How to Block & Unblock ADIB Credit Cards In UAE

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The massive adoption of credit cards in the UAE is fuelling the rising number of digital transactions. In such a scenario, maintaining the online security of credit cards from ADIB and other banks is a top priority for every user. 

Mostly in all security breaches like deceitful transactions, suspicious usage, credit card theft, etc. the immediate damage control mechanism is knowing how to block your credit card.

Being able to block ADIB credit cards by ourselves instantly can reduce the risk of credit card exploitation.

Different Ways to Block ADIB Credit Cards

With better digitization of services, more banking corporations are using better digital solutions. By far, one of the best-proven solutions to secure a credit card in the UAE is to initiate an ADIB credit card block online within minutes of noticing unusual card activity. 

You do not have to worry if you cannot visit the bank immediately to request blocking, rather you can block ADIB credit cards in multiple ways listed below:

Ways To Block ADIB Credit Cards

The different ways to block your credit card are given below. 

  • Net Banking
  • Through Text Message
  • Through Customer Support
  • Through ADIB app
  • By Visiting the ADIB Branch 

1.Through Net banking

The fundamental idea of net banking was to assist users with banking services from anywhere around the globe at any hour of the day. Staying true to its inception, net banking facilities from the official website can trigger ADIB credit card block online within seconds. 

All you need to do is visit the bank website, enter your account details and go to the ‘credit card’ section. Look for the ‘block your credit card’ option and you’re done.

2. Through Text Messaging

The days of texting are not over yet. A simple SMS from your phone to your financial provider in UAE (ADIB in this case) can block your ADIB credit card in a few minutes. What you need to remember when blocking through text messaging is to send the request to block the ADIB credit card from your officially registered contact number.

3. Through Customer Support

If you are someone who has more trust in customer support, you can avail of customer support services through ADIB’s official helpline number. Once you are on call with the bank representative, tell them you want to block the ADIB credit card. They will ask you for a few verification details, process some more information on your request, and then initiate the credit card blocking for you.

4. Through The Bank’s Mobile App

ADIB credit card block online can be conducted most efficiently if you have the ADIB official mobile banking app installed on your phone. Simply log in to your credit card account and look for a block credit card option. Almost all credit cards in UAE providers have a mobile banking app and they initiate card blocking within seconds of your request.

5. Through The Local ADIB Branch

Visiting the local branch of your bank can be helpful as you get dedicated assistance from the staff on how to block the credit card of ADIB. Look for the nearest branch, explain your issue to the bank staff, fill out the application form, and the process will be conducted as per your request.

Customer Care Helpline Number for ADIB Credit Cards in UAE

Here is a list of customer helpline numbers that can help ADIB credit cardholders to block their credit cards in UAE

Branch of the ADIB

Customer care number

Sheikh Zayed Main Branch


Al Bateen Branch


Abu Dhabi Judicial dept. Branch


Binal Jesrain Branch


Yas Mall Branch


Al-Ain Branch


Al Murabbaa Branch


Oud Al Tobba Ladies Branch


Dubai Mall


Al Mamzar Branch


How to Block Your ADIB Credit Card While Traveling?

If you are travelling outside the UAE then you can contact the ADIB representative by dialing +971-2-6100116 and request them to block your ADIB credit card. You can also use the net banking facility and mobile banking app of the ADIB to do the same.

How to Unblock Your ADIB Credit Card?

You will be able to unblock your ADIB credit card through net banking or mobile banking. First, you will have to go through a verification process to ensure your authenticity and then the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank will unblock your credit card.

How to Reactivate Your ADIB Credit Card?

To reactivate your Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank or ADIB credit card you can contact the ADIB call center at 800-2288 (if you are from UAE) and +971-2-6100600 (outside UAE). You can also use the mobile banking service to complete the same.

How to Safeguard Your ADIB Credit Card in UAE From Fraud?

ADIB Credit Card advises its users to safeguard their credit cards from theft, imitation, and misuse through these significant steps:

  • Never share your credit card PIN details with anyone.
  • If you are making an online transaction, check for the web address to start from “HTTP” and only then enter your credit card details.
  • When making any kind of credit card payment, view the receipt properly to check if you have been charged according to your purchase.
  • Never save credit card passwords on online platforms.
  • Do not access open Wi-Fi and unspecified internet networks in public spaces.
  • Never conduct credit card transactions over an open internet connection.
  • If you remain signed in to your bank account on your laptop, secure it with a licensed antivirus to guard against hack attacks and malware.


How do I check my ADIB credit card balance?

You can check your credit card balance by texting 'BAL' to 2400 through your registered mobile number.

How can I talk to the ADIB representative directly?

To talk to an ADIB bank representative personally, you can call the customer care number 600543216.

Why has ADIB blocked my credit card?

Sometimes, the ADIB bank blocks a credit card if they notice any suspicious activity. This block is temporary and you can get in touch with the ADIB Credit Card customer care helpline to know more details.

How to block credit card ADIB if I saw an unauthorized transaction?

You can instantly block ADIB credit cards online by initiating the blocking request through – (i) Call, (ii) Net banking, and (iii) Mobile app.

How can I check my ADIB credit card bill?

You can check your ADIB credit card bill via net banking or mobile app.

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