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Prepaid cards, like the one offered by Emirates Islamic Bank, provide a straightforward and secure way to manage expenses. Acting as versatile alternatives to traditional debit or credit cards, prepaid cards are loaded with a specific amount and can be used for transactions. 

Emirates Islamic Bank prepaid card offers convenience with easy reloading options via branches, online banking, or CDMs. Promoting budget control and preventing overspending, this card is beneficial for those who want a practical and controlled approach to their finances and wish to ensure peace of mind while making purchases or managing everyday expenses. 

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Purpose of Emirates Islamic Bank Prepaid Card

Listed below are some of the many uses of this prepaid card in the UAE —

  • Expense Control: Effectively manage your expenditures with the Emirates Islamic Bank Prepaid Card. Whether it's budgeting for household, travel, or shopping expenses, you can enjoy complete control — you only spend what you load onto the card.
  • Allowance Management: Instill financial responsibility early on. Empower your children to spend wisely with the Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card, which offers a straightforward and enjoyable way to learn valuable lessons about money and budgeting.
  • Remittance Ease: You can make seamless money transfers to your loved ones. Obtain an Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card, send it to family abroad, and conveniently load funds through various Emirates Islamic channels.
  • Your Partner in Travel: You can carry this prepaid card on your next journey for benefits such as worldwide acceptance, enhanced safety, and unparalleled convenience — a superior alternative to cash or traveller's cheques.
  • Gift Giving: Convey your sentiments with the Emirates Islamic Bank Prepaid Card. Gift this versatile card to your loved ones and grant them the freedom to choose their perfect gift.
  • Mazaya Offers: Unlock incredible benefits, discounts, and privileges at numerous restaurants and retailers across the UAE with this Prepaid Card from Emirates Islamic Bank.
  • Dining – Indulge in culinary delights and satisfy your palate with discounts of up to 30% at various restaurants throughout the UAE.
    Shopping – Revamp your wardrobe with your preferred styles. The Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card grants you fabulous discounts at select shopping outlets across the UAE.
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Features and Benefits of Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card

Here are the key features and benefits of this Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) prepaid card —

  • Easy to Use – This prepaid card can be used at any of the Emirates Islamic cash deposit machines (CDM) or branches as well as online banking accounts. 
  • Globally Accepted – You can use your Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card for domestic and international transactions at more than 10 million locations around the world as well as cash withdrawals at more than 2.6 million ATMs worldwide.
  • Offers on Cashbacksouk.ae – This is an exclusive online shopping platform for individuals having Emirates Islamic cards like you. When you shop online at Cashbacksouk.ae, you get assured cashback of up to 25% on over 1,500 domestic and global brands. 

On this portal, you can reserve flights and hotels, and purchase electronics, apparel, and more. 

  • Extended Warranty - With this prepaid card from Emirates Islamic Bank, you get an additional warranty over the products purchased besides the manufacturer’s warranty. This way, the warranty doubles up to 1 year from the date of the original warranty’s expiry. 
  • Purchase Protection – Secure your purchases and enjoy peace of mind with Purchase Protection. This feature ensures that your purchases are safeguarded from theft or damage so that you can focus on your desired purchases without worrying about their safety.
  • Safe and Secure – The 3D Secure feature on the Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card introduces an additional authentication step for all online transactions. This feature enhances the security of your purchases and ensures a safe experience. 

Furthermore, the card incorporates Chip & PIN technology, providing an added layer of security by requiring transactions to be authenticated with a confidential PIN generated by you. This advanced technology safeguards all your transactions, offering peace of mind and reinforcing the overall security measures of the card.

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Fees and Charges Associated with Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card

The table below displays all the fees and charges associated with the Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card.

Fees and Charges Amount
First Time Top-up Fee AED 26.25 
Subsequent Top-up Fee Free
Monthly Inactivity Fee (post 6 months of inactivity) AED 5.25 (per month)
Cash Withdrawal Fee for Withdrawing Cash from Other ATMs in the UAE AED 2.1 per transaction
Foreign Currency Transaction in AED 1.99% of every transaction
Maximum Daily Transaction Limit AED 40,000
Maximum Total Load Amount in 1 Month AED 40,000
Balance Transfer Fee Free
Cash Withdrawal Fee for Withdrawing from EIB ATMs in the UAE Free
Foreign Currency Transaction in Non-AED (per transaction) 2% of the transaction amount 
Balance Unload Fee AED 15.75 per request
Maximum Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit AED 5,000
Maximum Total Load Amount in 12 Months AED 250,000

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How to Get Your Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card and How to Activate It?

To get your Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card, you can apply for the same at your nearest Emirates Islamic Bank branch. Once you receive the card, connect with the bank’s Call Centre by dialling 600 599 995 to generate its PIN. 

Learn more about Emirates Islamic prepaid cards through the following frequently asked question section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can you recharge your Emirates Islamic prepaid card?

Ans: You can visit your nearest Emirates Islamic branch to register for online banking.

If your Emirates Islamic prepaid card is linked to an online banking account, you can use the profile information tab to add a new account. 

Q2: How can you subscribe to online banking?

Ans: You can easily reload your Prepaid Visa Card through online banking, CDMs, or any Emirates Islamic branch. When reloading through CDM or online banking, use your Savings Account number on the card. 

If adding cash via CDM, insert your card or provide the Account Number. Next, select Cards, Prepaid, Services, and Top-up card, enter the amount, and confirm it next. 

Q3: Note: After a successful prepaid top-up, you cannot transfer the loaded amount back to your account. 

Ans: How to add a new account via online banking?

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