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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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The UAE offers its citizens an unparalleled cinematic experience that is unique among the beautiful experiences they can participate in. Although many people prefer watching movies in a theatre for a more immersive experience, it isn't a luxury most people can afford on a regular basis. What if we told you that you could watch all your favourite movies for free? Yes, that is possible.

Live your dreams by using a cashback credit card in the UAE that provides free movie tickets. Cinema offers cashback credit cards are the optimal choice for movie buffs who can't control their desire to spend on movies. Using cashback credit cards with cinema tickets guarantees that you do not miss out on your cinematic experiences. 

What is a Cinema Offer Cashback Credit Card?

A cashback credit card gives you money in return for spending money. The added benefit of a cinema offer cashback credit card works like any other cashback credit card, except you get free cinema tickets as a part of their rewards.

Other rewards for cashback credit cards are usually expressed as a percentage of your spending. For example, if you spend AED 1,500 on shopping, you will receive 5% cashback. Thus, you earn AED 75 for spending. 

Best Cashback Credit Cards with Movie Tickets in UAE

Are you looking for an excellent cashback credit card in the UAE? We have got you covered!

Listed below are the best cinema offer card credit cards.

ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card

ADCB Touchpoints Infinite Credit Card
Airport Lounge Access
  • Minimum Salary AED 40,000
  • Annual Fee AED 1,050
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Movie Discounts
  • Dining Discounts
  • Travel Discounts
  • Hotel Discounts


  • Discounts on travel
  • Lounge access at airports
  • Movies at a discount
  • Parking for restaurants
  • Deals on hotels
  • Value of reward: AED 13,241

Boost your cinema experience at VOX Cinemas by using the ADCB Touchpoints Infinite Credit Card with the following offers:

  • VOX Cinemas offers you a free second movie ticket when you purchase one.
  • Each card can purchase a maximum of four movie tickets per month.
  • Choose from a selection of meals and receive 20% off.

ADCB SimplyLife Cashback Credit Card

ADCB SimplyLife Cash Back Credit Card
  • Minimum Salary AED 5,000
  • Annual Fee Free for Life
  • Free for Life
  • Movie Discounts
  • Dining Discounts
  • Cash back


  • Deals on movies
  • Earn cashback
  • Dine at a discount
  • Lifetime free access
  • Value of reward: AED 13,236

As a card member of the ADCB SimplyLife Cashback credit card, you can benefit from NOVO cinema offers. SimplyLife Card members receive two free cinema tickets per month when using their card.

If you wish to earn cashback on cinema tickets, you must spend at least AED 1500 on regular purchases each month.

HSBC Advance Credit Card

HSBC Advance Credit Card

Balance Transfer
  • Minimum Salary AED 10,000
  • Annual Fee Free for Life
  • Balance Transfer
  • Movie Discounts
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Free for Life
  • Valet Parking


  • Lifelong free
  • Airline lounge access
  • Discounts on movies
  • Valet Parking
  • Value of reward: AED 11,077

An HSBC Advance Credit Card is an exemplary card for movie buffs, as it provides exclusive REEL cinema offers. These are the main movie benefits offered by the HSBC credit card:

  • Get one free ticket every month when you buy one.
  • Experiences available through this offer include Standard 2D, Standard 3D, and Standard Plus.
  • Furthermore, UAE residents can enjoy 20% off on food and beverages across all REEL cinemas.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Cashback Credit Card with Cinema Tickets in UAE

If you wish to apply, you should meet the following criteria to be eligible for the cashback credit card:

  • Should be between the age group of 21 and 65
  • Should be a salaried individual
  • Should have a minimum monthly salary as prescribed by the bank

Document Requirements for Cashback Credit Card with Cinema Tickets

You need to provide the banks with a few documents before being eligible for a credit card in the UAE. They are as follows:

  • Application form
  • A valid Emirates ID
  • Original passport
  • Applicants from non-GCC countries must present a valid resident visa
  • Security cheque signed by the applicant

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How to Apply for a Cashback Credit Card with a Cinema Ticket?

An applicant can apply for the Cashback Credit Cards through any of the following methods:

  • Online applications: Individuals interested in applying for cinema offer credit cards on the bank's official website.
  • Offline applications: Interested applicants can apply for a credit card by visiting their nearest bank branch, where the bank's executives would guide them.
  • Through phone: Applicants can also take advantage of phone banking to connect with the bank and apply for a cashback credit card in UAE. 

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