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If you apply for an ADCB credit card in UAE, you can enjoy numerous offers and discounts along with an easy payment method. However, whether due to a delay in approval or any other reason, one may wish to check their ADCB credit card application status.

ADCB Credit Card Application Status

ADCB credit cards are among the most popular credit card options in  UAE, with their low rates and various benefits making them attractive options. Getting approved for this card is easy if you fulfill all the eligibility criteria of the bank. However, after you apply for a specific ADCB credit card, the process of verifying all your documents and information may often take time. 

To help you be aware of the status of your application regarding this credit card in UAE, the ADCB bank allows you to keep a check on your application both online and offline.

Check ADCB Credit Card Application Status Online

Checking your ADCB credit card application status online is pretty convenient compared to the offline mode, the reason being that you won’t be required to visit the bank branch physically. You can simply start the process for this at home and log in to your online bank account to verify the same. 

Read further to know about the process in detail -

  • Internet Banking: ADCB online banking service lets you check your credit card application status in just a few steps: 
  • Visit the official ADCB bank website 
  • Go to the online banking section
  • Use appropriate credentials to log in to your account
  • After your online bank account page appears, move to the credit card section
  • You will find an option to check the ADCB credit card status. Click on the option to view it 
    • Mobile App Banking and Online Chat: To keep a track of your credit card application status, you will be required to download and install the bank’s mobile application. Log into your account by entering your user name and password (complete the registration if you have not registered your account). After that, you can go to the credit card section and check the status. This app also allows customers to have an online chat with the bank, which makes for a great option for those who do not prefer to enquire via call. With the online chat service, you get instant reverts and know your ADCB credit card status.
    • WhatsApp Banking: Amidst the increasing popularity of this online messaing application, financial institutions like the ADCB bank have also started to provide banking services via WhatsApp. It is flexible to use as the facility is available in both English and Arabic language. Besides being safe and secure, this is an easy way to acquire relevant information with just a few taps of your device. Simply subscribe to the WhatsApp banking service first and follow the prompted steps to get your ADCB credit card status.

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Check ADCB Credit Card Application Status Offline

If you face any challenges while tracking your ADCB credit card status online or prefer offline banking, you can also perform the required actions through SMS banking, phone banking, or having a one-on-one conversation with the customer support team offline.

  • SMS Banking: SMS banking is one of the easiest ways to enquire about your ADCB credit card application status, as you can get a revert within a few moments. All you need to do is send a message to the bank from your registered mobile number regarding the enquiry and have the result on your phone quickly. 
  • Phone Banking: The phone banking facility can be availed via: 
  • Contact Centres: All the contact centres of the ADCB bank are open 24*7. These contact centres can be accessed to obtain the required information in an instant.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): It is fundamentally an automated phone banking service, where you can dial 600 50 2030 using your registered phone number and receive the required information there. 
  • VoicePass: To make use of the VoicePass service, you must first register using your TPIN and your voice samples. Afterwards, you can simply use this feature, authenticate your identity using your voice, and access the required services on your phone.
  • Branch Visit: Ultimately, credit card applicants always have the option of visiting their nearest branch of the ADCB bank and having a direct conversation with one of the bank executives to enquire about their credit card status. 

How to Increase the Chances of Getting ADCB Credit Card Application Status Approved?

Several factors enhance the probability of your credit card approval. To have your ADCB credit card approved without much difficulty, you can refer to the following points -

  1. Boost Your credit Score and Credit History: Building a good credit score is crucial when you apply for a credit card, as your respective financial institution will evaluate your credit score and credit history to gauge your creditworthiness. In case your credit score is low, your application will either be rejected or approved with unfavourable terms and conditions.  With a good credit score, on the other side, you can expect quick approvals as well as low-interest rates and fees. Thus, you can aim to maintain a good credit score and keep a good credit history to increase your chances of approval for an ADCB credit card. 
  2. Check Your Debt-to-Income Ratio: Debt-to-income ratio indicates the portion of your salary that goes into paying off debts. With a lower ratio, there is a greater chance of approval as you will have a significant part of your income that is not locked in due to any debt. Thus, it is recommended to maintain a low debt-to-income ratio to have greater loan approval chances. 
  3. Pay Off Your Debts Timely: If you are already in debt, you should try to pay them off as soon as possible. When an individual applies for an ADCB credit card, the bank verifies their existing debts and credit dues as well. By clearing off your debts, you can better handle new debts and dues with fewer liabilities, which makes the bank perceive you more favourably. 
  4. Complete Your Credit Card Payments On Time: If you previously held any credit cards, your history of transactions and the repayment of dues will be assessed by the bank where you are applying for a new card. By keeping a good track record with the cards, you can demonstrate responsible credit card management to the bank, which ultimately increases your chances of getting approval.
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Factors to Consider While Applying for an ADCB Credit Card After Rejection 

There are multiple reasons for which the ADCB bank can reject your application for a new credit card. Some of the reasons for the same can be low income, unstable job, and poor credit score and credit history. 

Instead of re-applying for the same immediately after rejection, it is highly recommended to analyse the causes of rejection and improve upon them before requesting a new credit card again. Listed below are some points that you must take into consideration after your card rejection - 

  • Evaluate Your Credit History: If your credit card request is rejected due to a low credit score or poor credit history, you must first work on improving the score. You can even obtain a credit report from the al etihad credit bureau and assess the factors behind your unsatisfactory credit score. Once you figure out the reasons, you can work on improving your credit score. 
  • Send an Application for a Secured Credit Card: Banks have the option to provide secured cards if the applicant’s income is low. Here, the applicant must submit a certain amount to the bank and maintain it to prove that they are a responsible borrower. If you maintain a good record, the bank might, in some cases, even consider turning your secured card into an unsecured credit card. 
  • Validate the Adverse Action Letter: Some financial institutions send you a detailed report stating the reasons for the rejection of your new credit card application request. Once you receive the adverse action letter, you should thoroughly examine it and understand the reasons behind your rejection. 
  • Don’t Apply for a New Credit Card Immediately: You must avoid sending a request for a new credit card immediately if it gets rejected for the first time. Applying for a card multiple times in a short period can adversely affect your credit score. Thus, even if there is an urgent requirement for a credit card, you must first wait and improve your finances before applying again.
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ADCB Credit Card Application Status FAQs

What are the different ways to check the ADCB credit card application status

You can check your credit card status online using internet banking, mobile app banking, or WhatsApp banking. Moreover, you can also check it offline by obtaining the information via SMS banking, phone banking, or by visiting your nearest ADCB branch.

What to do if the credit card application gets disapproved due to low credit score?

If your selected credit card provider sends an adverse action letter after your rejection, you should view it carefully and see the listed factors due to which you faced rejection. However, if no such letter is sent, you can obtain a credit report from the Al Etihad Credit Bureau and check your credit score and history and make the necessary improvements accordingly. 

How to use the phone banking service to check the credit card application status ADCB?

There are three ways through which you can use the phone banking service-

  • Contact Centres
  • VoicePass
  • IVR- Interactive Voice Response

You can use any of these methods to know the status of your ADCB credit card application. 


What steps can be taken to increase the probability of getting the credit card application approved by the ADCB bank?

To enhance the probability of getting your credit card application approved by the ADCB, you can try to maintain a good credit score, pay off your credit card and utility bills regularly, clear off the debts, and apply only for those cards for which you are eligible.

What can be done if the credit card application is rejected due to low income or unstable work history?

In case of irregular work history or low income, one can apply for a secured credit card from the bank. If you maintain the card accurately, the ADCB bank can also turn your card into an unsecured card. 

What is the process of checking the ADCB credit card application status using the online banking method?

To check credit card application status ADCB online, you can 

  • Visit the bank’s official website
  • Sign into your online account using your login credentials
  • Move to the credit card section and check the status
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