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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) credit cards are among the most preferred credit cards in the UAE given the exceptional value-added features they come with. To start using your FAB credit card, you will need to activate the card once you receive it. FAB credit card activation is essential to confirm the receipt of your card as well as reduce the risk of fraud and facilitate transactions.

Let’s cover everything you need to know about FAB credit card activation in the UAE.

How to Activate FAB Credit Cards?

FAB credit card activation process is exceptionally simple. You will need only 3 things to successfully activate your FAB credit card in UAE – your registered phone number, the last four digits of your FAB credit card, and a four-digit PIN of your choice. 

Once you have these things, follow the given steps to complete your FAB credit card activation:

  • Type out a text message stating CACT <space> (last four digits of your credit card) <space> (four-digit PIN number of your liking) 
    • Demo SMS: ‘CACT 8945 0067’ – 8945 being the last four digits of your card and 0067 being the four-digit PIN
  • Verify the details and send this SMS to 2121
  • Your PIN will be set and the card will be activated within minutes of sending this SMS 

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Why Do You Need to Activate Your FAB Credit Card?

FAB credit card activation serves several purposes for you as well as the bank:

  • Ensures that all transactions made using your card are genuine and authorised 
  • Reduces the chances of transaction fraud and credit fraud for stolen and lost cards 
  • Informs the bank that the credit card has been received by the rightful owner and wasn’t misplaced or delivered incorrectly 
  • While your FAB account will be open, you will not be able to use your credit card without activating it 
  • Credit card activation is necessary to access services like cash withdrawals 

Important Information About FAB Credit Card Activation

  • Make sure to remember the PIN you enter when activating your FAB credit card 
  • It is advisable to not share your FAB credit card PIN with anyone or note it down 
  • If you still wish to note down the PIN, choose a non-digital platform that is accessible to only you 
  • Most transactions made by your credit card will require you to enter your PIN 
  • You can also make transactions by signing the receipt of your purchase with merchants who don’t have a chip terminal 
  • Always enter your PIN yourself and do not share it with merchants or anyone else 
  • Separate PINs must be generated for all your supplementary credit cards. For this, you can simply repeat the aforementioned steps and activate all your supplementary cards 

What to Do If You Face Difficulty in FAB Credit Card Activation?

If you face any difficulties in activating your FAB credit card, you can connect with the customer support cell of First Abu Dhabi Bank at 600 52 5500. You can also call the customer support cell if you want to change the PIN of your credit card in UAE or seek assistance concerning any other FAB banking products-related services. 

By simply following the steps discussed in the article and keeping the mentioned information in mind, you can easily activate your FAB credit card. Other than that, some frequent queries related to the same are discussed below.

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What is required for FAB credit card activation?

Your active registered phone number, the last four digits of your FAB credit card, and a PIN of your liking are required for FAB credit card activation.

How can I activate my FAB credit card?

You can send an SMS to 2121 with the text ‘CACT <space> (last four digits of your credit card) <space> (four-digit PIN of your liking)’.

Do I need to activate my supplementary FAB credit cards separately?

Yes, all supplementary FAB credit cards in UAE are to be activated separately. You can repeat the SMS activation process for each card.

How can I contact the FAB customer support centre?

You can call 600 52 5500 to connect with the First Abu Dhabi Bank customer support cell.

Why is FAB credit card activation important?

FAB credit card activation process allows you to generate your Personal Identification Number (PIN), with your PIN increasing the safety for FAB credit card transactions and reducing the chances of credit fraud.

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