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Making your financial transactions convenient, worry-free and rewarding, the Mashreq Bank Salaam Points program is one of the best loyalty points programme in the UAE. All you need to do is keep using your Mashreq Credit Card, and in return, you'll get rewards points to further redeem and buy whatever you desire. Special offers and exclusive deals are always at your fingertips, waiting for you to take advantage of them when Salaam Points are included in the picture. Let’s cover everything you need to know about Mashreq Salaam Points, how they are redeemed and the variating benefits you can enjoy with them.

What are Salaam Points?

Salaam is a loyalty program for Mashreq customers. As a customer, you are eligible to earn reward points when you use any eligible Mashreq Debit or Credit Card to make any kind of transaction. Salaam Points can also be earned by utilising any of the eligible Mashreq smart banking solutions. These points can be redeemed to make further purchases on the eligible platforms and with any of the 2000+ the Mashreq Banks partner stores in the UAE. Mashreq Salaam Points can be used to bump up your flight seats, buy complimentary meals or hotel reservations, get lifestyle benefits and more. 

How to avail of the Mashreq Salaam program?

To earn Salaam Points, all you need to do is take advantage of the smart banking solutions offered by the Mashreq Bank. You can earn Salaam Points at the time when you purchase with your eligible Mashreq Debit or Credit Card, open a current or savings account, apply for a home or car loan, and buy Mashreq Millionaire Certificates.

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How does Salaam Points work?

Mashreq Bank Salaam Points have a very simple system of redemption. As explained in the previous section, you use your Mashreq Bank credit card to collect your Salaam Points. When you want to redeem your points, simply visit the store you want to redeem the points at or turn them into other special points to be used for certain benefits such as Skyward Points. Redeem the points required to make the purchase if you have sufficient balance for the same. 

Offers Available on Salaam Points

If you have any queries regarding how to use Salaam points, given below is a list of all exclusive ways you can redeem your Mashreq Salaam Points in the UAE:

  • Online Purchases - Redeem your Salaam Points to buy electronic goods, hotel stays, and flights on online retail stores. To make a purchase with points and a credit card, log in to online banking with your login ID with password.
  • Exclusive Deals - Redeem your Salaam Points to explore exclusive deals across an extensive number of merchants throughout UAE. Visit the “Card Offers” section of the Mashreq Mobile App to redeem Salaam points to avail of any of the currently active deals from Mashreq Bank partners in the UAE.
  • Novo Movie Tickets and Snacks - You can also redeem your Salaam Points to get complimentary Novo cinema tickets. Visit the F&B counter or Box office with your eligible Mashreq Card and check the available Mashreq Salaam points value and enjoy yourself by redeeming these points.
  • Skywards Miles - Accumulate your Mashreq Salaam Points, turn them into Skyward Miles and redeem them for flights, FlyDubai and Emirates upgrades, free hotel stays, complimentary benefits and more.

How to Check Mashreq Salaam Points?

Besides knowing how to use Salaam points, you should also be aware regarding how to check your Salaam Points balance. The steps for the latter are elaborate below: 

  • Login to Mashreq Online.
  • Go to the Rewards and Mobile in Mashreq Online 
  • Head to the Mashreq Salaam Rewards section from here and find the statement of rewards points here. 
  • You will find the total balance of Salaam Points you have in this statement. 

Ways to Earn Salaam Points from Mashreq Bank

  • Relationship-Based Incentives - In the event of relationship-based incentives, the customer might earn Salaam reward points depending on his Salaam Reward System qualifying requirements.
  • Spend-Based Incentives - For spend-based incentives, the consumer may only accumulate points by using their eligible Mashreq credit card or debit card. Customers' points gained based on these perks are limited to their credit card limit used, and any exorbitant spending other than their current limit of the Mashreq credit card does not qualify for Salaam points.

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How to Redeem Mashreq Salaam Points?

Mashreq Bank offers the flexibility to instantly redeem your collected Mashreq Points via Mashreq Online. Here is a step-by-step procedure for redeeming your points.

  • Visit Mashreq Online and log in.
  • Click on Redeem Salaam Points under Quick Links. You’ll be redirected to the Salaam webpage.
  • Select the ‘Redeem Points’ options.
  • Select your preferred outlet.
  • Input your preferred redemption amount.
  • Confirm your details.
  • An SMS code will be delivered to you. You can show the code to the merchant and enjoy free shopping sprees.

Alternatively, you can call Mashreq's 24/7 call centre (+974 4408 3333) to receive the SMS code.

Redemption of Salaam Points as Per Benefit Type 

Flight Ticket Purchase

  • Visit Mashreq Online and log in.
  • Click on Mashreq Salaam Points Redeem or similar category under Quick Links. You’ll be transferred to the Salaam webpage.
  • Select Redeem Points.
  • Select Flight Tickets as your preferred outlet. You’ll be transferred to the MMI travels partner webpage.
  • Choose and book your flight tickets.
  • Log in with your Mashreq Banking ID to complete the transaction with Salaam Points.

Hotel Booking:

  • Visit Mashreq Online and log in.
  • Click on Redeem Salaam Points under Quick Links. You’ll be transferred to the Salaam webpage.
  • Select Redeem Points.
  • Select Hotel Booking as your preferred outlet. You’ll be transferred to the MMI travels partner webpage.
  • Choose and book your hotel rooms.
  • Log in with your Mashreq Banking ID to complete the transaction with Salaam Points.

Movie Tickets:

  • Decide the kind of ticket and the number of tickets at any Novo Cinemas box office counter.
  • Give your Mashreq eligible card to the counter person at the cinema to find out how many Salaam points you have available on it.
  • Choose the number of points you wish to redeem for free movie tickets.
  • Sign the receipt and enjoy the movie.

Partner Outlet Redemption:

  • Bring your eligible Mashreq credit card or debit card to the partner businesses.
  • Present the shop attendant your credit card and request them to verify the current available Salaam points on your Mashreq card.
  • Choose the number of points you wish to redeem.
  • Sign the receipt.

Things to Remember During Salaam Point Redemption

  • Salaam points can be exchanged via Point of Sales devices at selected merchant locations or towards the issuing of merchant gift cards if the customer's relation with Mashreq is valid and permitted by the bank.
  • Mashreq bank may deduct the customer's redeemed Salaam points in relation to the customer's redemption demand.
  • The points acquired during the billing period are redeemable.
  • The final decision on the Salaam points that must be credited will be made by Mashreq Bank.
  • After Salaam points have been redeemed, they cannot be traded, refunded, or further redeemed for anything.
  • Salaam points are only refunded if there is a problem with the transaction or the distribution of gift certificates.
  • Mashreq Bank holds the authority to stop Salaam Points accumulation, usage, or terminate the membership if the Mashreq Card is cancelled or the customer fails to satisfy the bank’s terms and conditions or carries out any illegal or fraudulent activities.
  • Customers are provided a Salaam Point welcome bonus in their first year of using the bank services. This bonus is not available from the second year onwards.
  • You need to provide your eligible Mashreq card and valid Identity proof at the partner merchant outlet to redeem your points.


  • Mashreq Salaam's customer-friendly policies make it easy for customers to earn points and accumulate benefits.
  • The Salaam program from the Mashreq Bank gives customers the ability to settle their bills using Salaam points by approaching any of the UAE's redemption partners.
  • You can redeem points for anything from jewellery to electronics at over 2000 partner stores and restaurants.
  • To top it off, customers may also benefit from the ongoing Salaam Multiplier scheme, which gives them five times the Salaam points they normally receive via other options.
  • Mashreq Bank recently launched a new mobile application, Mashreq Online, for its customers, which enables customers to keep track of the most recent deals, determine the closest redemption partners by type, and locate those redemption outlets depending on the customer's present location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to log in or register to receive Salaam Points?

No, you do not need to register to accumulate Salaam Points. These points are automatically credited when you use Mashreq Banking services. However, it is recommended to register yourself on Mashreq Online to receive the full benefits of Salaam Rewards.

How long do Salaam Points last?

Mashreq Salaam Points are set to expire after three years from the receiving date.

How do I change or cancel my order on the Partner site?

For hotel booking or flight ticket modification cancellation, please contact MMI at (+9714 703 6579). For any e-shop purchase, contact Eros (+91714 881 1886).

How are Salaam Points earned?

Salaam Points can be received by using Mashreq banking solutions. Anything ranging from simple credit card purchases to opening a savings account and acquiring a Mashreq home loan is eligible for Salaam Rewards.

Can I view my Salaam Points on my card statement?

Your monthly credit card statement holds a cumulative amount of your earned Salaam Points.

Can I get a special deal on tickets if I use my Salaam Points at Novo cinemas?

In this case, you will be eligible for the 50% movie ticket discounts only if you use Mashreq Novo Credit Card to purchase your tickets.

Can I use my Salaam Points for doing online transactions and bill payments?

No. Salaam Points are not redeemable for your online transactions and bill payments.

How can I see how many Salaam Points I have garnered on my cards?

To check your Salaam points with Mashreq Bank, you can go to the Rewards and Mobile section on Mashreq Online app and view your statement in the Mashreq Salaam Rewards section.

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