How to Block & Unblock HSBC Credit Cards In UAE

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HSBC is one of the oldest and most prestigious banks in the world. This UK-based (London is the headquarters) was founded in 1865. Today it offers services in more than 64 countries including the United Arab Emirates. 

HSBC is popular in the UAE for presenting the customers with numerous exciting services like recurring deposits, fixed deposits, mortgage loans, investment options, and credit cards. HSBC credit cardholders can avail various exciting discounts and deals. You will be thrilled to know that HSBC serves around 40 million customers worldwide and HSBC credit card service is one of the most sought-after services.

If you have to block HSBC credit cards, you can do it either online or offline. The chief reasons to block credit can be theft, loss, and fraudulent activities. It is highly recommended to file a complaint regarding the same before you proceed with blocking the card.  The relevant information on how to block HSBC credit cards online and offline is discussed below.    

Ways to Block HSBC Credit Card 

There are multiple ways to block HSBC credit cards. We will discuss the prevalent online and offline methods to block an HSBC credit card. The ways to block a credit card from HSBC bank are as follows.

Through Mobile App

Through Online Banking

Offline Branch Visit

Calling Customer Care

How To Block Standard Chartered Credit Card Through Mobile App

HSBC UAE mobile app is one of the easiest ways to modify, update, and block your credit card. If you do not have an HSBC UAE mobile app already downloaded, kindly install the app for free to proceed further.

  • Log on to the HSBC UAE app using your credentials
  • Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab and click it
  • From the list of credit card(s), choose the one you want to block
  • Click on ‘Manage Cards’ after clicking on the card  
  • You will find an option ‘Temporarily block this card’
  • Slide the toggle button and confirm that you wish to block the card temporarily
  • Once you activate temporary blocking, the useful information regarding credit card blocking will appear on the screen
  • Please read the information carefully and then click on ‘Ok’ button to complete the process
  • You can use the same process to unblock your credit card through HSBC UAE mobile app 

How to Block HSBC Credit Card Through Online Banking?

Online-banking or net banking is the new normal. People are using net banking to perform various activities. You can now use net banking to block your HSBC credit card. The steps are given below.

  • Go to the HSBC UAE online banking portal
  • Log on to your HSBC customer account
  • Once you log on to your account, you can see the card which you wish to block
  • Choose the card and proceed
  • After you click on the credit card, you will have multiple options
  • Choose ‘Manage Cards’ 
  • When you click on ‘Manage Cards’, you will have multiple options from which you must select ‘Temporarily block this card’
  • Once you block your credit card temporarily, you will be shown a message that contains vital information regarding HSBC credit card blocking
  • Please go through the message carefully and then click ‘OK’ to confirm your action

How to Block HSBC Credit Card Offline?

You can pay a visit to your designated HSBC branch and fill out a request form to block your HSBC credit card. However, you must remember to carry police reports for loss or theft.  

How to Block HSBC Credit Card Through Customer Care?

If you wish to block your HSBC credit card offline, you can call the customer care number. The UAE customer care number for HSBC Banks is 600 55 4722. If you are outside the UAE territory and need to block your credit card, you can call +971 600 554722. You can also place a fresh request for a new credit card in case of loss and theft. 

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How to Block HSBC Credit Cards Abroad?

You can opt to quickly terminate your HSBC credit card by entering onto its online website with the necessary details if it goes missing or is stolen while you are traveling abroad. To do so 

  • Access the HSBC Mobile Banking website.
  • Choose your credit card information > Touch ‘Manage cards’.
  • 'Set Transaction Type control' should be chosen.
  • Disable the desired card.
  • Choose ‘Save’ to send the request.

You also have the option to request the disabling of the pertinent card and to notify customer support right away in the case of a loss or theft. Contact HSBC customer care to ask for your credit card to be deactivated. To ban credit cards from HSBC, contact 600 55 4722 in the UAE.

How to Unblock/Reactivate HSBC Credit Cards Online?

By following the methods below, HSBC credit cards could be unblocked or reactivated immediately using net banking:

  • To start the procedure, go to HSBC's official website in the UAE.
  • Provide the required information to access your account.
  • Numerous services are available after you log in to your online profile.
  • If you choose the online banking option, you will be directed to the section where you may choose the credit card you want to unblock or reactivate.
  • It is necessary for you to confirm your selection before choosing the card for unblocking or activation.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Transactions?

  • Avoid leaving paper trails of your credit card number while using your card online.
  • Never sign unfilled receipts.
  • Never provide credit card details.
  • Keep a check at your online transactions.
  • Report lost or stolen cards right away.
  • Learn how to take advantage of mobile payment systems.
  • Shop at places that have chip scanners.
  • Avoid saving your credit card information online.
  • Use a virtual credit card number when online.
  • Invest in a chip card that allows PINs.
  • Do not use a public Wi-Fi network to make transactions.
  • Create a fraud alert or credit freeze if the card is lost or stolen.


Is it possible to make payments when my HSBC credit card is blocked?

Once your card has been blocked, you will not be able to use it. Furthermore, once the bank receives your complaint, the card is almost immediately blocked.

Can I still use my credit card's reward points after it has been blocked?

Once the card is blocked, you cannot use it to make purchases, therefore you are unable to spend reward points.

What should I do if my HSBC credit card is lost?

Should you misplace your credit card, kindly:

  • Inform HSBC Phone Banking or the Visa Worldwide Emergency Assistance Helplines  as soon as possible about the loss so as to ban your credit card immediately.
  • Request a replacement at an HSBC branch, over the phone, or online.
  • Report the stolen or lost HSBC credit card to the police.
How do I handle a damaged HSBC credit card?

To replace the credit card, please dial the HSBC banking number or submit a secure message via Internet Banking.

If my current credit card is set to expire, would I instantly be issued a new HSBC credit card?

Yes, 2-3 weeks before the credit card expires, you will be given a new HSBC credit card.

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