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Due to rapid development in technology, the finance sector has encountered massive changes. As a result, we can conduct transactions at anytime from anywhere in the world. With a simple swipe of your credit card, you can easily purchase anything. Nevertheless, this development also comes with the risk of online fraud.

In such circumstances, the top banks in UAE including CBD or Commercial Bank of Dubai have prioritized maintaining the online security of credit cards to keep their customers safe. 

Most importantly, you can easily counter credit card fraud, theft, deceitful transactions, etc. with the help of a damage control mechanism. By knowing how to block credit cards from CBD you can personally avoid any kind of fraud or unauthorized access to your credit card.

Several Ways to Block Your CBD Credit Card

Top banks like CBD in UAE have ensured that in case of any suspicious activity their credit cardholders can easily block the card by completing a few steps. Moreover, there are multiple ways you can block your CBD credit card after experiencing card theft or noticing unusual card activity. 

If you cannot visit the bank immediately to block CBD credit card, these are some of the ways to you can use to do the same:

1. Net banking option

Net banking is a service provided by banks with the fundamental idea to provide banking services from anywhere in the world. Similarly, you can block your CBD credit card using the same net banking facility within a matter of minutes. 

All you have to do is visit the official net banking website of the CBD bank, enter your login credentials, and then you need to visit the credit card section. Look for the ‘block your credit card option, select it and you’re done.

2. Using text message

Blocking your CBD credit card can also be completed with a simple text message to the CBD. After sending the text the bank will block your credit card within a few minutes and you will not be able to conduct any transactions using the same credit card. 

What you need to remember when blocking through text messaging is to send the block CBD credit card request using your registered mobile number.

3. Contact customer service

Using the help of customer support your CBD credit card can be easily blocked. You need to avail yourself of customer support services through CBD’s official customer helpline number. Once you have successfully contacted the bank representative you have to tell them to block your CBD credit card. After verifying your identity, they will proceed with your request.

4. Use the mobile banking app

One of the easiest or simplified ways to complete CBD credit card block online is through CBD’s mobile banking app. You can install the app on your phone (if you haven’t already). Then simply log in to your bank account and look for a block credit card option. Almost all credit card providers in UAE have a mobile banking app and they can initiate card blocking within seconds of your request.

5. Visit your nearest branch

By visiting your nearest CBD bank branch, you will be able to initiate the credit card block request in UAE. After visiting the bank, you need to explain your issue to the bank staff, fill out the application form and they will proceed with your request. 

Customer Care Helpline Number for CBD Credit Cards in UAE

To block your CBD credit cards you can contact the customer helpline numbers of the Commercial Bank of Dubai provided below:

Branch of the CBD

Customer care number

Dubai Main Branch

+971 600 575556

Jumeirah Branch

+971 600 575556

Abu Dhabi

+971 600 575556


+971 600 575556


+971 600 575556


+971 600 575556

Al Ain

+971 600 575556

How to Block Your CBD Credit Card During International Travels?

In case you have lost your CBD credit card while traveling internationally then you can easily block your credit card through the net banking facility. You need to visit the net banking website and then go to the ‘Cards’ page. Now select the ‘Report Lost or Stolen’ option and your card will be blocked permanently.

How to Unblock Your CBD Credit Card?

To unblock your credit card you can use the net banking facility of CBD bank. On the ‘Cards’ page of net banking, users can temporarily block and unblock their credit cards by using the toggle on and off button.

How to Reactivate Your CBD Credit Card?

To reactivate your CBD credit card, you need to call on 600 575 556. After that select your preferred language, and provide your credit card details such as card number and expiry date. After creating your PIN your card will be activated immediately.

Different Measures You Can Take to Protect Your CBD Credit Card from Fraudulent Usage

These are some of the simple yet effective measures you can use to protect your CBD credit card against online fraud and deceit:

  • Never share your credit card PIN with anyone.
  • While conducting online transactions using your credit card make sure that you are using a secured website (website addresses starting with HTTP).
  • Whenever you receive a printed receipt after completing a transaction with a credit card, review the amount you have been charged and confirm its validity.
  • Do not use your credit card for an online transaction when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Always save the customer helpline number of your bank to block your credit card instantly.
  • Do not save your credit card information or credentials on online platforms.
  • Never keep the same PIN for all your credit cards.
  • Use licensed antivirus software on your computer or laptop if you use the system to complete online transactions.


Can I withdraw cash from the CBD credit card in UAE?

You can easily withdraw cash using a CBD credit card from your nearest ATM in UAE but you will also need to pay a cash advance fee to the bank.

Can I use my CBD credit card abroad?

Yes, you can certainly use a CBD credit card abroad but you also need to adhere to the bank’s terms and conditions.

How do I contact CBD customer service?

If you are from the UAE you can call on 600 575 556 to contact CBD customer care.

How do I check my CBD credit card balance?

You can check your CBD credit card balance through your mobile app or net banking.

How can I check my CBD credit card bill?

You can use the mobile banking and net banking facility of CBD to check your credit card balance.

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