How to Auto Debit Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Card Payments?

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Best Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Cards in UAE

Emirates Islamic credit cards are among the most popular ones in the UAE due to their comprehensive range of convenience features, rewards, and more. These credit cards are vouched for their transparency as well as their ease of usage.

Managing credit card payments can be a hassle, with busy schedules or forgotten dates often leading to missed or delayed payments. However, Emirates Islamic Bank offers a convenient solution through their auto-debit service via Emirates Islamic Bank auto debit credit card payments.

Let’s find out more about how to auto-debit Emirates Islamic Bank credit card payments in this article to make bill payments more efficient and stress-free.

Understanding Emirates Islamic Bank Auto Debit Credit Card Payments

Emirates Islamic Bank auto debit credit card payments is a service offered by Emirates Islamic Bank that allows your credit card payments to be automatically settled from your chosen bank account. By allowing the bank to withdraw the payment on your behalf, you can ensure that your credit card dues are settled promptly, which can help you avoid late fees or penalties.

How to Access the Auto-Debit Feature for the Emirates Islamic Bank Credit Card?

The auto payment facility provides a convenient option for efficiently scheduling monthly bill payments. As an Emirates Islamic credit card holder, you can access this feature through BankNet, the bank’s online banking platform. You can effortlessly streamline your bill payment using the auto payment transfer facility.

By taking advantage of the Emirates Islamic Bank auto debit credit card payments facility, you can set up automatic deductions for your monthly bills directly from your Emirates Islamic account. This eliminates the need to initiate payments every month manually and the hassle of remembering the payment dates every time!

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Benefits of Choosing an Emirates Islamic Credit Card

Emirates Islamic credit cards provide numerous advantages, establishing them as a top preference among residents of the UAE. Given below are some factors that make Emirates Islamic credit cards highly popular -

  • Global acceptance: Emirates Islamic credit cards are accepted by over 30 million merchants around the world, meaning that you can use your card anywhere without any hassle.
  • Supplementary cards: You can get up to 4 free supplementary cards with most Emirates Islamic credit cards. Thus, your eligible family members can also enjoy the card’s benefits.
  • Easy instalment plans: Emirates Islamic credit cards offer 0% EPP (Easy Payment Plan) on eligible purchases. This option lets you distribute your payments over a specific duration and easily make big purchases without worrying about upfront payments.
  • Relaxed eligibility criteria: Emirates Islamic credit cards have relaxed minimum salary requirements, which can go as low as AED 5,000 per month. Such requirements ensure that a broader range of UAE residents can qualify for an Emirates Islamic credit card.
  • Loaded with benefits: Emirates Islamic credit cards offer a variety of excellent benefits and rewards such as cashback, travel rewards, and VIP lounge access. This way, you can enjoy various world-class perks and enhance your lifestyle with these credit cards in UAE.
  • Adequate financial coverage: Emirates Islamic credit cards come with Credit Shield Plus, which provides financial protection against various unforeseen scenarios. With this feature, you can have coverage for outstanding credit card balances in case of permanent complete disability, death, and loss of employment. 

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Wrapping Up

Emirates Islamic Bank auto debit credit card payments present a convenient way to ensure that your bills are paid on time and that you avoid any late fees. The auto payment facility is easy to use and provides a secure way to automate your payments. By being punctual with your credit card payments, you can avoid penalties as well as reduction of your credit Score, which ensures that you won’t have to face any hindrances when applying for new credit late.

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions related to Emirates Islamic Bank auto debit credit card payments in the next section.


Q1. How can I pay my Emirates Islamic credit card bill online?

Ans: As an Emirates Islamic credit card holder, you can pay your monthly credit card bills online. Simply log into your online banking account on the official Emirates Islamic website and locate the relevant option to make the payments. If your credit card account needs to be linked, you can dial 600 599995 to connect with the bank’s customer service centre.

Q2. Can I pay my Emirates Islamic credit card bill with cash?

Ans: Yes, you can pay cash for your credit card bill at your nearest branch of Emirates Islamic Bank during the bank’s working hours. You can simply visit a branch near you and make the payment at the designated counter.

Q3. What if I forget to get my physical Emirates Islamic credit card to make a payment?

Ans: Emirates Islamic provides cash deposit machines that allow you to make your credit card payment without a physical card. Simply use the cash deposit machines and enter your card number to complete the payment transaction.

Q4. How can I conveniently pay my Emirates Islamic credit card bills every month?

Ans: Several channels are available to help you conveniently make your Emirates Islamic credit card payments. You can choose from any of the following options to conveniently make the payments - cheque payments, online bill payment, auto payment facility, cash payments at the counter, and cash deposit machines.

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