Gift Ideas for Eid and Ramadan

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As we are in the middle of the Ramadan month, it is about time to prepare for Eid-ul-Fitr! This gift guide is especially curated for those of you looking for ideas and inspiration to make Eid and even Ramadan special for others. 

Without further ado, let’s explore this Eid and Ramadan gift handbook! 

Eid and Ramadan Gift Ideas for Family

Make this Eid about your loved ones, the ones who stood by you in the toughest phases this festive season. Here’s a list of special Eid and Ramadan gift ideas for them -

Luxury Candles and Essential Oils

Those who care and worry about you in life deserve some relaxation. So why not gift them luxurious scented candles and essential oils to unwind on a hectic day? 

For a perfect at-home aromatherapy experience, you can buy essential oil diffusers and premium scented candles. To add to this soothing experience, play some of their favourite songs or spiritually healing music.

Convert the House into a Home for Them!

Who said you had to go all gaga about the Ramadan and Eid gift shopping? You can give your family a comfortable vibe by simply creating a cosy space for them. 

What to do for the same? 

Simple — buy their favourite books or tea, throw in some fluffy cushions and warm blankets, and decorate the room. This is sure to perk up their mood. 

Iftar at Their Favourite Restaurant

Ramadan is all about bringing family together and spending real quality time. We are sure you don’t want the ladies of the house to spend all the precious Iftar moments in the kitchen. 

So why not dine out on some days? Make them feel special by taking the family to a good Halal restaurant and creating new moments to remember. 

Interestingly, if you have a credit card, its rewards and discounts can enrich your family experiences without stretching your budget. 

Motivate Them to Grow Closer to God

This Ramadan and Eid, encourage your family to pray together and connect spiritually. For this, you can buy matching prayer rug sets. 

Make sure you also motivate the little ones in the family by adding special rugs. 

Ramadan = Growing Spritiually in a Fun Way

Lean towards your spiritual side by gifting your family fun Islam-themed board games, puzzles, and activity books. You can also work on them together during the evenings. 

Eid and Ramadan Presents for Friends

Life becomes special with family like friends. This Ramadan and Eid, don’t forget to thank them! 

Here are some Eid and Ramadan gift suggestions for these special people in your life 

Food for Thought and Hampers for Happiness

Who doesn’t love exotic cuisines like gourmet dates, baklava, homemade cookies, and more?

So if you are getting invited to an Iftar party or Eid party, you can surely take these delicacies to your friends’ houses. You can also gift coffee or tea boxes to tea and coffee lovers. 

Whichever option you choose, the key here is to bring food to the table and gather love!

Chocolates — Because Who Doesn’t Love Them!

Gift premium chocolates to the chocolate lover in your group this Ramadan! 

To make the gift more thoughtful, you can go for rich, cream-flavoured, or dense, dark chocolates. Go for the ones wrapped gracefully in boxes or baskets to surprise your chocolate lover friends. 

Classic and Elegant Art Pieces to Accentuate Their Home Decor 

Give your friends’ homes a touch of spirituality with elegant Islamic art pieces boasting intricate designs. You can choose from a wide selection of calligraphy prints, geographic designs, or even quotes from the Holy Quran. 

Dinnerware to Celebrate Special Occasions

We all know that Eid is about bringing relatives and friends together and celebrating humanity. So why not give your friend intricate dinnerware this Ramadan as a gift? 

More than just enhancing their crockery collection, it is sure to bring a bright smile to your friend’s face, making your Ramadan and Eid worth it! 

Eid and Ramadan Gifts for Young Ones

Let’s not forget the future of society this Eid! This Ramadan, teach kids more about Islam and spirituality with interesting Ramadan and Eid presents. Here are some interesting ways to increase your children’s knowledge about Islam —

Ramadan Advent Calendars — A Gift of Patience

We know that we are almost nearing Eid, but isn’t it a good idea to start a new tradition? Ramadan advent calendars present a great way to teach your kids about the relevance of Eid-ul-Fitr. Every box they open will contain a toy, a treat, or a small memento. This Eid countdown activity will help them learn more about the festival. 

Even if you get them the advent calendar now, they will have a lot more treats. Also, they will develop the patience to open a new box every day at the set time! 

Masjid Playhouse — A Way to Learn about Faith

This is a great gift idea to teach children how to practice their faith, do Salah, and participate in religious activities. It also makes for a fun and creative way to teach children about the Faith and to bring them closer to God. 

Make Night Time Your ‘Faith Time’ with Engaging Religious Books

The market right now is flooded with engaging, illustration-filled religious books for children 3 years and older. Such books contain stories of some important Islamic figures and help young ones learn Islamic vocabulary. 

You can use your credit card to buy such a creative Ramadan gift or Eid gift and even enjoy discounts if available. This will keep you in budget as well — a win-win situation. 

Mosque Building Puzzle — Problem-Solving, Motor Skill Development, and Patience through Faith 

If your kids are fans of Legos or building block sets, try gifting them Mosque building puzzles. Beyond helping them improve their motor skills, this present for Ramadan also helps kids develop virtues like patience and persistence, not to mention problem-solving skills! 

And this gift is worth enjoying as a family too — you can build on the family time. 

Be All About Warmth and Giving This Ramadan!

Make this holy month and Eid about giving while being within your budget. An easy way to do that is to use your credit card rewards and discount offers — this way, you can make the most of the festive season without overspending! 

Let this month be all about caring and giving warmth to your family and friends. 

Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak!

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