How to Cancel Auto Debit ADCB Credit Card Payments

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The efficient management of your finances often involves maintaining control over automated payments. If you are an ADCB credit cardholder looking to regain control over your expenses, it is crucial to know how to cancel the auto-debit feature.

Auto-debit, while convenient, can sometimes lead to unexpected charges or expenses that you may want to halt or adjust. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step process of cancelling the auto-debit feature on your ADCB credit card.

Whether you are trying to stop a specific recurring payment or simply want to take a break from automated deductions, this write-up will help you navigate the process smoothly. By the end of this article, you will learn how to cancel auto debit adcb credit card payments.

What are ADCB Auto Debit Credit Card Payments?

ADCB's automatic debit system for credit card payments greatly simplifies the process of settling your credit card bills. It allows you to make regular payments directly from your savings or current account.

To establish this convenient payment method, you can initiate a direct debit arrangement by completing the required form and submitting it to your bank, visiting the nearest ADCB branch, or contacting the bank via phone. Once in place, the credit card issuer will automatically withdraw the necessary funds from your bank account to cover your bills.

With this automatic debit credit card payment system, the stress of making timely payments becomes a thing of the past. Your only responsibility now is ensuring that your account maintains a sufficient balance to meet your bill payments.

With that said, auto debit payment can prove to be a bad idea in some cases.


Read further to know more. 

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Under Which Conditions Can You Stop Auto Debit ADCB Credit Card Payments?

There are specific situations where it is advisable to deactivate the auto-debit feature on your credit cards -

  • Job Changes - If you switch jobs and don’t continue using the same bank account and credit card account
  • Desire for New Credit Card Offers - When you wish to close your current credit card account and explore new offers
  • Relocation - In the event of a job relocation that may require changes to your banking arrangements
  • Insufficient Funds - When your bank balance is inadequate to cover the automatic payments

The deactivation of the automatic debit feature for your credit card can be done online as per the steps outlined by your banking institution. Before doing that, it is advisable to exercise caution and only deactivate this feature when it is truly necessary. The option to deactivate credit card auto-debit is available at your discretion.

Customers who prefer cash payments may find it easier to manage their monthly payments manually. Similarly, deactivating the credit card auto-debit feature is a valuable option for those who experience irregular cash flows. This choice is suitable for multiple credit card holders as well.

How Does ADCB Cancel Direct Debit for Credit Card Payments?

ADCB will only take action upon receiving your written request to cancel the direct debit or the cessation of specific payments, which is known as a 'Stop Request.' If such requests are not provided, the bank will continue to operate based on the existing direct debit authorisation in effect at that time.

You can also submit written requests to revoke the direct debit authorisation or request the halt of specific payments through the originator. The cancellation of the direct debit authorisation may require up to 5 working days to process.

For direct debits associated with credit cards, you must visit your nearest bank branch to terminate the direct debit and submit a written request.

How to Cancel Auto Debit ADCB Credit Card Payments?

You can effortlessly cancel your ADCB credit card’s auto debit service using the ADCB Mobile Banking app. Here is the process for the same -

  • Access the ADCB Mobile Banking App. 
  • Sign into your account and choose your credit card.
  • Select 'Card Control Settings' to pick the service. Follow the instructions from there on. 

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Alternatives to Auto Debit ADCB  Credit Card Payments

Besides ADCB automatic debit credit card payments, you can use several alternative methods to make credit card payments or access information -

  • FlexiPay - FlexiPay is a payment plan offered by ADCB to its credit cardholders. It allows users to pay off their outstanding credit card balance, whether in full or partially, through equal monthly instalments. To be eligible for FlexiPay, you must have a valid ADCB credit card and a retail balance of at least AED 500. You have the flexibility to choose a repayment tenure ranging from 6 to 48 months according to your preference.
  • Mobile Banking - Utilising the official ADCB mobile app provides a secure and convenient way to pay your credit card bills and access various other services at your convenience. The app supports both English and Arabic languages and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Once you are logged into your account through the mobile app, you can access the credit card payment section and proceed with your payment.
  • Phone Banking - While direct credit card payments are not available through ADCB's phone banking service, you can always connect with the customer care team for assistance with inquiries or issues related to your credit cards or payments.
  • SMS Banking - In addition to phone banking, you can also use SMS banking to obtain more details about your ADCB credit card in the UAE. This service allows you to access details such as your latest transactions, balances, and more.
  • Internet Banking - Making ADCB credit card payments is a straightforward process when you log into your online banking account. Once logged in, navigate to the credit card payments section and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you cancel direct debit even if you approved it at first?

Ans: To cancel a direct debit authorisation established for your credit card, a visit to the bank is required. Your bank will execute your written request to either cancel the direct debit or initiate a 'Stop Request' for specific payments, subject to your approval. If no such requests are made, your bank will continue to operate based on the existing direct debit authorisation.

You can also submit written requests to modify or terminate the direct debit authorisation, or request a 'Stop Request,' through the Originator. Keep in mind that it may take up to 5 working days to complete the cancellation or amendment of the direct debit authorisation.

Q2. Can you cancel an auto debit simply by calling the bank?

Ans: Your bank will typically take action only if you submit a written request to terminate the direct debit or ask for specific payments to be stopped, known as a 'Stop Request.' Without such requests, your bank will proceed based on the existing direct debit authorisation.

Q3. What to do if direct debit on your ADCB credit card was set up fraudulently?

Ans: If you come across a fraudulent setup of direct debit authorisation, it is advisable to contact your bank. After that, you should -

  • Terminate the direct debit authorisation
  • File a complaint or dispute via your bank within the UAE DMS (Disputes Management System).
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