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Emirates NBD is one of the most reputed banks in the United Arab Emirates. It provides a great range of financial services and products including wholesale, retail, corporate financing as well as investment banking. Further, it also offers services in the international markets of countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Kingdom, India, and Singapore. 

Emirates NBD credit card cash withdrawal feature, allows customers to withdraw cash using their Emirates NBD credit card in liquid form. This facility allows cardholders to withdraw cash by simply swiping their credit cards through an ATM or over the counter at the bank. To understand cash withdrawal service better let us explore some important elements. 

Emirates NBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges and Limit 

Emirates credit card cash withdrawal limit is the maximum amount of liquid cash you can withdraw using your NBD credit card. You can't withdraw more than the limit assigned to you. But note that this limit is not the same for every customer. It varies from one cardholder to another and depends on multiple factors like the credit Score of a customer. 

Coming to the charges applied to Emirates NBD credit cards, you are subjected to a cash advance fee of Emirates NBD along with certain finance charges. Here, the cash advance fee is 3.15% and the monthly finance charges range from 3 to 5%. Note, that these charges can be different for different individuals. So, make sure to confirm with your bank. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Emirates NBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Facility

Similar to any other product, the credit card cash advance option offered by Emirates NBD credit card also comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. While it allows you to have cash when no other credit source is available, there are charges associated with it. Below are some perks and downsides of the same:

Advantages of Emirates NBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal 

  • Liquid Cash Anytime: First and foremost, advantage of Emirates credit card cash advance feature is that it enables you to withdraw cash when no other credit source is available. In this way, it saves you from cash problems in emergencies. 
  • Accessible 24*7: As you know, ATMs are open 24x7. This means you can have cash instantly, without having to wait for a specific time. 
  • No Approval Required: Another advantage of Emirates NBD credit card cash withdrawal facility is that it doesn't require any permission or approval from the bank. You can have cash whenever you need it. 

Disadvantages of Emirates NBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal 

  • Higher Interest Rate: When you use this option it comes with interest rates. Most importantly, the interest rate is levied on you from the first time you use the credit card cash withdrawal facility, to the time you fully settle the amount. 
  • Higher Cash Advance Fee: The cash advance fee is higher than normal transactions made using debit cards. 
  • May Impact Credit Score: When you make frequent withdrawals using Emirates NBD credit card or fail to pay the bills before the deadline, it negatively impacts your credit score. This can raise issues in getting loans and increasing the limits of your credit cards. 

Emirates NBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Process

Wondering how to withdraw cash using Emirates NBD credit card? Let's find out!

You can use the Emirates NBD credit card in the same way you use a normal debit card to take out cash from an ATM. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit your nearest Emirates NBD ATM. You can also withdraw money from other ATMs, however, the charges will be higher for using other banks' ATM facilities. 
  • Now, swipe your Emirates NBD credit card in the given ATM slot and provide your PIN. 
  • Select the language and choose the withdrawal option
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and press ‘Enter’
  • And that's it! Your cash will be dispensed

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When you make withdrawals using the Emirates NBD credit card cash advance option, then make sure to settle your amount as soon as possible, no matter how small it is. This will save you from high-interest rates and also keep your credit score healthy. 

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