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With technological advancements our financial system is constantly upgrading itself. We don’t need to necessarily rely upon cash, instead, a simple swipe with a credit card can complete the entire transaction process in a matter of seconds. Cashless payment methods like credit cards are the easiest ways to buy or purchase various goods and services, and owning them is simple. To receive its benefits all you have to do is pay a minimum yearly membership fee. 

With credit cards, you can practically buy anything you want from anywhere. You can even withdraw cash from your nearest ATM using a credit card but of course, there is a certain withdrawal limit imposed by every bank.

As a credit cardholder, you can certainly avail multiple benefits of the ADIB credit card in UAE by paying ADIB credit card cash withdrawal charges. Depending on the type of ADIB credit card you will also be eligible to withdraw a certain amount of cash from the ATMs in UAE.

ADIB Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit and Credit Card Charges

Every ADIB credit card has a certain credit limit. Therefore, depending on the ADIB credit card your overall cash withdrawal limit may vary. Not to mention you also have to be aware of the monthly interest rates imposed by the bank on your credit card. 

To avail all the benefits and facilities of the ADIB credit card, you need to pay a cash advance fee to ADIB. You can obtain more information about different types of ADIB credit card cash withdrawal charges through our website and consider the most suitable plan for yourself.

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As per the latest guidelines of ADIB released in May 2022, here are the types of credit cards the bank offers to its customers in UAE:

Card Type

Minimum Salary Requirement

Yearly Membership Fees

Retail Interest Rate (%)

ADIB Etihad Visa Classic Card

AED 5,000

AED 500


ADIB Etihad Visa Platinum Card

AED 10,000

AED 2,000


ADIB Etihad Gold Card

AED 5,000

AED 1,000


ADIB Signature Card

AED 15,000

AED 299


ADIB Infinite Card

AED 30,000

AED 2,000


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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using ADIB Credit Card Withdrawal Facility

The ADIB credit card can not only make your transaction process simpler, but you will also be able to take advantage of numerous benefits associated with the credit card. All these benefits certainly come with ADIB credit card cash withdrawal charges.

Advantages of ADIB Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Get Instant cash with a 100 percent withdrawal limit

Unlike any other banks in UAE, ADIB offers a 100 percent withdrawal limit to their credit card holders. That means you can instantly withdraw money from your credit card and that too, to its full limit.

Cash availability 24*7

ATMs are functional all the time, that means you can conveniently withdraw money whenever you want.

No hassle of paperwork or advance permission

In case of an emergency where you require cash immediately, ADIB credit card withdrawal facility gives you the opportunity to get the money without worrying about complicated paperwork or prior permission.

Disadvantages of ADIB Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

  • Different rates of interest on the ADIB credit card.
  • No availability of interest-free periods.
  • You will need to pay ADIB credit card cash withdrawal charges for every single transaction.

Cash Withdrawal Process Of ADIB Credit Card

If you want to complete ADIB credit card cash withdrawal then you will first need to find an ATM in the vicinity. By following the step-by-step procedure mentioned below you will be able to successfully withdraw money from your ATM:

  1. Insert or swipe the ADIB credit card in the ATM.
  2. Choose your preferred language option from the screen to proceed further.
  3. Now enter your PIN in the ATM.
  4. A menu will open on your ATM screen from which you will have to select the ‘Cash Withdrawal’ option. 
  5. Now enter the desired amount of cash you want to withdraw and then tap the submit button.

If you have successfully finished the above-mentioned steps, then you will be able to receive the money from the ATM. 

Whenever you use an ADIB credit card to withdraw money from the ATM, you will have to pay credit card cash withdrawal charges and the charges may differ according to the type of card you are using.

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