How to Auto Debit CBD Bank Credit Card Payments?

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Auto debit, often known as direct debit or by various other names, shares a common principle among most credit card companies. It lets you settle your credit card dues by deducting the amount from your savings account.

Significant Benefits of Utilizing Auto debit CBD Credit Cards Payments

  • Enhanced Security and Convenience: Auto debits offer a secure and efficient payment method, eliminating the need for manual tracking to meet payment deadlines.
  • Eliminates Post-Dated Cheques: With auto debit, there's no necessity to issue post-dated cheques.
  • Timely Payments Made Effortless: You can bid farewell to concerns about making timely payments each month. Simply ensure there's sufficient balance in your account to cover the payment.
  • Bypass Bank Queues: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting in long lines at banks or payment centers.

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Initiation of Credit Card Auto Debit Facility Online

  • Cardholders can request activating the auto-debit feature on their credit cards.
  • This feature is optional and depends on the cardholder's choice.
  • Individual payment preferences vary; some prefer online payments, while others do not.
  • Activation of credit card auto debit online is a quick process that takes only a few minutes.
  • For further information, cardholders can contact a customer care representative.

Key Advantages of the Credit Card Auto Debit Feature

  • Ensures punctual and consistent payments, saving time.
  • Prevents unnecessary late payment fees and charges.
  • Provides the utmost convenience for online payments.
  • Reduces the risk of identity theft.
  • Supports establishing and maintaining a positive credit history, offering rewards, and building a strong credit Score.
  • Offers payment flexibility with two options: Total Amount Due (TAD) and Minimum Due Amount (MDA).

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Straightforward Process That Can be Completed in a Few Easy Steps for How to Auto debit CBD Credit Cards Payments

  • Log In to Online Banking: Begin by logging in to your online banking account using your credentials. If you haven't registered for online banking, you may need to do so first.
  • Access the Bill Payment Page: Navigate to the bill payment section once logged in. The exact location of this option may vary depending on your bank's website layout.
  • Select Direct Debit: Look for the "Direct Debit" option within the bill payment section and click on it.
  • Set Up a New Direct Debit: Choose "Setup New DD" or "Add New Direct Debit."
  • Provide Required Information: Fill in the necessary fields with the relevant details. This typically includes your credit card information, such as the card number, cardholder name, and the source account from which the payments will be deducted.
  • Accept Terms and Conditions: Review the terms and conditions associated with the auto debit service. Ensure that you understand and agree to these terms before proceeding.
  • Submit Your Request: After confirming all information is accurate, click the "Submit" or "Save" button to initiate the auto-debit setup.

Once you complete these steps on How to auto-debit CBD Credit Card payments, your CBD credit card payments will be automatically deducted from your designated bank account according to your specified preferences. This ensures your payments are made on time, helping you avoid late fees and maintaining a positive credit history. Be sure to periodically check your account statements to verify the payments are processed correctly.

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