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One of the leading banks in the United Arab Emirates, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), is headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The bank is known to offer customised credit solutions and distinctive banking products to match your financial requirements. One of the most promising credit products is the FAB credit card. You can enjoy attractive features and perks offered by FAB credit cards including cash-back incentives, welcome bonuses, protection features, emergency cash advance services, low-interest rates, and more.

Even though all of FAB's credit and debit cards come with cutting-edge security features, you can never be sure when your card might fall into the wrong hands. To prevent any fraudulent transactions from your lost or stolen credit card, it is important that you should know how to block your FAB credit card in such a situation. Read the following sections to know more. 

Ways to Block FAB Credit Cards?

You can choose any of the following options to block your FAB credit card:

  • FAB Mobile App
  • Net banking
  • Customer Care 
  • Branch Visit

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How to Block FAB Credit Cards in UAE?

Here is a detailed guide on FAB credit card block online in case it is misplaced, stolen, or used fraudulently:

FAB Mobile App:

 To block your FAB credit card online via Mobile Banking Application, 

  • Select the option "Block & Replace" from the menu under the "Cards" tab. 
  • By choosing "Freeze card" under "Cards Management," you can temporarily block your card if you suspect a fraudulent transaction.

Online Banking:

 To block your FAB credit card via online banking,

  • Log in to your net banking account and select the  "Credit Cards" tab.
  • Select the credit card you need to block and click the "Block Credit Card" tab below the card data.

24-hour Contact Centre:

You can report a lost or stolen credit card by calling on 600 52 5500 (in UAE). You can also report any fraudulent transactions that have been performed using your credit card. The customer care executive at FAB will initiate your request to block your credit card. For this, you would need to provide them with the required credit card details. Once you get your FAB credit card blocked, you can also request a replacement card. 


Visit the nearest FAB branch and connect with the customer care executive. Provide them with information about your lost or stolen credit card and initiate the request to block your FAB credit card. The bank representative will confirm the card detailsbefore your blocking request.

How to Block FAB Credit Cards from Abroad?

If you are travelling abroad and happen to lose your credit on your trip, you can block it by calling on FAB’s international customer service line at +971 2 681 1511.

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How to Unblock FAB Credit Cards?

You can unblock your FAB credit card by calling FAB customer service. However, unblocking your card is only advised if it is safe and secure. You might instead ask for a new credit card.

To unblock your  FAB credit card online, you can initiate that through the official website or mobile application of the bank.

How can a FAB Credit Card Be Reactivated?

You can reactivate your FAB Credit Card by connecting with the customer service executive or visiting the nearest FAB Branch. The main phone number for FAB's customer service is 600525500.

How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud?

The following are some ways in which you can prevent becoming the victim of credit card fraud -

  • Do not share your credit card credentials with anyone.
  • Do not save your credit card details on any website. Secure payment gateways like GooglePay and PayPal should only store your card number. Avoid agreeing to the "remember card number" box on any website or gateway.
  • Shop online with caution. If there is an "s" after the "http" in the web address and a lock icon, then the website is secure. Before using your credit card online, confirm these details.
  • Do not wait to report lost or stolen cards. The sooner you register a missing card, the less responsible you will be for unauthorised purchases made with the card.
  • Go through your monthly statement thoroughly to look for any unusual account activity and report them as soon as you see any.
  • To avoid credit card fraud, do not respond to any scam emails and calls or SMS.


When should you consider blocking your FAB bank credit card in the UAE?

If you witness any fraudulent activity on your credit card or have lost your credit card, you should get it blocked.

How can you unblock your FAB credit card in case you accidentally blocked it?

To unblock your FAB credit card, connect with the customer care executive and request them to unblock the card.

What is the FAB credit card customer care number?

You can call 600 52 5500 (UAE number) to connect with a customer care executive within the UAE. If you want to report any fraudulent activity on your card abroad, you can call +971 2 681 1511.

In what scenarios can you replace your FAB credit card?

In case you have lost your credit card or it has been stolen, you can get it blocked and request a replacement.

How can you block your FAB credit card online?

To block your FAB credit card online, you can use modes like online banking and mobile banking applications. 

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