How to Auto Debit Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card Payments?

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Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), established in 1975, is a pioneering financial institution in the UAE. As a Sharia-compliant bank, it is committed to offering innovative and ethical banking solutions to its diverse customer base.

With a robust digital presence and a wide network of branches and ATMs, DIB ensures convenient access to its services for its customers. The bank's dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through its tailored financial products, including savings accounts, home financing, and investment solutions.

In this article, we will narrow down to DIB credit cards and explore the feature of auto debit, which allows you to set up automatic payments for your credit cards.

What is the Auto Debit Feature?

Auto debit involves scheduled money transfers on specific dates to cover recurring expenses like home mortgage EMIs, property loans, vehicle loans, utility bills, and credit card payments.

When you initiate this service, you effectively allow the bank to periodically deduct funds from your account on the scheduled due date for the settlement of your credit card balances. This way, you can have your DIB credit card payments settled without any delays and steer clear of late payment penalties.

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Benefits of Auto Debit for Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Card Payments

Listed below are some of the benefits of the DIB credit card auto debit feature -

  • With auto debit payments, your bills are settled without your involvement. Instead of tracking due dates each month, you can simply activate the feature, keep sufficient funds, and have your bills automatically settled.
  • The auto debit payment feature contributes to enhancing your credit Score as it ensures that you never miss a payment. With the auto-debit option, your obligations are settled punctually and you receive timely reminders ahead of the due date.
  • Auto debit presents a great opportunity to earn rewards, as timely bill payments can result in cashback, coupons, and discounts. With every debit from your account, you accumulate redeemable reward points.
  • Opting for online transactions instead of offline methods to clear your EMIs or credit card bills minimises the chances of identity theft. While online transactions come with some risk, they provide enhanced security when making such payments.

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Auto debit Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Cards payments

Setting up automatic credit card payments, which can vary depending on your credit card provider, is typically a straightforward process. You can initiate auto-debit payments through your online banking or mobile banking account.

Once initiated, you can select your monthly payment amount and link your bank account. It's essential to note that this withdrawal arrangement is adaptable, allowing you to discontinue or modify it as needed.

It's worth noting that while most credit card providers facilitate automatic payments through online or mobile banking, certain providers may necessitate a visit to your nearest bank branch to submit a direct debit mandate form.

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How to Register for DIB Mobile Banking and Online Banking?

As we saw earlier, to set up the auto debit facility for your DIB credit card, you will need to use online or mobile banking. To register for mobile banking, you can simply follow these steps -

Mobile Banking

  • Make sure that your DIB card is authorised for usage.
  • Keep your credit card and card PIN ready.
  • Download the DIB Mobile app from the relevant app store.
  • On the DIB Mobile login screen, select the ‘Register’ icon.
  • Enter details related to your credit card and PIN and complete the verification.
  • Set up your User ID, password, and necessary security credentials.

Online Banking

  • Make sure that your DIB credit card is authorised for usage. Keep your credit card and its PIN ready.
  • Visit the official website of Dubai Islamic Bank and click ‘Al Islami Online Banking’.
  • Select the ‘New User’ option and choose ‘Register Now’.
  • Select ‘Individual’ and indicate you are a ‘Card Holder’.
  • Follow the instructions to establish your User ID, password, and security credentials.

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Managing Your DIB Credit Card with Auto Debit

With the auto debit feature of DIB credit cards, you can easily have your monthly credit card bills cleared. However, you should make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account for the settlement. Similarly, you should try to clear bills in their entirety and immediately report to the bank in case of any suspicious transactions.

You should avoid responding to emails requesting your personal banking information, as these are mostly phishing attempts to illicitly obtain sensitive data such as PINs, usernames, and passwords.

In case your DIB credit card is lost or stolen, you can immediately get it blocked through various channels such as phone banking, online banking, mobile banking, WhatsApp banking, and so on.

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