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Activating a credit card after receiving it is a key step to be done before you start utilising it. Each credit card holder must follow the correct set of instructions to set up their credit card account successfully. The advancement of technology has allowed financial institutions to offer various features to users to help them access banking solutions, with the same being followed by the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) for the ADCB credit card

In this article, we will find out how to activate the ADCB credit card using multiple ways. Apart from explaining the ADCB credit card activation process, we have also listed some essential measures you must take before and after activating the ADCB credit card.

How to Activate ADCB Credit Card? 

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank allows its new customers to activate their ADCB credit cards through multiple banking options. Discussed below are all the options in detail – 

Via Internet banking

Internet banking is one of the easiest ways to avail of banking services quickly from your home’s convenience. Online banking is available all the time and allows users to log into their accounts from anywhere. 

Here is how you can perform the ADCB credit card activation process via online banking –  

  1. Visit the official website of ADCB 
  2. Navigate to the ‘Credit Card’ section 
  3. Select the card that you want to activate and choose the option to activate the card 
  4. Type in the required ADCB credit card details and submit 
  5. You will receive an authentication code (OTP) on your registered mobile number 
  6. Authenticate the information by providing the OTP
  7. Set up a new credit card 4-digit PIN and re-enter it to confirm 
  8. Once done, your credit card will get activated

Via App Banking 

Another form of online banking is mobile banking through the bank’s mobile application. By having the app on their smartphones, users can simply sign into their account within a few seconds and screen taps. The application is available for all Apple and Android users, and individuals can opt either for Arabic or English language at their convenience.

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To activate your ADCB credit card using your smartphone, you can follow these steps – 

  1. Install the mobile application of ADCB on your smartphone 
  2. Sign in to your account using the required credentials 
  3. Move to the ‘Credit Card’ section and click on the appropriate option to activate your new ADCB credit card 
  4. Type in your credit card number along with the PIN provided by the bank 
  5. A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number 
  6. Enter this code to generate a new PIN
  7. Re-enter the PIN for confirmation and submit it  

Via SMS Banking 

ADCB also provides the facility of activating your ADCB credit card using SMS. However, it must be noted that customers can access ADCB services via SMS only from their registered mobile numbers. 

To activate your ADCB credit card, send a message to 2626 in the following format – ACT <space> last 6 digits of your credit card number <space> 4-digit PIN as per your choice.  

Via Call

To perform your ADCB credit card activation, dial 600502030 from your registered mobile number and press 8. You can then follow the prompted instructions to activate your ADCB credit card and generate a new PIN.  

Via WhatsApp Banking 

ADCB offers another type of online banking via WhatsApp. With most people using WhatsApp, the bank has made it convenient for its customers to obtain banking solutions by chatting with bank experts. 

To avail of WhatsApp banking, link your account with your registered mobile number and ensure that the same contact number is available on WhatsApp. Once the registration is done successfully, send a ‘Hi’ on the WhatsApp number ‘600502030’ to start chatting. You can then go through the prompted instructions to activate your credit card

By Visiting Bank Branch

For individuals wanting to contact a bank professional in person for the resolution of a particular query, the option of visiting the nearest ADCB branch is available. One can go to an ADCB branch near them and connect with a bank executive, who can help them through the ADCB credit card activation process.

Why Do You Need to Activate Your ADCB Credit Card? 

After receiving your new ADCB credit card, the next step is to activate it. The major reasons why you must activate the credit card are the following – 

  • You will be unable to make any transaction without activating the ADCB credit card 
  • Unless you activate your ADCB credit card, you won’t be able to withdraw cash using the card 
  • When you activate your credit card, the bank gets a confirmation that you have received your card 
  • Once the ADCB bank credit card is activated, you can keep track of your transactions and identify if there have been any unauthorised transactions

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Points to Note Before Activating and Using Your ADCB Credit Card

Certain points must be taken into consideration before you jump into the activation process of your ADCB bank credit card – 

  • The bank provides a 4-digit PIN that you must use to activate your credit card. Make sure that you reset the PIN and keep it confidential. 
  • Make sure that no one has your newly created ADBC bank credit card 4-digit PIN 
  • It is advised not to write down your 4-digit credit card PIN on a digital platform, as such platforms are prone to hacking 
  • If you want to write your PIN somewhere to remember it, write it at a place that no one can find or view 
  • Be careful while making any online transaction or paying bills at the store. Always enter the PIN by yourself and ensure that no one else has access to it. 

What to Do If You Are Unable to Activate Your ADCB Credit Card? 

If you encounter any technical problem during the ADCB credit card activation process, immediately connect with one of the bank professionals. ADCB customer care support can provide you with assistance and help you resolve the issue. 

Anyone facing an issue in ADCB credit card activation can get in touch with the bank experts by dialling their 24*7 customer care number. Alternatively, you can go to your nearest Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank branch and speak to one of the bank representatives directly. 

Another way to get assistance regarding your ADCB credit card activation here is to have a chat with the bank via WhatsApp from your registered number.

Key Takeaways

Numerous ways are available for customers to activate their ADCB credit cards. You can complete ADCB credit card activation via online banking, ADCB mobile app, or WhatsApp if you prefer seamless banking in tech-savvy modes. You can also connect with the bank via call, SMS, or paying a visit to a nearby branch to activate your card. 

Make sure to perform the correct steps to avoid any issues with your ADCB credit card activation. However, if an issue arises unexpectedly and you are unable to figure it out, contact the bank promptly to avoid or minimise the losses, if any. Moreover, it is highly recommended to keep a note of the precautionary steps mentioned in the article so that you don’t face any unapproved credit card actions. 

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Is it possible to contact the bank regarding ADCB credit card activation through email?

Yes, you can reach out to customer care support by dropping an email to the following email ID –

How to activate an ADCB credit card using SMS banking?

To activate your ADCB credit card via SMS, send an SMS to 2626 from the registered mobile number. The SMS format is as follows – ACT <space> last 6 digits of your credit card number <space> 4-digit PIN (you must enter a new PIN and not the one provided by the bank). 

Does ADCB allow its customers to use credit card services through WhatsApp?

Yes, ADIB customers can activate their credit cards through WhatsApp banking. 

How to reset the ADCB credit card PIN through phone banking in case a credit card holder forgets the password?

Give a call at 605002030 from your registered mobile number and press 8 to set up a new ADCB credit card PIN. 

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