How to Check Dubai First Credit Card Application Status

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Applying for a credit card involves a few steps, and you must ensure to follow the correct set of instructions to have a hassle-free application process. Once submitted, financial institutions don’t approve or reject your application immediately, as they take a few days to process your application and notify you. 

During this period, banks allow you to track the status of your application. As you read this article, you will learn how to check Dubai First credit card application status. The article will also highlight some effective ways through which you can improve the chances of getting your application approved and other crucial information. 

Check Dubai First Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

Applicants can opt for any of the online or offline means to check Dubai First credit card application status and track the application status. Go through the following points to know more about the methods in detail –

Via Internet Banking

Most Dubai First customers prefer to carry out their regular banking activities online. Besides the convenience, online banking also saves you considerable time as you only have to perform a few steps to access your online account. 

Internet banking is one such popular way of availing banking solutions online. Users can simply log in to their accounts to check their Dubai First credit card application status. 

Here is how you can check the status of the application via internet banking –  

  • Go to the official website of Dubai First Bank
  • On the home page, move to the online banking menu and click on it 
  • Sign in to your account using your login credentials 
  • Once your profile appears, navigate to the credit card section 
  • As a list of cards gets displayed on your screen, choose the one for which you want to check the application status 
  • Provide details such as credit card application number, registered email ID, and contact number (if required) 
  • The status of your credit card application will appear on the screen after the mentioned details are submitted 

Via Mobile Application 

Dubai First bank also has a mobile application that allows users to utilise bank-related services at any time of the day from anywhere on their fingers. Plenty of banking services, including the tracking of credit card application status, can be performed using the Dubai First bank app, which is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Here’s how you can verify the current status of your submitted credit card application –  

  • Download and install the Dubai First app on your smartphone 
  • Register your account and log in using the correct credentials 
  • Navigate to the credit cards section – if you have multiple cards, select the one you have applied for 
  • Once you tap on the card name, you will find an option to check the status 
  • You may be asked to enter your credit card application number, registered contact number and/or registered email ID 
  • Once you submit all these details, you will be able to view the status of your credit card application 

Via WhatsApp 

With technology developing rapidly, financial institutions are also introducing new banking ways to provide easy and convenient services to their customers. Most banks in the UAE, including Dubai First bank, now allow their customers to track their credit card application statuses via WhatsApp banking. Credit card applicants simply need to register their accounts with the bank’s WhatsApp number and start chatting. For this, simply follow the on-screen instructions after initiating the chat on WhatsApp to complete your enquiry within a few taps. 

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Check Dubai First Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

Those who prefer offline banking over online or facing any issues in tracking their credit card applications status online can use any of the following methods to check Dubai First bank credit card application status offline –  


SMS banking is a convenient offline method to verify the status of your Dubai First application. You can simply send an SMS to the concerned authority in the predefined format (from your registered number) and send it. The bank will revert soon and notify you about the current status of your application. Keep in mind that the financial institution may or may not charge you a certain amount for availing of the SMS banking service.

Via Call

The customer care support of Dubai First bank is available round the clock to provide you with assistance regarding your Dubai First credit card application status. Simply call 80033 to connect to their contact centre and speak to one of the executives to inquire about your application status.  

By Visiting Dubai First bank

Applicants also have the option to go to their nearest branch of Dubai First bank and have an in-person consultation with one of the bank professionals regarding their Dubai First Bank application status. Please note that you would be required to carry all the relevant documents with you for verification purposes here. 

How to Increase the Chances of Getting Dubai First Credit Card Application Approved?

While the final decision depends on the financial authorities, here’s what you can do from your end to increase the chances of getting your Dubai First credit card application approved –  

Enhance your credit score and credit history

A credit Score is a key indicator of your creditworthiness and shows whether you are financially strong for repaying the borrowed sum. Listed below are the steps you can follow to improve your credit score –  

Pay bills timely 

Paying utility bills, credit card bills, and other bills promptly result in a good credit score. Making payments within the due date ensures that you are capable of making credit card-related payments on time. 

Limit credit card applications

Sending multiple credit card applications at a time can considerably affect your credit score and credit history. As multiple credit card applications at a time indicate that you are a risky borrower, your credit score can take a hit. For this reason, it is always suggested to submit minimal applications for a credit card

Avoid frequent credit score check

Individuals often have a misconception that frequently checking credit scores does not make an impact on the score. This is a wrong notion, as every time you check your credit score, your score plummets. While the effect is nominal in case of one or two enquiries, this can build up to a large negative effect on your credit score over time. For this reason, it is advisable for Dubai First credit card applicants to stop verifying their credit scores frequently. 

Pay off ongoing debts

Clearing all your pending and ongoing debts presents you as a considerate borrower who can be expected to make timely payments. If you apply for a credit card while you have an ongoing debt, it is highly recommended to pay the monthly instalments before the due date.  

Apply for a secured credit card 

A secured card functions the same as a regular credit card. However, applying for such a credit card increases the chance of easy approval as the bank is at low risk. A secured credit card requires the applicant to deposit a certain amount in the form of collateral. In case the borrower is unable to make credit card payments, the bank can use this deposited money to make up for its loss.  

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Factors to Consider while Applying for Dubai First Bank Credit Card After Rejection

In case your application gets rejected, make sure you consider the following points before applying for a credit card again –  

Credit Score and Credit history 

Building a good credit score is one of the keys to Dubai First bank credit card approval. If your credit score seems to be less than what the financial institution has asked for, it may straightaway result in application rejection. Consequently, it is recommended to first work on improving your credit score and verify it again after a few weeks or months before applying again. 

Avoid Applying for a New Credit Card Immediately After Rejection

It is not a wise option to apply for a credit card immediately after rejection. The chances are high that your request may be declined again, and such a situation can further result in a decrease in credit scores. Wait for at least 6 months or so before submitting an application for a Dubai First credit card. 

Look for secured cards

For individuals having a bad credit score, it is better to opt for a secure card when applying for a Dubai First credit card. Opting for this type of card will not only improve your credit profile but will minimise the risk posed to the bank in terms of paying off the borrowed amount. Before you apply for a credit card again, verify the availability of a secured card with the bank authorities.  

Go through the adverse action letter 

The Dubai First bank may provide you with an adverse action letter, which is a type of document that states the reason for your Dubai First credit card application rejection. It is crucial to read the letter in detail so that you can improve your chances of credit card approval in the future.  

Validate the debt-to-income ratio

Your debt-to-income ratio term represents the portion of your monthly salary that goes into your monthly debt repayment. It fundamentally analyses your borrowing risk. A high debt-to-income ratio showcases that you have too much debt for the amount of salary earned every month, which can lead to credit card application rejection. While the maximum permissible debt-to-income ratio in the UAE is 50%, you should ideally try to keep it below 30%. 


How can individuals with poor employment history increase their chance of getting a Dubai First credit card approval?

Applicants with a poor employment history can have a consultation with the bank and send an application for a secured credit card to increase their chances of approval.

What can be done in case a Dubai First credit card application gets rejected?

The following steps can be taken if your Dubai First credit card application gets rejected – 

  • Improve your credit score and credit score
  • Apply for a secured credit card
  • Verify your debt-to-income ratio
  • Avoid sending another Dubai First credit card application immediately after the rejection of the first application
Is it possible to check the Dubai First credit card application status via the bank’s mobile app?

Yes, applicants can check their credit card status using the bank’s mobile application.

Is Dubai First mobile app available at AppGallery?

No, only Android and Apple users can use the bank’s app.

What to do if a Dubai First credit card application gets rejected due to a low credit score?

Applicants facing Dubai First application rejection due to low credit scores can improve their scores by – 

  • Paying utility and credit card bills within the due date
  • Avoiding verifying their credit scores more often
  • Paying off debts (if any)
  • Restricting sending numerous credit card applications in one go
How to check Dubai First credit card application status via internet banking?

Follow these steps to check the application status of your credit card – 

  • Login to your Dubai First bank account
  • From your profile’s home page, go to the credit card section
  • Choose the card for which you want to check the current application status
  • Provide personal details (if required) and submit them
  • The status of your application will appear on the screen

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