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ADCB is a commercial bank in the UAE offering various comprehensive financial solutions like wealth management, retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, investment banking, and more. The bank is known to offer some of the most affordable credit cards including Infinite credit card, Signature credit card, Betaqi credit card, Etihad Guest Infinite credit card, Etihad Guest Signature credit card, Platinum credit card, traveller credit card, etc.

These cards, offering some of the most attractive discounts and rewards in the UAE, can be easily availed using the online banking mode. This article takes a dive into the details of ADCB credit card online banking. By reading this, you will also discover information regarding how to link your cards to an existing net banking account, its benefits, how to change PINs and passwords, and more. 

How to Register or Create ADCB Credit Card Net Banking Account?

With an ADCB credit card online banking account, checking your credit card balance, making payments, and other tasks can be completed in a simple manner. You can link your credit cards to your ADCB net banking account if you already have one. However, you can register a new net banking account with your credit card in case you are new to ADCB credit card internet banking. 

The steps for registering or linking an ADCB credit card to an online login account are as follows:

For Existing Users

  • Visit the ADCB credit card online banking website and login to your account. 
  • Choose “request” or “service request” from the drop-down menu on the internet banking account page.
  • When the pop-up option opens, select “connect credit card to bank account”.
  • Fill in the information for the credit card you wish to associate with your online banking account. Enter details like your card number, date of birth, registered phone number, and email address.
  • Submit the form after filling it out.
  • An OTP will be sent to the phone number provided by you during the registration process. Select “submit” after entering the OTP in the respective field.
  • Fill out a request form to link your credit card to your online banking account. 

The credit card is normally linked to the online banking service within a day or two of submitting the request form. However, a delay may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

For New Users

You will require an active credit card and a registered mobile number to register for internet banking. If you have these things ready, you can perform the following steps to start the linking process:

  • Visit the official ADCB website and login there.
  • Click on the personal banking option from the pop-up menu and click on register. 
  • You will be directed to a new page where you will need to fill in the details. If you are using your ADCB credit card to register for your net banking account, fill in the relevant card details and create a password for the same. 
  • Agree with the terms and conditions that open up in the new window and click on register. 
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the same in the required field and click on submit. 
  • Once through with this step, you will be directed to the online registration confirmation page. Click on login to activate the account. 

As mentioned earlier, you should use an active ADCB credit card to register for your online banking account. If your credit card is not activated, you should contact the ADCB customer care centre for the same. 

When you are logging into your account for the first time, follow the below-mentioned steps for the ADCB credit card online login account:

  • Provide your card number.
  • Enter the ADCB online banking password. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions available on the page to successfully login. 

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Benefits of Accessing ADCB Credit Card Online

When you access your ADCB credit card with a login account, you can easily pay off your card bills, check the available balance, redeem rewards, and do much more. The most notable advantages of using an ADCB credit card online banking account are listed in detail below:

  1. Check statements for any billing cycle: With ADCB credit card online banking account, you can check your current as well as previous billing statements. You can even choose to go for paperless billing and receive your credit card statements online instead of by post.
  2. Easily check your monthly transactions: Unlike the traditional way of bank statements, you won’t have to wait for the monthly couriers to check for fraudulent transactions. With internet banking, your expenditures will instantly show up on your ADCB credit card login account. Thus, if you regularly monitor your internet banking account, you will be able to locate false transactions easily.
  3. Direct bill payment: ADCB online banking lets you pay the credit card bill directly without any major effort on your part.
  4. Verify the credit card balance regularly: You can double-check your internet banking account to see if any recent transactions have been processed before new purchases. As your online account will display your credit card balance in real-time, you will get a better idea of your finances without calling the call centre to check the balance. 
  5. Redeem your rewards: When you login to the ADCB credit card online banking account, you will be able to check your current and previous reward balance and even redeem the rewards as per your requirements.
  6. Easy reporting of misplaced or stolen credit cards: It can be difficult to report a lost or stolen card as the customer service contact data is often displayed on the card. However, with an ADCB credit card online banking account, you can easily report the theft or loss of your cards. Moreover, you will also be able to apply for a new credit card while blocking the old one. 

For further security, you can also review your account for any payments made with your bank card since it was lost. Any suspicious payments can be reported directly online or via the ADCB Support Centre.

Tip: Whenever you use your online banking account, ensure that it is present on the correct website. It is highly recommended that you should not enter credit card information on a redirected webpage reached by clicking random links, as the website could be a fake one and lead to data theft, eventually causing financial loss. 

Another important thing to ensure here is to avoid using a public computer or an unsecured Wi-Fi network to check your online credit card balance for safety purposes.

ADCB Credit Card Payment Through Net Banking

To pay off your credit card bill easily using the ADCB credit card online login account, you can 

  • Login to the account using your credit card number and password.
  • Select the credit card that you want to make payment for. 
  • Click on ‘make payment’. You can make the minimum payment, full payment, or another amount of your choice. 
  • Enter the desired amount and hit submit to complete the payment. 
  • You will instantly receive a confirmation that your credit card bill is paid. 

Another option for making the payment is via a mobile application, where you can follow these steps:

  • Login to your ADCB mobile app account.
  • On the home menu, select "Credit Card".
  • Select "Make Payment" from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a payment account by selecting "Choose Account" from the drop-down menu.
  • In the “choose amount” option, double-check the amount and modify it if entered incorrectly.
  • Select "Submit" from the drop-down menu and click "Make Payment" afterwards.

Your transaction will be processed immediately and you will be notified via your ADCB mobile application.

ADCB Credit Card Bill Payment - Online & Offline

Changing the ADCB Credit Card PIN via Online Banking

Using your ADCB credit card online banking account, you can alter your credit card ATM PIN as follows:

  • Log in to your online banking account for your ADCB credit card.
  • From the pop-up menu, select "Card" after choosing "Services".
  • Select the Credit Card for which the pin should be changed.
  • You will be taken to a webpage where you can create a new credit card ATM PIN. 
  • Enter and confirm the new 4-digit password that is easy to remember yet complex to estimate for others.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered phone number. Enter the same and press confirm to activate the new PIN.

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How to Change ADCB Bank Credit Card Online Banking Password?

You will be required to change your password if you forget it or are prompted by the bank for the same. Keeping the following steps in mind will make it easy for you to change the password:

  • Visit ADCB bank credit card online login account and enter the current user ID. If you have registered with a credit card, enter the card details like its CVV number, card number, and so on. Press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Click on the “forgot your password” option if you have forgotten the password.
  • Click on “continue with security code”. You will receive a one-time password to confirm your identity on your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the code in the required field. 
  • You will be shifted to a new webpage where you will get to create a new password. Re-enter the password for confirmation and click on “Confirm”.

After resetting your password with these steps, you can easily login to the ADCB online credit card login account.

Elaborated below are some quick facts regarding ADCB Bank Credit Card Online Banking to be clear with even the minor aspects of this feature.

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What are the advantages of ADCB credit card to online banking account?

With ADCB credit card with online banking, you can:

  • Receive credit card instalment plans and register for immediate cash, EPPs, and transfer balance facilities
  • Enquire about your credit card account balance and download statements
  • Pay bill for one or more credit cards
  • Complete basic card services like blocking a stolen card or activating a new one, changing the credit card limit, and more 
What precautions should you take when creating a new PIN for ADCB credit card with online login account?

When creating a new PIN, consider the following points to ensure the safety of your PIN:

  • Ensure that you are the only person present when your credit card gets swiped to decrease the chances of skimming
  • Avoid using your credit card at unauthorised e-retail stores to steer clear of hackers 
  • Use only authentic websites to be assured of secure transactions
  • Regularly check your online statements to detect unauthorised transactions 
  • Don’t share your credit card details with anyone through calls, messages, and mails 
What all transactions can be made using ADCB credit card online banking account?

You can utilise your credit card login account to:

  • Transfer funds
  • Pay credit card bills
  • Avail of e-statements subscription
  • Open a fixed deposit 
  • Apply for credit card balance transfer, loan, personal payment plan, and earn touch points
  • Reset the internet banking password
  • Recharge your mobile prepaid account, Salik, and NOL
  • Register for mobile banking application
  • Check the card transactions for the last billing cycle
Why should you create a credit card PIN using ADCB online credit card login account?

As creating a credit card PIN with an online account is convenient and requires minimal effort (unlike visiting an ATM in person), you can opt for this method and create a credit card PIN. 

Besides ADCB credit card online banking, what are other ways to pay off the credit card bills?

ADCB offers both online and offline modes of payments to pay off credit card bills, with the other methods including cash payment, cheques, UAEFTs, AutoPay, and Phone Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, EWallet, PayBy, and more).


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