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While credit cards are primarily used for online transactions, the inclusion of the cash advance feature facilitates convenient financial management in case of an emergency. Most financial institutions in the UAE, including Dubai First bank, allow their customers to withdraw cash via credit card. Users can, thus, use their credit cards like debit cards and other cards for cash withdrawals. 

Dubai First Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Credit card holders of Dubai First bank can use any of the bank’s credit cards to withdraw cash. However, there is a specific limit up to which users can withdraw cash. The financial institution also charges some cash advance fees, including all transactions at exchange houses. 

The fee applicable for the same varies for each Dubai First credit card type – 

  • Personal Credit Cards: 3% of cash advancement amount or AED 100 (whichever is higher)
  • Business Credit Cards: 3% of cash advancement amount or AED 100 (whichever is higher)
  • Corporate Credit Cards: 3% of cash advancement amount or AED 60 (whichever is higher)

Dubai First credit card holders can use the cash advance facility in ATMs. Upon the withdrawal of cash, users will receive messages on their registered mobile numbers stating that a transaction has been made via their respective Dubai First credit card. 

This message is of the utmost importance in terms of card security. In case you receive any message regarding credit card cash withdrawal that is unauthorised (a transaction not done by you), you should immediately file a complaint at your nearest police station and request the bank to block the credit card.

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What Exactly Are Credit Card Cash Limit and Credit Card Limit? 

The cash limit is included within the credit limit. During the credit card buying process, the bank assigns a specific amount that you can utilise in a month, which is known as the credit limit of your credit card. The bank also lists the amount you can withdraw from the credit limit during the issuance of the card. The remaining limit, apart from the cash withdrawal limit, can be used for online transactions. 

Various factors can influence the credit limit of users, such as credit utilisation ratio, debt and bill repayment history, credit history, number of credit card applications and loan applications, and more. Upon deciding the credit limit, the bank assigns a particular percentage of the credit limit for cash withdrawal. Furthermore, as per the usage of your credit card, Dubai First Bank may or may not alter your credit and cash limit in the future.

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In a Nutshell

Whenever purchasing a credit card from Dubai First bank, make sure to go through the terms and conditions and always check for the percentage of cash limit and the cash advance fee offered by the bank. Moreover, it is advisable to keep track of your cash limit every time you withdraw cash using your Dubai First credit card. 
In case you exceed the assigned cash withdrawal limit, the bank will impose an additional fee. Thus, if you own a Dubai First credit card, you should make sure to manage it wisely to make the most of its features without incurring penalties and fines.

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