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As digitalization in currencies takes over the global economy, people increasingly rely on credit cards to purchase products and services. The function of a credit card is to provide people with the facility to buy goods and services by leasing money from the bank. To provide this particular service, the banks in different countries ask for fees and a predetermined amount of interest. 

The Citibank credit card in UAE gives cardholders multiple special privileges like cash advance, pre-decided interest, borrowed funds, and withdrawal of cash from bank counters and through ATM. However, charges imposed as well as the capping amount differ depending upon the card type. Let us learn more about this Citibank credit card cash withdrawal facility and understand it better. 

Citibank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit & Charges

All cardholders are allotted a credit limit and a Citibank credit card cash withdrawal limit. While the credit limit means the maximum amount that the cardholder is allowed to withdraw, the cash withdrawal limit refers to the overall credit limit available to the user. You can check for a suitable plan through our website from a list of banks according to your preferences.

As per updated guidelines in March 2022, Citibank currently offers these types of credit cards:

  • Ultima Visa/Ultima MasterCard
  • Ultimate
  • World/Titanium/Gold
  • Silver
  • Citi Prestige
  • Citi Premier
  • Citi Rewards
  • Citi Cashback

All the above Emirates-based Citibank credit cards have an annual membership fee ranging between AED 300 to AED 3,000 with a monthly retail/cash interest fixed rate of 3.25%. The annual percentage rate for retail/cash is fixed at 39%. 

Citibank Credit Card Type

Yearly Membership Fee

Monthly Interest Rate (%)

Yearly Percentage Rate of Interest (%)

Ultima Visa/Ultima MasterCard

AED 3000




AED 800




AED 400




AED 250



Citi Prestige

AED 1500



Citi Premier

AED 750



Citi Rewards

AED 300



City Cashback

AED 300



Advantages and Disadvantages of Citibank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Facility

Citibank credit card cash withdrawal charges vary in terms of fixed charges, limitations and interest rates imposed differently as per amenities in various card formats. Similarly, each has its pros and cons. 

The advantages of the Citibank credit card cash withdrawal facility are:

  • Smooth transaction - Citibank credit card cash withdrawal facility provides easy availability of cash for usage at multiple locations to ensure smooth transactions.
  • Digitized banking - Citibank offers mostly digital services with paperless transactions for availing various credit card amenities.
  • Cash at your convenience with no prior paperwork - Citibank offers cash on your limit as you can get it anytime, anywhere through any ATM instantly without the hassle of prior permission or paperwork.
  • Quick credits - The cash amount gets credited to your bank account in minutes.
  • Widespread availability - Fast cash withdrawal service for credit card holders is available both nationally and internationally.

Some of the Disadvantages of Citibank credit cards can be

  • Different rates of interest.
  • Citibank credit card cash withdrawal charges are mandatory for every cash withdrawal transaction.
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Cash Withdrawal Process of Citibank Credit Card 

To withdraw cash from Citibank's credit card, you can visit your nearest ATM. The cash withdrawal process follows this easy series of steps:

  1. Insert or swipe your card in the ATM
  2. Now, enter your Citibank credit card PIN
  3. Choose the preferred language from the ATM screen
  4. Check the ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option in menu
  5. Finally, enter the amount you want to withdraw and click ‘Submit’.

After you follow the above instructions, your cash will be dispensed with charges levied according to your credit card preference. 

Be aware of the levied charges before using the Citibank credit card.

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