal through which I can check my Finance House credit card application status?

Currently, Finance House does not provide any online portal through which you can keep a track of your Finance House credit card application status.

I don't have a credit card application number. Can Finance House update me on my application status?

Yes, you can visit one of the branches of Finance House and ask them about your Finance House credit card application status.  They may require details like your name, registered mobile number, application date, and more.

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