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Commercial Bank of Dubai, commonly known as CBD, is a renowned financial institution in Dubai. Among various facilities, CBD credit card cash withdrawal is the most effective one for consumers. CBD credit card cash withdrawal particularly comes to your aid during emergencies. 

This feature allows you to draw cash from ATMs. You can also opt for the counter cash disbursement option. Overall, the Commercial Bank of Dubai has brought the cash withdrawal facility to empower its users with instant money.  Furthermore, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Some of the most exciting and sought-after CBD credit cards are:

CBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limits and Charges

CBD credit cardholders can use the cash withdrawal facility anytime and anywhere. However, there is an upper limit or cap for cash withdrawal using a CBD credit card. The credit limit varies from customer to customer and it depends on your income, past credit history, and available credit Score

Policybazaar UAE gives you a thorough insight into the available CBD credit cards, their types, and their respective pros and cons. We provide credit scores for free which is otherwise chargeable. A good credit score helps you avail of the desired credit card with higher limits. You can simply browse through different credit cards on our website and make up your mind about the best option.

Some of the costs related to having a Commercial Bank of Dubai credit card include:

  • Annual dues for membership: vary depending on the card
  • 2.75% for foreign transactions

However, you may incur some unintentional costs related to the credit card. These situations include:

  • Fees for Late Payment: AED 241.50
  • Overage Charges: AED 288,75

Pros and Cons of CBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Facility

Each CBD credit card comes with unique features and benefits. Some of them have higher cash withdrawal limits, some offer you low-interest rates, and some are super-effective for shopping. However, if you want to have a quick look at the CBD credit card cash withdrawal pros, please read through the following points.

  • CBD credit card cash withdrawal requires no additional documentation. You can avail of the service whenever it is required
  • CBD credit cardholders can enjoy flexible repayment options on credit bills
  • You can opt for either ATM cash withdrawal or over-the-counter cash withdrawal with CBD credit cards

There is barely any disadvantage to CBD credit cards. However, CBD credit card cash withdrawal in foreign countries levies a higher rate of interest. You can use CBD credit cards seamlessly in the UAE without pondering a lot about the charges. Please refer to the previous section for credit card cash withdrawal charges.   

CBD Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Process

Once you receive a new CBD credit card from the bank, please link the card to your bank account and generate an ATM pin for your credit card online. Once the ATM pin is generated, you can follow the steps mentioned below to withdraw cash from ATMs using CBD credit cards. You can also call the bank representative (customer care number on the backside of the card) who will help you generate the pin. 

The process of withdrawing cash from an ATM using a credit card is as follows:

  • Enter your CBD credit card to the ATM slot 
  • Provide your ATM pin to proceed further
  • Choose a preferred language from the options reflected on the screen
  • Select the cash withdrawal option next
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (keep in mind the upper limit of transaction of your bank)
  • Once the amount is dispensed, the ATM machine will ask whether you wish to have a paper slip
  • If you choose yes, a transaction slip will be shared with you shortly after the amount is dispensed 

CBD credit card cash withdrawal process is simple and safe. Please be mindful of the transaction charges and/ or any other charges involved. 

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