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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE

Dubai Islamic Bank is one of the most popular banks in the United Arab Emirates and it came into existence in 1975. In terms of assets, Dubai Islamic Bank is the largest bank in the UAE, offering you some exciting features including credit card cash withdrawal. You can select the most suitable option from a list of multiple cards. Some of the most sought-after Dubai Islamic Bank credit cards are:

These credit cards allow you cash withdrawal options along with various other discounts and offers. The process of Dubai Islamic Bank credit card cash withdrawal is simple and easy to follow. 

DIB Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit and Charges 

Each credit card issued by Dubai Islamic Bank has a set credit limit. The cardholder must not go over this credit limit to avoid incurring additional fees. 

  • Each consumer has a different credit limit
  • Your income, credit history from the past, and current credit Score play an instrumental role in determining the credit limit

You may get a complete overview of existing credit cards from Dubai Islamic Bank, their categories, and their advantages and disadvantages on our website. We offer free credit scores that would otherwise be chargeable and you can also obtain the desired credit card with larger limits if you have a decent credit score. Go ahead and browse through the list of credit cards available on our website and decide which is the best choice for you.

Dubai Islamic Bank credit card cash withdrawal charges are well-defined and customers are notified about them beforehand. Please refer to the following points for better understanding.

  • Cash withdrawal fee: AED 94.50 
  • Mastercard and Visa card international withdrawal fees: AED 26.25

If you cross the payment date without settling the credit bill, you have to bear a late payment fee of AED 236.25. However, there are facilities like annual fee for supplementary and internet cards that are completely free of cost.  

Pros and Cons of Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

To meet the essential financial needs of its customers, Dubai Islamic Bank provides a large selection of Islamic credit cards. Every single DIB credit card is packed with unique features, advantages, and incentives.

The following are the overall pros of the Dubai Islamic Bank credit card. 

  • All credit cards issued by Dubai Islamic Bank give cardholders quick access to 80% of their available credit limit as cash.
  • You can avail cash withdrawal facility anywhere in the world with a Dubai Islamic Bank credit card.
  • Dubai Islamic Cash withdrawal facility comes as a real boon in an emergency situation as you do not need any kind of prior permission or paperwork to get the money. All you need is a functional ATM.

If you think about the cons, the first thing that comes to mind is the higher interest rate. Although you can avail of a Dubai Islamic Bank credit card with a salary of AED 5000, you have to bear certain charges. However, these charges are utilized to enhance the overall experience of using a credit card issued by Dubai Islamic Bank (please read the above mentioned pros). 

Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Process 

You can avail the facilities of Dubai Islamic Bank credit card cash withdrawal anywhere throughout the globe. All you need is an active credit card linked to your bank account. Visit the official website of Dubai Islamic Bank to register your credit card with your existing bank account.

  • Once the card is registered to the bank account, create an ATM pin
  • This pin works universally, all across the world
  • Slide the card into an ATM machine and enter the PIN
  • Choose the preferred language and then select ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option
  • Enter the correct amount of cash you want to withdraw and press ‘Enter’
  • The cash will be dispensed immediately

Please make a note that you can withdraw 80% of your credit limit through cash withdrawal from ATMs and be aware of the levied charges.

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