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How to Activate Mashreq Credit Card in UAE

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Have you received your Mashreq credit card? If so, it is time to complete your Mashreq credit card activation process so that you can start using your credit card without further ado and secure all your transactions properly. Mashreq bank credit cards can be activated using a few different methods. It is crucial to know and understand each of these methods to effectively activate your cards using any activation method that suits the need of the hour. Let's understand how you can activate Mashreq credit cards using different online methods.

How to Activate Mashreq Credit Card In UAE?

Following are the methods you can use to activate Mashreq Bank credit cards in the UAE and generate an ATM PIN to start making transactions:

Activating Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

Let’s see how you can activate your Mashreq Bank credit cards first:

  • Mashreq Credit Card Activation via SMS  - You will need a few things to activate your Mashreq credit card in UAE via SMS – your registered mobile number, the number of your credit card and a smartphone. On your mobile phone, type 'CCA' <space> the last four digits of your credit card and send the SMS to 4250 using your registered phone number. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number once activation is complete. 
  • Mashreq Credit Card Activation via Call - You can also connect with Mashreq Bank on call and get your credit card activated. A confirmation SMS will be sent once you complete the activation process. The phone number to use for activation of different credit cards are as follows:
    • For Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card: 044244455
    • For Mashreq Al Islami Platinum Credit Card: 044244411
    • For all other Mashreq Credit Cards: 044244444.
  • Mashreq Credit Card Activation via Net Banking - Mashreq Bank also offers credit card activation via net banking now. Given below are the steps you need to follow to use this service:
    • Open the MashreqOnline portal and log in using your customer credentials. 
    • Go to “My Cards” and open the “Other Services” tab
    • Find credit card activation services in the list of services given in this tab. 
    • Complete the activation process as per the steps mentioned on your screen. 

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How to Generate PIN for Mashreq Credit Card?

Once the process of credit card activation is completed, you will need to generate an ATM PIN as well. Here are the three ways you can use to complete this task: 

  • Via SNAPP

Snapp is the official mobile banking application of Mashreq Bank. You can generate your Mashreq Bank credit card PIN via SNAPP. Following are the steps for the same:

  1. Download and install the mobile application, SNAPP on your phone. You need to search 'Mashreq UAE' on the app store or Google play store to find the app. 
  2. Log into with your credit card credentials or banking customer ID.
  3. Select 'Cards' from the options given in the main menu. 
  4. Choose the credit card you wish to generate a PIN for.
  5. Find the 'Card Control' tab and click on the 'Reset PIN' option.
  6. Reset the PIN as per your preference. 
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile number once your PIN has been changed successfully.
  • Via MashreqOnline

MashreqOnline, the official website of the bank, also offers options to generate a PIN for your Mashreq credit card. Following are the steps you should follow:

  1. Visit the official net banking portal of Mashreq Bank.
  2. Log into with your customer credentials.
  3. Click on the 'Quick Links' given on the right side of the screen.
  4. Find the 'Generate Card PIN' option and click.
  5. You will a verification text on your registered mobile number.
  6. Verify your identity and reset the PIN via the official website and start using your card.
  • Via Call

Apart from the mobile application and the official digital banking website, phone banking is the third option to generate a PIN for your Mashreq credit card. Here are the numbers to use for different credit cards:

  • For Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card: 04 424 4455
  • For Mashreq Al Islami Platinum Credit Card: 04 424 4411
  • For all other Mashreq Credit Cards: 04 424 4444.

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How can I contact Mashreq Bank if I lose my credit card?

You can contact the bank at +9714 424 4444 and report your lost card. You can also send an email to for the same.

Can I activate my credit card using Mashreq Bank’s digital banking portal?

Yes, you can use the digital banking portal of Mashreq Bank for Mashreq Bank credit cards activation.

What should I do if my Mashreq Bank credit card gets stolen?

You can call the customer service department of Mashreq Bank and report your stolen or lost credit card. The bank will also help you instantly block your card to avoid transaction fraud. 

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