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Keeping proper track of your credit card usage is crucial to make sure that you are efficiently managing your credit card spending. Correct usage of credit cards results in a good credit score and strong credit history. It also allows you to pay off your monthly dues conveniently without incurring any late payment fees. Refer to this article to understand how you can check your Dubai First credit card statement and how you can get it. You will find information on the contents of the Dubai First credit card statement and different ways to check it. Let us begin with discussing the key terms of the Dubai First credit card statement.

Key Terms in Dubai First Credit Card Statement

Here are the important key terms of a credit card statement you must know about - 

  • Statement Date: The statement date is the date on which your Dubai First credit card statement is issued. Note that this date does not denote the beginning or end of your credit card cycle.
  • Credit Limit: Total credit limit is the maximum amount the bank lends you in each billing cycle. The maximum you can spend on a certain credit card will correspond with the credit limit of the card. 
  • Dates of Transaction: The transaction dates mentioned on your credit card statements reflect all the dates on which your credit card was charged for a certain purchase.
  • Available Credit Limit: It is the remaining total balance on your credit card after you make a purchase.
  • Date of Billing Cycle: Billing cycle dates highlight the beginning and end of your monthly credit card billing cycle. 
  • Payment Due Date: It is the last date on or before which you must pay off your credit card bill due for the month. Failing to make the payment before the due date results in the application of a late payment fee. Any amount due after the last payment date has passed also incurs interest. 
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit: Banks set a specific limit for cash withdrawals using your credit card. Dubai First credit card holders can use ATMs to withdraw money using their credit cards. 

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Sections of Dubai First Credit Card Statement

Credit card statements can be divided into a few sections. Each section covers a certain type of information. Given below is a quick review of all sections of a credit card statement and their sub-sections: 

Account Information

The account information is present on the very top of your Dubai First credit card statement. It consists of the following details -

  • Personal details such as name and contact number of the credit card holder
  • Residential address
  • Account number of the cardholder
  • The beginning and end date of the billing cycle
  • The date on which the statement was issued

Account Summary 

This section of the Dubai First credit card statement contains a detailed summary of your credit card for the concerned month. Here’s the list of information you will find in the account summary section -

  • Payment due date of your credit card bill for the month
  • Previous due balance (if any)
  • Total credit limit spent on purchases and payments
  • Additional charges applied on the credit card (if any)
  • Minimum due balance that must be paid before the end of the grace period to avoid the late payment fee


It contains all the major information of the purchases you made within your billing cycle -

  • Date and time of the transactions
  • Name and category of vendors
  • Amount paid in each transaction 

Information Related to Reward Points 

Reward points are loyalty points that customers earn upon using their Dubai First credit card. These reward points can be further used for availing discounts or deals on travel and accommodation, lifestyle shopping, etc. Besides that, earned reward points can also be availed for dining, entertainment purposes and more. Reward points-related info in the credit card statement includes -

  • Earned points for the month
  • Reward points you previously had in your account
  • Redeemed reward points
  • Remaining reward points

Details of Additional Charges

Details related to additional charges, fees and interest rates (if applicable) are also mentioned in the statement. This can include the following -

  • Interest rates applied to your purchases
  • Balance transfer fee
  • Cash advance fee

Miscellaneous Information

  • Contact information of the financial institution
  • Additional applicable terms and conditions

Benefits of Dubai First Credit Card Statement

Below-stated are the benefits of having a credit card statement - 

  • The statement lets you keep track of all your credit card transactions and purchases. 
  • You can easily keep a check on the availability of your credit limit, the remaining balance and the used balance. 
  • Dubai First bank credit card statements also state previous dues, if any. 
  • It also helps prevents cybercrime. By viewing the credit card statement, you can easily spot if there have been any unauthorized transactions on your card. 

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How to Check Dubai First Credit Card Statement?

The Dubai First credit card holders can view their Dubai First credit card statements through the bank’s mobile application. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Given below is the process to check Dubai First credit card statement -

  • Download and install the Dubai First app on your smartphone.
  • Register your account and log in using the credentials provided by the bank.
  • Click on the credit card icon available on the bottom panel of the home page.
  • Swipe to navigate your credit cards.
  • If you have multiple cards, select the one for which you want to view the statement.
  • Choose the view/download statement option for the selected card to view your statement. 

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Is it possible to download the Dubai First credit card statement?

Yes, once you view your credit card, select the option to download the Dubai First credit card statement. The statement will be downloaded in PDF format.

Is information related to rewards points available on a Dubai First credit card statement?

Yes, your Dubai First credit card statement will reflect all details regarding your credit card reward points.

Can a Dubai First Bank credit card statement be downloaded through online banking?

No, credit card holders of the Dubai First bank must have access to the bank’s mobile application to view and download their credit card statements.

What is meant by the statement date mentioned on my credit card statement?

The statement date is the date on which your statement is issued by the bank. It may or may not coincide with the billing cycle end date. 

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