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Deem finance credit cards are some of the most popular credit cards offered by finance houses in the UAE. In order to use your new, Deem Finance credit card, you must first activate it. Activating your credit card unlocks its benefits and paves way for smooth online and in-store transactions. It also helps you secure your transactions. Deem Finance credit card is easy and can be done in several ways. Let’s cover all the different ways to activate Deem Finance credit cards in the UAE. 

How to Activate Deem Finance Credit Cards?

Net banking, mobile banking and SMS banking are a few ways through which you can activate your Deem Finance credit card. Let’s examine the steps involved in activating your credit cards using these methods:

Activating Deem Credit Card Using Net Banking

Here’s how to activate Deem Credit Card via net banking: 

  1. Go to the official website of Deem Finance
  2. Log in with your username and password 
  3. Click on the credit card section and choose the card you wish to activate
  4. Click on 'activate your credit card' option
  5. You may be asked to enter details like CVV, Credit card number, name, etc. 
  6. Complete the OTP authentication and the activation process with it
  7. you will receive an SMS confirming your credit card's activation 

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Activating Deem Credit Card via Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is also a great option to activate Deem credit cards. Follow the steps given below to know how:

  1. Install the mobile banking application of Deem Finance 
  2. Log in to the application using your credentials
  3. Now visit the credit card section and choose the card you wish to activate
  4. Click on 'activate credit card' option
  5. Enter required details like CVV, date of birth name, etc. 
  6. Authenticate your request with an OTP
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number upon successful activation

Activating Deem Credit Card via Phone Banking 

Your registered mobile number can also be used to activate your Deem Credit Card. Dial 600 525550 using your registered mobile number to get connected to Deem Finance phone banking services. Follow the instruction provided by the IVR to complete the activation of your Deem Finance credit card. You will receive a confirmation for your Deem credit card activation once you complete the process. 

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Is there an offline method available for activating Deem credit cards?

You can visit the nearest branch of Deem Finance or call the bank and get your credit card activated offline in no time.

What will happen if I do not activate my Deem credit card?

The bank generally reaches out to you if you do not activate your new credit card for long. Your credit card account will stay open even if you do not activate the card but you will not be able to use it for making transactions.

Can I block my Deem Finance Credit Card?

Yes, you can block your credit card instantly via phone banking or mobile banking. Visit the credit card section and click on 'block my card' or connect to the customer support centre to do it over the phone.

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