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RAKBANK, also known as the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah, is widely recognised as one of the top financial institutions in the country. Licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, RAKBANK offers a range of credit cards with excellent benefits, features, rewards, and more. 

It’s worth noting that RAKBANK credit cards come with advanced security features, with blocking & unblocking credit cards being one of the entries on this list. In this article, we will discuss the process of blocking and unblocking RAKBANK credit cards in the UAE, the steps to be taken in case your RAKBANK credit card is stolen, and more.

Ways to Block RAKBANK Credit Card

Blocking a RAKBANK credit card temporarily disables the card to prevent unauthorised transactions or to secure the card if it is lost or stolen. You can block your RAKBANK credit card via any of the following channels – 

  • Internet Banking
  • Customer Care
  • Visiting RAKBANK Branch

Given below are the detailed steps to be followed for each channel - 

Blocking RAKBANK Credit Card via Internet Banking

  • Visit the official website of RAKBANK. 
  • Locate the option of ‘Internet Banking’ on the home page.
  • Log into the portal using your username and password.
  • Once you sign into your account, select the ‘Credit Cards’ options.
  • Choose the credit card you want to block.
  • Navigate to the option to block the credit card and click on it to have your RAKBANK credit card blocked.

Blocking RAKBANK Credit Card via Mobile App

  • Download the official mobile application of RAKBANK.
  • Sign into your account using your username and password.
  • Click on the 'Credit Cards' section followed by the 'Block Credit Card' option.
  • Your RAKBANK credit card shall be blocked.

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Blocking RAKBANK Credit Card via Customer Care

RAKBANK provides round-the-clock customer service to assist their customers efficiently. You can block your RAKBANK credit card by calling on +9714-2130000. The concerned representative will block your card on your behalf without any delays. 

Blocking RAKBANK Credit Card by Visiting RAKBANK 

Blocking a RAKBANK credit card by visiting a branch is a straightforward process. Here, you can visit your nearest RAKBANK branch with valid identity proof and inform the representative that you would like to block your credit card. The said representative will assist you in completing the necessary forms and provide you with any additional information that you may need. Once the form is submitted, the bank will quickly process the request and block your RAKBANK credit card.

Ways to Unblock RAKBANK Credit Card

Unblocking your RAKBANK credit card allows you to resume using the card for purchases and transactions. To unblock your RAKBANK credit card, you can visit your nearest bank branch or contact the bank via phone. You can dial +9714-2130000, connect to one of the agents, provide identity verification, and request them to unblock your RAKBANK credit card.

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What Steps Should be Taken if your Credit Card is Stolen?

If your credit card is stolen, you should follow these steps - 

  • Report the theft immediately: Contact your credit card issuer (in this case, RAKBANK) as soon as possible to report the theft.
  • Block your card: Request your credit card to be blocked to prevent unauthorised transactions.
  • Check for unauthorised transactions: Review your recent transactions to see if there have been any unauthorised charges.
  • File a police report: If your card has been used fraudulently, file a police report to support your claim.
  • Monitor your credit report: Keep an eye on your credit report to ensure no new accounts have been opened in your name.
  • Consider a credit freeze: A credit freeze can prevent unauthorised access to your credit report and prevent further damages or identity theft.
  • Keep records: Keep records of all communications with your credit card provider and the police, including dates and reference numbers.

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How to Prevent Credit Card Frauds?

Preventing credit card fraud requires a combination of awareness and caution on your part as a credit cardholder, as well as the security measures in place by your credit card issuer. Given below are some ways in which you can prevent credit card fraud - 

  • Make sure not to save your PIN on your mobile phone, card sleeves, or on the back side of the card.
  • Use a PIN that is not easily guessed - the examples of PINs that should not be used include 1234, 4321, or your mobile number. Instead, use a combination that is easily remembered by you but difficult to guess.
  • You should monitor your credit card statements regularly and immediately report suspicious transactions if any.
  • It is advisable not to give your card to anyone, not even your family members. A safer alternative would be to apply for supplementary cards on behalf of your dependents.
  • Use secure websites when making online purchases.
  • Signing your credit card can help prevent fraudulent purchases, especially if your card is lost or stolen. Merchants often compare the signature on the back of the card with the one used for purchases to ensure consistency and may report any inconsistencies. To avoid confusion, it's essential to consistently use the same signature.
  • Change your credit card password regularly.
  • It is advisable to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks to make online transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I reactivate my RAKBANK credit card after blocking it?

Yes, you can reactivate or unblock your credit card. If you blocked the card due to theft or loss, you can contact RAKBANK, report the loss, and request a replacement card. If you blocked the card due to an unauthorised transaction, the concerned bank would investigate the matter before initiating the unblocking process.

Is it necessary to block the RAKBANK credit card if I suspect any unauthorised transaction or changing its PIN will work?

Blocking your credit card is the most effective way to stop unauthorised transactions and protect your account from further fraud. Changing your credit card PIN may not always prevent suspicious transactions, especially if the card is lost or stolen.

How can I inform my bank if my card is lost or stolen?

If your credit card is lost or stolen, you can notify the bank via phone or by visiting your nearest RAKBANK’s physical branch.

Can I apply for a new RAKBANK credit card if my existing card is lost?

Yes, you can apply for the new RAKBANK credit card if your current card is lost or stolen. However, when you apply for a new credit card, you would be required to fill out the application form and submit the required documents again. It is advisable to inform the bank about your lost or stolen credit card and get the new one in its place. 


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