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American Express is a renowned financial service company providing a wide range of financial products and services, including credit cards, insurance, personal loans, and more, to its customers worldwide. In UAE, American Express has been established as a leading provider of various products, catering to the needs of both individuals and corporates. Its products provide exclusive privileges, benefits, rewards, and more. Amongst several products, American Express credit cards are a top-notch choice in UAE.

Once you get the credit card, it is essential to keep track of its credit usage, balance, payments and other transactional information. For this purpose, credit card statement plays a crucial role. With the help of an American Express credit card statement, you can easily budget and track your expenses and detect any fraud or errors. 

American Express Credit Card Statement: An Overview

American Express credit card statement is a periodic report providing a detailed breakdown of a cardholder's transactions, including the merchant name, transaction amount, transaction date, balance, credit card limit, and more. 

You can find the following details on the American Express credit card statement:

Available credit limit: It is the maximum amount of money that you can spend using your credit card. Generally, it is based on a variety of factors, including your profile, credit Score, income and other financial information. 

  • Billing date: The billing date on your American Express credit card statement shows the transactions made using the card during a specific billing cycle. Generally, the billing date is the same date each month. It marks the end of the billing cycle and the beginning of the next one. You are required to pay at least the minimum due amount on your credit card by the due date. Otherwise, the bank shall charge the applicable fine.
  • Accessible cash limit: Depending on your credit card, you can withdraw cash up to a set amount. American Express credit card statement shows the accessible cash limit. 
  • Past due: The credit card statement shows any outstanding balances you failed to pay in your previous billing cycle. The document generally lists current and past due amounts for the last two to three months (if any).
  • Account summary: A credit card statement contains all the information regarding all credit card transactions.
  • Updates and offers on credit cards: The credit card statement also includes updates and offers available on your credit card.

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Reasons to Check Your American Express Bank Credit Card Statement Regularly

A credit card statement helps to check your credit balance, payments due, or other relevant information. To learn more about the advantages of an American Express credit card statement, check out the points below:

  • Keep Track of Regular Payments: Reviewing your credit card statement can help you keep track of your spending and stay within your budget. You can see how much you spend in different categories and identify areas where you may need to cut back. 
  • Avoiding Late Payments and Fees: Your credit card statement will show you the amount due and the due date for each billing cycle. By checking your statement regularly, you can ensure you pay on time and avoid late fees and interest charges. This will also help you to avoid any legal issues. 
  • Monitoring Payments Above your Credit Limit: Since using a credit card is simple and handy, it's easy to forget how much is being spent on purchases, and the probability of overspending may increase. This will ultimately lead to exceeding your credit limit. Thus, you can view your credit card statement at the end of each month to see how close you are to your credit limit.
  • Reminder on credit card bill: At the end of the credit card billing cycle, you get a bill detailing how much you have spent using your credit card. You can see the bill payment due date and make the payment within the stipulated time frame, and you can avoid overlooking or bypassing the last billing date.
  • Detecting Errors and Fraudulent Activity: Regularly reviewing your credit card statement can help you spot any errors or unauthorised charges which could indicate fraudulent activity. If you notice any suspicious transactions, you can quickly report them to your lender and take steps to protect yourself from further fraud.

Online Methods for Obtaining American Express Credit Card Statements

1. Mobile Banking:

You can access the American Express mobile banking service on all your devices, including android and iOs devices. 'Amex MENA' application is launched by American Express, which can help you to control your credit card account in a few steps.

Follow the steps given below to get your American Express credit card statements via mobile banking - 

  • Download'Amex MENA' application on your mobile.
  • Register your card using your card details.
  • Once you have signed in to your account, locate the 'Statements' options on your dashboard.
  • Click on the required option, and you will get access to your credit card statements for the specific period.

2. Online Banking:

Like mobile banking, American Express online banking is easy to use with a user-friendly interface. You can get access to your credit card account via online banking anytime and anywhere.

Mentioned below are the steps to be followed to get your American Express credit card statement via online banking - 

  • Visit the official website of American Express.
  • Click on the 'Login' option on the home page.
  • You will be redirected to the America Express online banking login page, where you will be required to key in the username and password. It is to be noted that the credentials of mobile banking and online banking are the same. 
  • Once you have signed in to your account, you can navigate to the 'Statements' section and obtain the credit card statements. 

You will get an electronic credit card statement with the help of online and mobile banking portals. The main benefit of getting an electronic credit card statement is that you can access it anywhere and anytime with a stable internet connection. In addition, electronic statements can save printing and mailing costs while reducing the environmental impact of paper statements. This online service is free and does not need a bank official's signature because all bank documents downloaded online or through mobile banking already have an authentic digital stamp. 

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Offline Methods for Obtaining American Express Credit Card Statements

You also have the option to view and receive your credit card statement in offline mode. The two main methods for obtaining your credit card e-statement offline are as follows:

1. SMS Alerts:

You can enable mobile and push notifications and get real-time notifications of your transactions. It will help you stay on top of your spending and within your budget. This will also allow you to quickly detect any authorised or fraudulent activity on your account, which can prevent potential losses. 

2. In-person Communication:

You can also go to your nearest American Express branch, approach a concerned bank representative face-to-face, and submit your request. 

3. Customer Care:

As an alternative to the above methods. You can also contact the customer care team of American Express at (+971) 2 5996299 and get the required aid.

How Do I Register my Email Address to Receive E-Statements?

The process of registering your email address to receive American Express e-statements is listed below -

  • Log in to your credit card account online using your username and password via online or mobile banking.
  • Look for an option to enrol in e-statements or paperless statements.
  • Follow the prompts to register your email address for e-statements.
  • Once your email address is verified, you will receive e-statements in your email inbox.

Additionally, you can contact your American Express customer service for assistance enrolling in e-statements if you encounter any issues during registration.

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Is there a charge to get an e-statement for a credit card?

No, the bank does not charge a fee for generating a credit card statement.

Will my credit card statement reflect my past dues?

Yes, your American Express credit card statement will reflect your past dues.

What is the minimum monthly income for the American Express credit card?

Depending on your card, the eligibility criteria, including the minimum salary requirement, differ.

How can I obtain an American Express credit card statement?

You can apply for an American Express credit card statement via the online banking portal, mobile banking, customer care or by visiting your nearest American Express branch.

What documents are required to get an American Express credit card statement?

You need your mobile banking username and password for mobile banking to access your American Express credit card statement. While if you are visiting a branch or connecting to customer care to obtain credit card statements, you have to present valid identity proof to your bank.

Can I get American Express credit card statement depicting the last year's transaction statement?

Generally, the concerned lender generates an American Express credit card statement for a specific period, say 30 or 45 days. To get the statements for the past 365 days, you must contact the bank for clarification.

Can I download the American Express credit card statement?

Yes, the bank provides the option of exporting the credit card statement in PDF format.

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