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Most hotels in UAE require credit card information before booking as a precautionary step. Generally, it is done so as to provide coverage against damages, theft, no-shows, last-minute cancellations, room damages, and so on. 

Several people find it difficult to book a hotel room with a credit card, whether because they need one first to put on file or for any other reason. Owing to the number of options available, you can now book a hotel without a credit card in the UAE to overcome this situation. 

The key thing to remember here is that the alternative payment options will depend on the booking channel, location, and size of the property and can range from PayPal to debit cards or cash. 

Let's see how you can book a hotel without a credit card, the required documents, and some tips and tricks to be followed while booking a hotel without a credit card in UAE.

Why Do Hotels Need a Credit Card for Reservations?

Using a credit card to reserve your hotel stay in the UAE can be a good option for both the involved parties. Let's take a look at why hotels generally require a credit card for reservations in the UAE - 

  • To Validate the Reservation: Hotels require a credit card to guarantee reservations. So if you back-pedal your reservation past the cancellation window, the hotel will charge cancellation fees through your credit card.
  • Charge for Potential Damages and theft: Hotels also keep your credit card details with them to ensure adequate recovery in case the room has any missing items or damages. This is because the hotel would generally find out about such events only after the customer leaves.
  • Makes Your Checkout Quicker: As mentioned before, using credit cards for hotel reservations is beneficial for the user as well. With all the credit card information in the system, you can check out more quickly.

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Different Payment Alternatives to Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card

You can book a hotel without a credit card through any of the following methods – 

  1. Debit Card - Debit cards make for a suitable option if you want to book a hotel without a credit card. The major advantage of using a debit card is that you will not spend more money than you owe, as the funds are directly pulled from your checking account. Numerous hotels in the UAE also offer various rewards for booking your hotel with a debit card. For instance, visa cards in the UAE can bring attractive discounts on being used for bookings related to Accor hotels.The downside of using your debit card to book a hotel is that you may be required to pay a security deposit as a hold against your total balance. In such a case, you would be able to access your money only after the hold is released. Generally, the security deposit account is returned to you after 30 days from the day you check out of the hotel room.
  2. Cash - Several hotels in the UAE accept cash as an alternative to credit cards. If you want to book a hotel without a credit card and use cash as a substitute, you would be required to pay the security deposit in cash. The deposit will be released immediately once you leave the hotel. Another notable benefit of booking a hotel with cash is that it can help you protect your personal information with the added bonus of sticking to your planned budget.Paying in cash for a hotel reservation, nevertheless, could be challenging as the upfront security deposit can be high. This can especially be problematic if you are not carrying a high amount of cash for the deposit. Thus, contacting the hotel to get detailed information on your preferred payment method is advisable if you wish to use cash and book a hotel without a credit card.
  3. Third-Party Booking Platforms and Use PayPal - Third-party booking platforms can allow you to book hotels without a credit card. With the help of third-booking platforms, you can also with PayPal. From customer support to the rewards program, third-party booking platforms can be helpful in saving chunks of money on hotel booking. Some of the well-renowned platforms for booking hotels in the UAE are Musafir, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, and so on.One of the most remarkable benefits of having a PayPal account is that it allows you to book your hotel room without exposing your credit card details over the internet. Moreover, PayPal has a faster direct payment system as well as the option to manage payments manually. 
  4. Call and Ask - Albeit one of the simpler ways, one of the best things to do if you wish to book a hotel without a credit card is to call the hotel and ask for credit-free options. This can at least eliminate the element of surprise, as you can always shift to other options if unsatisfied with the said one.
Tips to Remember When Paying for a Hotel Room in UAE

Document Requirments to Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card

To book a hotel without a credit card in the UAE, you may be required to provide Identity Proof. This can include your Emirates ID, Residence Visa, Driving Licence, Passport, or other relevant proof. Moreover, as the list of required documents varies as per the hotels, you should contact your hotel to get the list of additional documents.

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Tips for Booking a Hotel without a Credit Card

You can implement the following suggestions for booking a hotel without a credit card in the UAE - 

  • You would have fewer options if you want to book a hotel without a credit card compared to the options for booking with a credit card. It is advisable to conduct thorough market research before opting for one. You can also use specialised sites and compare the benefits and prices.
  • You can compare the hotels based on the stars allotted to them. The UAE has hotels having ratings of up to five stars - one star is the lowest rating while the five star one is the highest.
  • To get the best deals on booking a hotel without a credit card, it is recommended to choose the most appropriate day of the week. The price of a hotel decreases or increases as per the demand as well as the day, such as spikes in prices on weekends and so on.
  • Another crucial thing to do while booking a hotel in the UAE is to check reviews on social sites. This can help in clearing up all your confusion regarding the hotel as per the booking procedures, requirement of credit card, quality of services, and more.

Wrapping Up 

In case you don’t have a credit card or simply don’t wish to use it here, you can find several options to book a hotel without a credit card. The alternatives to credit cards can include debit cards, cash, payment systems like PayPal, and more. 

Apart from the mentioned options to book a hotel without a credit card, you can also choose a hotel credit card. With the help of hotel credit cards, you can maximize the rewards and enjoy the best hotels with minimal costs. Numerous banks and financial institutions offer hotel credit cards in the UAE, with the list including prominent names such as HSBC, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Citibank, and more. 

Whether you book a hotel with a credit card or without one, just remember to contact the hotel in advance to get the detailed information regarding payment methods.

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