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Ajman Bank, established in 2007, offers a wide range of banking and financial solutions that comply with the Shariah law. Its customer niche includes individuals, corporates, and government organisations. Headquartered in Ajman, the bank has various branches across the nation and offers impeccable banking products like credit cards, bank accounts, finances, and more. 

This article, in particular, will narrow down on the Ajman Bank credit cards and shed light on the Ajman Bank credit card application status. Read below to find out how to check your credit card application status and increase your chances of getting the credit card status approved in the UAE. 

Top Reasons to Check Ajman Bank Credit Card Application Status

If you have applied for an Ajman Bank credit card, it is essential to check your Ajman Bank credit card application status as it can help you stay on track with how the approval process is progressing and whether additional documents are needed to complete the process. 

Here are some reasons why you should keep a check on your Ajman Bank credit card application status -

  • Gives you an idea of whether your application is getting approved or declined
  • Provides an idea if additional paperwork is required
  • Helps you find out when will you receive your credit card
  • It helps you in figuring out any issues the bank is facing with your application in terms of personal details

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Check Ajman Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

You can check your Ajman Bank credit card status online using any of the following options -

Via Internet Banking

You can effortlessly keep a tab on your Ajman Bank credit card application status using internet banking. For this, you can -

  • Go to the official website of the bank, click on “Internet Banking”, and select the consumer banking tab.
  • Log into the internet banking portal.
  • Click on the credit card section option, select the credit card you have applied for, and track its status.
  • A screen displaying your Ajman Bank credit card application status will appear. 

Via Mobile Banking 

You can track your Ajman Bank credit card status using the official mobile application of the bank as well. Follow the steps given below - 

  • Log into Ajman Bank mobile banking application using your User ID and Password.
  • Locate the credit card section and look for the credit card application option. 
  • Select the card for which you want to check the application status.
  • The status will be provided on your mobile screen.

Check Ajman Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

Besides checking your Ajman Bank credit card application status online, you can also go for any of the offline ways to track your application status. 

Phone Banking

You can use the bank’s 24/7 phone banking number - 800 22. The customer care team and the credit card experts will help you learn your Ajman Bank credit card status easily. 

SMS Banking

You can utilise the PULL function (a self-service) under SMS Banking to get details about your Ajman Bank credit card application status. For this, you would be required to send a message in a pre-decided format to 7700. 

To receive a revert on your query, send a message by following these steps -

  • Enter the relevant command into your mobile (in this case - ‘Help’).
  • Send the message to 7700.
  • View the information the bank provided. 

Branch Visitation

You can also visit your nearest bank branch to get information about Ajman Bank credit card application status. Connect with the designated executive and enquire about the credit card application status. 

How to Increase the Chances of Getting Ajman Bank Credit Card Application Status Approved?

There could be multiple reasons that your Ajman Bank credit card status is stuck or not getting approved - 

  • The information may not be the same as that on your credit report.
  • You have applied for several new credit cards.
  • The bank needs to verify the personal information again.
  • There is identity fraud.
  • You have a low credit Score

If this is the case with you, it is important to improve the chances of getting the Ajman Bank credit card application status approved. Here are some ways to do the same -

  • Minimise Your Credit Applications - Every time you apply for a credit card or a loan, a hard enquiry would be made on the account. The more frequently you apply for a loan or credit card, the higher will be the number of hard enquiries, which will affect your credit score. For this reason, you should not apply for every credit card that you find interesting. Instead, connect with Ajman Bank to find out if you are eligible for a certain credit card. Try and limit your applications to not more than a couple in 6 months. Moreover, try to apply for a loan or credit card only if necessary.
  • Improve Your Credit Score - Your al etihad credit bureau (AECB) credit score is among the major factors that affect your Ajman Bank credit card application status approval. The equation is fairly simple - the lower your score, the higher the chance of your application getting rejected. To avoid this scenario, you should work on improving your credit score by paying off your credit card balance, avoiding late repayments, opting for secure credit cards in case of poor credit history, and more.
  • Apply for Credit Cards That Suit Your Credit Profile - There is no doubt that everyone wants a credit card packed with rewards. However, whether you can get a credit card loaded with rewards and a high credit limit will depend on your credit profile. So if your credit score is less than 680, the chances of you getting an application for a reward-loaded credit card are low. 
  • Lower The Credit Utilisation Ratio - A credit utilisation ratio is a relation between your balances and your total credit limit on credit cards and other revolving accounts. Even if you end up paying your credit card balances in full and on time, it is important to have the amount lower than your credit limit - this, in turn, can lower your credit utilisation ratio and enhance the chances of getting your Ajman Bank credit card application status as approved. 
  • Include All the Income Sources - When applying for an Ajman Bank credit card, make sure you mention all the income from qualifying sources clearly. Keep in mind that it should include all the household income you have access to. This is because income is another major factor that determines whether your credit card application will get approved. 
  • Ask for Reconsideration - A credit card application rejection is not the final word. You can always ask for a reconsideration line rather than applying for a new credit card altogether. On the reconsideration call, you can request additional information and request for approval. 
  • Pay off Any Outstanding Balances for the Bank - Since you are applying for an Ajman Bank credit card, it is important that you settle all the outstanding balances on other cards issued by the bank. If these balances remain unpaid, the bank will take them as debts in real-time. 
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Factors to Consider While Applying for Ajman Bank Credit Card After Rejection

While reconsideration should always be the priority if your credit card application gets rejected, if the bank still rejects the application, you can always apply for a new Ajman Bank credit card. If you are applying for an Ajman Bank credit card after rejection, here are some things you should take into consideration -

  • Credit Score Requirements - A high credit score reveals a track record of on-time payments and responsible credit management. As a result, the lending company would perceive you as a low-risk applicant and would be more inclined to approve your request. Additionally, a good credit score affects your ability to obtain better terms and conditions on credit cards by influencing the available credit and interest rates on your card. Therefore, it is advised to improve your credit score before applying for a credit card once more.
  • Creditworthiness - Although rebuilding your credit may seem like an impossible task, it is actually rather simple if you take it step-by-step and are dedicated to long-term adjustment. You can see where you need to improve from your credit report. You should concentrate on making on-time payments for your bills, lowering your utilisation rate, and paying off any additional debt you may have. It is not necessary to have excellent credit to qualify for all cards at all times; in certain circumstances, you may simply need to go from having medium to good credit.
  • Fees - Although many credit cards are available without any annual charge, these are merely the most basic models with few perks in most cases. Thus, if you are looking for a premium Ajman Bank credit card with good perks, you would want to think about choosing a card whose annual fee does not strain your finances and, more crucially, when the benefits outweigh the membership fees. Additionally, several credit cards with annual fees also include annual spending goals; if your spending plan permits you to accomplish those goals, your annual charge will be automatically cancelled at renewal.
  • Credit Limit - The credit limit associated with a credit card account is determined by banks like Ajman Bank based on your income and credit score among many other factors. Based on these two factors, it may give you a selection of credit limits associated with credit cards. However, you should choose a card variety with a high credit limit. This would assist you in maintaining your credit utilisation ratio well below the 30% threshold, which is quite favourable for a high credit score.
  • Budget - It is advisable to choose a plan that enables you to get the most out of your Ajman Bank credit card's perks while adhering to your monthly spending limit. To get the most out of using your card, stick to your spending plan and make sure that you pay off the balance in full each billing cycle during the interest-free term.
  • Go for a Card that Meets Your Eligibility - A majority of banks in the country provide a variety of credit card options. You may not, however, qualify for all the available credit cards. This could be one of the reasons why your previous application got rejected, as there are strict salary and credit score prerequisites for some card types. To avoid Ajman Bank credit card application status rejection and an unnecessary drop in your credit score due to the hard inquiries involved, you should always search for and compare credit cards in accordance with your eligibility and refrain from applying for ones that don’t match your current profile. 
  • Additional Perks and Privileges - If you are looking for a credit card with benefits and additional perks, you can pick an Ajman Bank credit card whose supplemental features you value the most. Based on the card variant, these extra benefits may include free travel insurance, complimentary access to airport lounges, joining gifts, the ability to borrow money against your credit card, and simple EMI facilities. Remember that you can also get exclusive discounts or promotional schemes when you shop for specific brands or from particular e-commerce sites, deals on hotel reservations and at particular restaurants, and so on. As these alluring benefits can make using an Ajman Bank credit card even more pleasant, you should consider all these rewards.
  • Alignment of Spending Patterns - There are chances that your previous application was rejected as your spending pattern was not eligible for the same. When applying for an Ajman Bank credit card the next time, thus, make sure you choose a card that meets your spending patterns. For instance, if you plan on using the card just for online shopping, a cashback credit card would be better than an air miles credit card.
  • Waiting Period - Patience is essential unless your denial was the result of a credit reporting issue that has since been fixed. Ajman Bank could want to see evidence that your behaviour has altered over time. Answer questions like, "Have you fixed the problem?" and "Do you currently have a significantly different financial status than you did previously?" before applying.
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How to know if your Ajman Bank credit card application is getting rejected?

Within a week or two after submitting your application, you can get a letter via mail outlining the grounds for rejection. You may, however, want to contact the bank in some circumstances to acquire more information. In this case, you can request to speak with someone about reconsideration if a direct phone line was not given to you.

Are there any charges involved in checking your Ajman Bank credit card application status?

You may have to pay certain charges in case you check your Ajman Bank credit card status via SMS banking.

Why should you apply for a credit card that your need?

Lenders can mistakenly believe that your financial status has gotten worse if you apply for several loans and credit cards in a short time frame.

In what all ways can you check your Ajman Bank credit card application status online?

You can check your Ajman Bank credit card application status online through internet banking and mobile banking.

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