How to Block & Unblock Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Cards In UAE

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With drastic development and massive adaptation of technology in the financial sector people nowadays are more comfortable using financial services such as net banking, online transactions, debit card, credit cards, etc. At the same time, this massive advancement in credit card transactions has also given rise to financial fraud.

That is why top banks of the United Arab Emirates such as Dubai Islamic Bank have taken enough measures to prevent multiple security breaches such as credit card theft, deceitful transaction from credit cards, etc.

The Dubai Islamic Bank has provided us with the immediate damage control mechanism which we can apply by knowing how to block our credit cards. By blocking the Dubai Islamic Bank credit card we can significantly reduce the chances of financial fraud ourselves.

Ways to Block Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card

Due to the digitization of services more and more banks in the UAE have been able to develop and provide advanced digital solutions. One of the best and most effective solutions to secure your credit card (in case of theft or unusual activity) is by initiating the Dubai Islamic Bank credit card block online service.

If you are unable to visit your bank instantly to request the blocking of your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card, then don’t worry because there are other ways through which you can request the block of your Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card. Let us look at some of the popular and available ways to block your Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card:

Using Net Banking

The primary idea behind net banking is to provide people with online banking services from anywhere in the world at any time and Dubai Islamic Bank is not an exception. Dubai Islamic Bank’s credit card block can also be initiated through the net banking service of the same bank.

All you are required to do is to visit their net banking website, provide your login credentials and directly go to the credit card section. Search for the ‘block your credit card option’ select it and your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card will be blocked instantly.

Using the text messaging option

Another popular way you can block your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card is through SMS or text message. It is a very simple but guaranteed way to block your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card within a few minutes. Remember to send the text message from your registered mobile phone.

With the help of customer support

If you have enough time to talk to a customer support representative of the bank, then you can call the Dubai Islamic Bank’s official customer support helpline number. Once you are connected with the representative of Dubai Islamic Bank you can ask them to block Dubai Islamic Bank credit card. They will ask you some questions to verify your identity and then will proceed with your request.

Using the Dubai Islamic Bank mobile app

The top banks of UAE including the Dubai Islamic Bank have a dedicated mobile app through which you can regularly make use of the bank’s financial services. If you don’t have the app then you will need to install it first. Then you will need to log into your account and look for the  ‘block credit card’ option. The Dubai Islamic Bank will initiate card blocking within seconds of your request.

By visiting your nearest bank branch 

You can also visit the local Dubai Islamic Bank branch and request them to block your credit card in case of a theft or any other inconvenience. The bank will ask you to fill out an application form and then they will process your block Dubai Islamic Bank credit card request.

Customer Care Helpline Number for Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Cards in UAE

Here is a list of customer helpline numbers that can help Dubai Islamic Bank credit cardholders to block their credit cards in UAE: 

Branch of the Dubai Islamic Bank

Customer care number


+971 4 601 2317

Abu Dhabi

+971 2 449 0007


+971 4 609 2222


+971 6 746 6555

Ras Al-Khaimah

+971 7 236 2666

Al Ain

+971 4 404 0800


+971 9 244 0111

Al Madam

+971 6 886 1919

How to Block Your DIB Credit Card from Outside UAE?

While traveling internationally if you lose your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card then you will be able to permanently block your credit card in three different ways. You can dial 04-609 2222 and mention that you have lost your credit card. 

You can also use a net banking facility where you will be able to select the specific credit card you want to block. Lastly, you can use Dubai Islamic Bank's mobile banking facility to block your credit cards. 

How to unblock your Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card?

You can easily unblock your Dubai Islamic bank credit card using the phone banking facility. Call on +971 4 609 2222 and proceed according to the instructions to unblock your credit card. 

How to reactivate your Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) credit card?

You can use the net banking facility as well as the mobile banking app of Dubai Islamic Bank to reactivate your credit card. You can log in to the mobile app using the login credentials and select the ‘Card holder’ option to complete the same.

Different Ways to Protect Your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card in UAE From Fraud

You can protect your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card from fraudulent practices such as imitation, misuse, or theft by remembering the information mentioned below:

  • Do not share your credit card PIN with anybody.
  • Do not save your credit card password on an online platform.
  • Never transact online using credit cards while you are connected with a public Wi-Fi or unspecified internet network.
  • Avoid online transactions on unsafe websites (websites that do not start with ‘HTTP’).
  • To protect your laptop, you can use licensed antivirus software.
  • Whenever you use your credit card, properly check the receipt and make sure you have been charged according to your purchase.


How can I check my Dubai Islamic Bank credit card bill?

To check your Dubai Islamic Bank credit card bill you can use the mobile app or net banking facility.

How can I talk to the Dubai Islamic Bank customer representative directly?

To talk to a Dubai Islamic Bank customer representative, you can call the customer care number +971 4 601 2317.

What is the minimum salary requirement to apply for a credit card in Dubai Islamic Bank?

The minimum salary requirement for a Dubai Islamic Bank credit card is AED 5000.

What is the interest rate on a DIB credit card?

The interest rate on a DIB credit card is 3.25 percent.

Can I unblock my Dubai Islamic Bank credit card online?

Yes, you can unblock your Dubai Islamic Bank online through net banking or their mobile app

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