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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE

Credit cards have become a popular credit instrument, with these cards helping users make transactions while borrowing money within a pre-set credit limit (determined as per the user’s profile, credit score, income, and more). Besides swiping them offline, you can also use them online to easily purchase any product or avail of any service within the stated credit limit.

In addition to making transactions, you can also check your card's details such as available credit card limit, cash limit, recent transactions, previous bills, and more using the credit card login feature. This can also come in handy with respect to their security, as you can use the credit card login facility to block your card, change its PIN, set up auto-pay, and so forth. 

Let’s explore the features of credit card login in detail and cover its registration, login process, benefits, and more.

Credit Card Login: What is it?

Once you get a credit card from a bank, the next step would be to get access to your credit card to start using it. You can easily access your credit card online by heading to the issuer's official website and logging into your account, or registering to create credit card login credentials if not done yet. 

With the help of a credit card login, you can see all the details related to your credit card information online instantly. This facility is easy to use and allows you to access all the required information and a host of services. 

  After credit card login, you can perform the following activities – 

  • Get a record of your credit card spending
  • Access lucrative offers and benefits associated with your credit card
  • Access credit card statement
  • Check the record of unauthorised transactions
  • Easily make fund transfers 
  • Pay credit card bills on or before the due date

Credit Card Net Banking

As discussed earlier, the credit card login facility can help you use your credit card online and manage it easily. You can register for a credit card net banking facility to make the most of credit cards and use their online services. 

Once you have registered for the net banking facility, you can use net banking to check the available credit card balance and credit card limit, get an instant credit card statement, use the credit card for online purchases, transfer funds, and more.

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Credit Card Net Banking Registration Process

To get access to your credit card, you can opt for any of the following channels and activate your credit card – 

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Online Banking
  3. Phone Banking
  4. SMS Banking
  5. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Mobile Banking

To activate your credit card using the mobile banking process, you should first register yourself with the mobile banking facility of the concerned financial institution. For this, head to the official website of the bank and locate the ‘online banking’ option (you can also use your bank's mobile application to follow this process).

Click on it, follow the instructions, and authorise the registration process using the SMS code sent to your registered mobile number, ATM, phone banking, email address, or by visiting a branch. After verification, set up your user ID, security or secret questions, and password to complete the process. 

Once you have registered for the mobile banking facility, follow these steps to activate and access your credit card for online/offline services – 

  • Login to mobile banking using credentials
  • Click on the hamburger menu or locate the 'security settings on the page
  • Provide answers to the security questions
  • Choose the credit card you want to activate by tapping on 'card activation' 
  • Authorise the request by entering the authorisation code sent to your registered mobile number
  • After verification, set a 4- digit PIN
  • You can now use your card to perform services online

Online Banking

You can also register your credit card with the online banking facility. Before that, however, you would be required to register for this facility using the same process as discussed above. After registration, you can activate or register your credit card for contactless payments in this way – 

  • Head to the official website of the lending institution
  • Login to online banking using username and password
  • Locate the ‘My Finances’ or ‘Cards’ option on the page
  • Tap on the 'Card Activation 

Phone Banking

Some financial institutions in the UAE also provide phone banking facilities to activate your credit card. Here, you simply need to keep your credit card handy while calling and enter the correct credit card details when asked.  You can also use your registered mobile number to skip the authorisation code requirement and fast-track the credit card registration process.

SMS Banking

You can use the SMS banking facility for the credit card registration process as an alternative to the above-stated methods. All you have to do is visit the concerned bank's official website and find the SMS banking number for credit card activation. Send an SMS with the code provided on the website from your registered mobile number. After verification, you may get a call from the bank. Follow the prompted instructions and activate your credit card.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

Yet another method to get your credit card activated and registered is to use the ATM of the concerned bank or financial institution. To do this, visit your nearest ATM of the said institution, insert your credit card, and enter the authorisation code sent to your registered mobile number. Locate the 'Debit/Credit Card Activation' button and use the 4-digit PIN for the activation process. 

Credit Card Login Process

Once you have registered your credit card using any of the channels mentioned above, you can use the login credentials (username and password) to access the online services and get your account details.  

For credit card login, follow the steps listed below – 

  • Go to the official website or mobile application of the credit card issuer
  • Locate the online banking section
  • Click on the ‘Login’ option
  • You will be redirected to the login page, where you would have to enter the credentials
  • Tap on the ‘login’ button to complete the process

Facilities Provided by Credit Card Net Banking

Using your credit card with online internet banking can be pretty helpful, as you can make use of some facilities such as – 

  • Buy Now, Pay Later: One of the defining features of credit cards is that they allow you to make the purchase today while paying for it at a later date. Your credit card comes with a credit limit applicable to such purchases. A remarkable aspect of this benefit is that the top lending institutions in the UAE offer an interest-free grace period in which you don't have to pay additional charges on your purchases in the form of interest.
  • Discount & Cashback Advantage: By using credit cards online, you can also score discounts, redeemable rewards, welcome bonuses & cashback offers on lifestyle, dining, entertainment, and travel at selected stores. You can then take advantage of the offers while making online or offline purchases.
  • Redeem Frequent Air Miles & Lounge Access: Along with the cashback and discount advantage, credit card net banking allows you to relish a host of travel benefits, including air miles and complimentary airport lounge access, as well.
  • Simple Auto-Payments: Many of us find it difficult to remember the bill due date. With the auto-payment feature, you can quickly line up your payments and avoid the hassle of missing deadlines. Furthermore, you can connect your credit card to online payment platforms and mobile wallet to use the scan and pay facility.
  • Quick EMI Payments: Several lending institutions in UAE provide the option of converting a product's or service's purchase expense into manageable monthly instalments or EMIs to reduce your financial burden. With the help of this benefit, you can prioritise your regular expenses and meet your immediate expenses well. Thus, you can make any big purchase using your credit card such as a television, mobile, laptop, or desktop, and choose to pay in manageable monthly instalments.
  • Get Instant Credit Card Statement: Another benefit of credit card login is that you can instantaneously obtain your credit card statement in a few clicks. Getting a credit card statement offline is a tedious process with a lot of required paperwork. You can, however, opt for a credit card e-statement to save time and effort in an eco-friendly manner as well.
  • Global Acceptance: Some credit cards are accepted globally, helping you make transactions from anywhere in the world. For instance, you can easily use your credit card login and book your international airlines, restaurants, and hotels to make your travel straightforward. 

However, it must be noted that using your credit card for international transactions may carry high foreign exchange rates and foreign transaction fees as well.

  • Track your Credit Card Limit and Balance: With the login facility for credit cards, you would not be required to manually record your spending and earnings. You can easily use the online banking feature and get detailed information related to your remaining and used credit card balance.
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Credit Card Net Banking Benefits

Given below are some benefits of using credit card net banking in UAE –

  • Tackle Unauthorised Transactions: It can be daunting to report a stolen or lost credit card when the information required to contact your card's customer service is mainly provided on your card. With credit card net banking, however, you can simply log in with your credit card using the official website of the lender and report a missing or stolen credit card. In addition, you can also check the transactions and report any unauthorised transactions easily.
  • Manage via a Smartphone Application: In case you are unable to use the official website of the financial institution, you can always use the mobile application to get all the details related to your credit card. Thus, with credit card net banking, you can get access to your credit card at any time and from anywhere.
  • Monitor Transaction in Real Time: With the help of credit card net banking, you won't have to wait for your billing statements - you can easily log in and get details related to your transactions in real-time. This can help you monitor your account activity and report fraudulent transactions much faster.
  • Convenient and Safe Payment Method: Credit cards are a secure and safe financial instrument in the UAE. Apart from their high security, credit cards are also easy to use and help you make cashless transactions.
  • Enhance your aecb credit score: You can easily and frequently use your credit card through credit card net banking. Using your credit regularly and repaying the bills on time can positively impact your credit score, which allows you to secure credit at favourable terms in the future.

Top Banks Offering Credit Card Net Banking Service

Almost every lending institution in UAE offers credit card net banking service by default to provide convenience and ease to their customers. Some of the top financial institutions offering credit card net banking services are - 

  • Emirates NBD
  • Citibank
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I access my credit card account?

You can access your credit card online using mobile banking, online banking, ATM, phone banking, and SMS banking.

How can I check my credit card activity?

Credit card login via mobile or online banking can help you track all your credit card activities.

How does credit card login work?

Credit card login can be performed by registering your card and using online or mobile banking. Once logged in, you can use transfer balance, make purchases, view credit card statements, report authorised transactions, and redeem discount & cashback offers that you pay back in the future.


How to know if someone is running my credit on the credit card?

You can take the help of the credit card login feature and check recent transactions. In case you detect any fraudulent transaction, you can report it using the credit card net banking facility.

What is a credit card net banking user ID?

Once you activate your credit card, you will get a username and password that can be used to make a credit card login in the future. This username is either your account number or something that you would be asked to create using alphabets and numbers during the registration process.

How to retrieve my password or credit card user ID during the credit card login process?

Follow these steps to retrieve your password or credit card user ID during the credit card login process – 

  • Head to the official website or mobile application of the financial institutions
  • Find the 'Forgot User ID or Password' option on the page - you can generally find the option below the login button
  • Enter your credit card details and authorise the transaction by generating OTP
  • Validate the OTP sent on your registered mobile number
  • After the verification process, reset the password or user ID
Is the credit card login password the same for the online website and mobile application?

Yes, the credit card login credentials are the same for both the mobile application and the online website. If you change the password on one platform, the details will be adjusted for both.

What are the advantages of credit card net banking services?

You can enjoy the following facilities and benefits through the credit card net banking feature – 

  • View monthly statements
  • Get real-time notifications
  • Register a new credit card
  • Generate a new credit card ATM PIN
  • Report unauthorised transactions in a few taps
  • View unbilled transactions
  • Check available credit card balance and used balance
  • Opt to automate bill payments
How can I reactivate my credit card net banking account?

You can reactivate your credit card net banking account by applying for a new PIN after the verification process is completed. For this, you would be required to enter your credit card number and other details as requested.

Do I need to pay fees to get access to the credit card net banking service?

Some of the leading financial institutions in UAE do not impose fees to avail of the benefit of credit card net banking service. However, it is advisable to check the official website of the concerned bank to get the exact details.

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