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As financial institutions understand the rising demands of customers in the UAE, banks are launching credit cards with multiple offerings. Ajman Bank reputed to be the first Islamic bank in the Emirate since its inception in 2007 is one such bank that thrives on innovative incorporations to its credit card plans, especially the cash advance Ajman Bank option.

Other options in Ajman Bank credit card are purchasing products anywhere globally, Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal, nominal annual membership fees as well as predetermined transaction charges. Moreover, Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal limit and various other fees are fully Sharia compliant.

Ajman Bank credit cards are tailored to suit your financial needs so there are different credit card plans for diverse audiences. Once you know the Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal charges for specific cards, you can take full advantage of it inside Emirates and also internationally.

Ajman Bank Credit Card Cash Withdrawal and Charges

When speaking of Ajman Bank credit card withdrawal charges and withdrawal limit, the most significant aspect is to understand the benefits under the particular type of credit card you have opted for as plans differ in rates, charges, and benefits.

When availing this service you will be eligible for paying transaction fees. Besides this, there are several other parameters you must keep in mind before selecting a particular Ajman Bank credit card plan. Check out the complete list of its offerings on our website and finalize as per your requirements.

According to the latest guidelines of Ajman Bank in UAE, these are the standard Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal membership plans, interest, and charges:

Card Type

Yearly Membership Fees

Retail Interest Rate (%)

Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card

AED 200


Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card

AED 300


Ajman Bank Bright Platinum Credit Card

AED 1000


Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card

AED 1500


Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ajman Bank Credit Card

With 5 million credit card holders in the UAE, Ajman Bank became the second largest among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in terms of credit card usage, having 89percent penetration rates. 

Against such a backdrop, advantages like Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal, supplementary cards, and global acceptance play a vital role. Let’s discuss details about more such facilities and the upsides of owning an Ajman Bank credit card:

  • Digitization of services - By using the Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal facility, you can avail yourself of limitless opportunities at the click of a finger in the world of digital banking services.
  • Paperless transactions - Only a credit card user will know the pain behind the piles of unfilled banking documents at the end of a work week. Access paperless processing and hassle-free cash transactions with Ajman Bank credit cards.
  • High credit limit - With Ajman Bank's credit card cash withdrawal benefit, you can avail of cash withdrawal up to 100 percent of the credit limit and cash advance by paying a Cash advance fee to Ajman Bank, both of which are pre-determined by the bank.
  • Convenient repayment - Ajman Bank credit card offers superb flexibility in your credit card repayment cycle. If that wasn’t much, you can pay your credit card bills at your convenient time through the online banking app.
  • Global acceptance - Ajman Bank credit card is one of the most powerful for a convenient banking experience in any part of the globe at any hour of the day.

Some of the disadvantages of using the Ajman Bank credit card are:

  • Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal charges apply for every single transaction.
  • Rates of interest vary for every credit card membership plan.

Ajman Bank Cash Withdrawal Process

For withdrawing cash or utilizing your cash advance Ajman Bank facility, you must visit the nearest ATM and follow this series of steps to complete the cash withdrawal process:

  1. Swipe or dip your Ajman Bank credit card in the card slot
  2. Now, choose your preferred language for options on screen
  3. Enter your Ajman Bank PIN to proceed
  4. After you have entered your PIN, you must choose the ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from the ATM, and hit the ‘Submit’ button

Within seconds of hitting the ‘Submit’ button, your cash will dispense from the ATM. Remember to check Ajman Bank credit card cash withdrawal limit and charges to keep a tab on your transactions.

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