How to Block & Unblock Standard Chartered Credit Cards In UAE

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Sharjah served as the location of Standard Chartered Bank's first office in the United Arab Emirates. Standard Chartered Bank has rapidly increased its presence across the nation since entering the UAE market in 1958. Among numerous offerings, Standard Chartered Bank credit cards are some of the most exciting ones. 

SCB offers a variety of credit cards with unique perks and advantages like cash back, value back, rewards programs, and special membership benefits. Few of the most sought-after Standard Chartered credit cards are:

You can use Standard Chartered credit cards for various purposes. However, you need to block your Standard Chartered credit card if you lose it or it’s been stolen. Every bank has a separate system to report and block credit cards. Standard Chartered Bank has its way of letting customers block their credit cards in case of loss or theft. Please follow the next section for an overview of how to block Standard Chartered credit cards online. 

Ways To Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Blocked

There are various modes to block your Standard Chartered credit card, both online and offline. In the course of our discussion, we will cover all the ways to block Standard Chartered credit cards.

Through Mobile App

Through Online Banking

Offline Branch Visit

Calling Customer Care

How To Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Through Mobile App

If you have an SC bank mobile app downloaded and installed on your phone, you can block your card instantly. If you do not have the app, download SC UAE mobile app instantly. The steps to be followed are:

  • Log on to your account in the SC Mobile UAE app by entering your username and password
  • From the menu, select ‘Help and Services’
  • Click on ‘Report Lost/ Stolen Card’ from the dropdown
  • Choose a reason for reporting your card
  • Select the card you would like to block 
  • Confirm the details are correct
  • View the status of your request by clicking ‘View Status’

How to Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Through Online Banking

  • Go to the official UAE website of Standard Chartered Bank (
  • At the top right corner, you will have an option to log in
  • Log on to your account by entering necessary credentials like username and password
  • Go to the main menu and select ‘Help and Services’
  • Choose ‘Report Lost/ Stolen Card’ next
  • Provide a reason to block your credit card
  • From the dropdown, select the card you want to block
  • Confirm the card details to proceed further

How to Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Offline

  • To block your credit card offline, you must go to the closest Standard Chartered Bank branch and submit a form to block your credit card
  • It is always advisable to carry relevant documents such as loss or theft report

How to Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Through Customer Care

Cardholders can call the customer service helpline and request that their Standard Chartered credit card be blocked. The UAE customer care number for Standard Chartered Banks is 600 5222 88. If you are out of the country and need to block your Standard Chartered credit card, call +971 600 5222 88. 

How To Block Standard Chartered Credit Card while Traveling

You can dial country-specific phone numbers to block your Standard Chartered credit card while you are traveling. Here is a list of Standard Chartered country-specific numbers.











United Kingdom




United States of America (New York)





+91 80 42896753 (ISD rates apply)

How To Unblock Standard Chartered Credit Card

When you come across suspicious transactions on your credit card account or the card is stolen/ damaged, you block the card. This can be a temporary action that is revocable. Once the issue is sorted, you can unblock your Standard Chartered credit card.

You can call the customer care number of Standard Chartered Bank (+971 600 5222 88) to request the agent to unblock your card.

Alternatively, you can log in to your mobile app/ netbanking as mentioned above and unblock your card. The steps remain identical as you need to navigate to your credit card page and then choose the blocked card to reverse the action.

How To Reactivate Standard Chartered Credit Card  

In order to reactivate the Standard Chartered credit card account which is either blocked or is temporarily put on hold, you can follow either of the processes mentioned below.   

You can put in a request for credit card reactivation via the official email in which you need to provide all details like card number, name, phone number, registered email ID, etc., or you can directly call up the customer care of Standard Chartered bank to help resolve this query.   

Once you follow either of the above mentioned procedures, certain policies and formalities necessary for Standard Chartered credit card are taken into consideration. Later on, once the entire process is complete, your Standard Chartered credit card account will be reactivated.

How to Safeguard Yourself Against Fraudulent Activities 

  • Save phone numbers for credit card customer service
  • Never divulge your credit card PIN to anyone
  • Avoid saving credit card details online
  • Make online purchases solely from https-secured websites
  • To make sure you are charged the exact amount, see the customer copy of the receipt
  • Never bring all of your credit cards with you
  • Use authorized antivirus and anti-phishing software on your PC and mobile device
  • Never use the same PIN on multiple credit cards
  • Don't perform online transactions on shared computers


Can I reverse the action if I block my Standard Chartered credit card temporarily?

Yes, if you have blocked your Standard Chartered credit card, you can unblock it whenever you wish to. You can log on to online banking or simply call the customer care number to unblock the card.

If my Standard Chartered credit card is lost or stolen during a foreign trip, can I block the card temporarily?

Yes, you can block your Standard Chartered credit card even on a foreign trip. If you need to get in touch with customer care during your trip abroad, dial +971 600 5222 88.

What are the usual ways to block a Standard Chartered credit card in the UAE?

You can block your Standard Chartered credit card via mobile app, through online banking, by visiting the nearest branch, and by calling the customer care number. 

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