How to Block & Unblock Mashreq Credit Cards In UAE

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Increasing fraudulent activities like identity theft, faulty transactions, PIN replicating, etc. are alerting banking institutions worldwide to enhance their security systems for online products like credit and debit cards. 

While financial providers like Mashreq Bank are incorporating security features, it is of utmost importance for us as responsible consumers to stand guard against any untoward activity. One of the surest measures will be to learn how you can block Mashreq credit cards yourself.

In unfortunate events of misplacing or theft of your Credit card in the UAE, you must immediately initiate Mashreq credit card blocking procedure. Doing so will ensure that your credit card is not exploited.

Ways to Get Your Mashreq Credit Card Blocked

One of the biggest benefits of digitization is we do not have to physically visit the bank to block any credit card in UAE. You can simply follow one of these ways to learn how to block a Mashreq credit card:

1. Send an SMS to block Mashreq credit card

Several financial providers of Credit cards in the UAE enable their customers to instantly block their cards by sending an SMS. Remember that if you’re trying to initiate a Mashreq credit card block online, you should send the SMS via your registered contact number.

2. Net banking for blocking Mashreq credit card

Online or net banking can help you temporarily block credit cards in the UAE. All you have to do is type the official website address of the bank, enter your valid credentials and go to the bank’s credit card section. Here, you will find the option to block your Mashreq credit card.

3. Mobile app to block Mashreq credit cards

Almost every provider of credit cards in the UAE has its mobile app that is personalized for a great user experience. You can stay logged in to your account and manage features like transfer, withdrawal, and even blocking your card. Mashreq credit card block online process in its mobile app is only a few clicks away if you have the app installed on your phone.

4. Customer care for Mashreq credit card

You can directly call the customer care helpline and request to block your Mashreq credit card. Once you are connected with the bank’s representative on the phone, they will ask you some questions to verify your identity and then process the blocking once they are convinced you have opted for the service.

5. Visit the nearest branch of your bank

Most banks providing credit cards in the UAE are open to card blocking requests in person through their different banking branches. So, head out to your nearest branch and fill out the application form to block the Mashreq credit card within 24 hours.

Customer Care Helpline Number for Mashreq Credit Cards in UAE

Here is a list of customer care helplines that can help Mashreq bank credit cardholders to block their credit cards in UAE: 

Branch of the Mashreq Bank

Customer care number

Abu Dhabi Main Branch

+971 4 424 4444

Al-Ain Main Branch

+971 4 4244444

Al Manal Center Branch

+971 4 424 4444

Dubai Festival City Branch

+971 4 424 4444

Dubai Mall Branch

+971 4 424 4444

Ajman Branch

+971 4 4244444

Fujairah Branch

+971 4 424 4444

King Abdul Aziz Branch

+971 4 424 4444

Sharjah Industrial Area Branch

+971 4 4244444

Fujairah Branch

+971 4 424 4444

How to Block Your Mashreq Credit Card from Outside UAE?

If you have lost your Mashreq credit card while traveling abroad then you can directly contact Mashreq Bank to block your credit card. Kindly dial +9714 424 4466 and contact the representative of Mashreq Bank to block your credit card. You can also use MashreqOnline or Mashreq Mobile to block your credit card.

How to Unblock Your Mashreq Credit Card?

You can easily unblock your credit card by logging into the Mashreq mobile app or through net banking. In both cases, first, you will have to go through an authentication process to verify your identity and then your credit card will be unblocked.

How to Reactivate Your Mashreq Credit Card?

To reactivate your Mashreq credit card you will be required to visit or log into Mashreq Online. Then you need to go to ‘Select My Card’ and from there you will have to visit ‘Other Services’. After following the onscreen instructions, you will be ready to use your Mashreq credit card again.

Measures to Protect Your Mashreq Credit Card from Fraudulent Usage

These are some easy measures that assure the protection of your Mashreq Credit Card from deceit and fraud:

  • Do not share your credit card PIN with any individual, website, or organization.
  • Whenever you conduct online transactions, make sure you are accessing your credit card only on secured websites (site addresses starting with HTTP).
  • Whenever you get a print of the credit card receipt, review the amount you have been charged to confirm its validity.
  • Do not conduct online transactions through public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Save your bank’s customer support helpline on your contacts always.
  • Never save or auto-fill your credit card credentials on online platforms.
  • If you regularly enter your credit card details on your laptop, keep an updated licensed antivirus software to secure your usage.
  • Keep all the PINs of your credit cards different from each other. 


Can I withdraw cash from Mashreq credit card?

Yes, you can withdraw cash from an ATM using your Mashreq credit card but you will also have to pay a cash advance fee to the bank.

What is the Mashreq Bank customer care number?

The customer care number for Mashreq Bank’s private credit card is 04 4244466.

What to do if my Mashreq credit card gets stuck in the ATM?

In case your Mashreq credit card gets stuck in the ATM card slot, quickly inform the bank’s customer support requesting them to block your Mashreq credit card.

Can I use my Mashreq credit card abroad?

Yes, you are allowed to use a Masdreq credit card abroad but you also need to adhere to the bank’s terms and conditions.

I have accidentally blocked my Mashreq credit card, what should I do next?

The simplest solution is not to panic and reach out to the customer care helpline if you mistakenly initiated the Mashreq credit card block online. Explain to them the circumstances leading to the accidental blocking and once they have verified your identity, they will unblock your card immediately.

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