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Credit card is one of the best financial tools that provide its user the flexibility to make transaction within the credit limit offered by the provider bank. Not only this plastic card enables the user to make cashless payments but also credit cards in Saudi Arabia come with a wide range of benefits catering to different types of lifestyle and financial requirements of its users. Being a flexible yet convenient payment method, it is packed with exclusive perks and rewards depending on the credit card chosen by the customer.

Compare Credit Cards in Saudi Arabia  

Finding a right credit card can be a quite confusing task especially for new users as there are a wide range of credit cards available in the Saudi Arabia. Each credit card comes with its own set of advantages & disadvantages. Also, financial appetite and priorities may vary from person to person. That is why, it is quite imperative to compare credit cards in Saudi Arabia.

To help you in this, below we have mentioned some key points that need to be considered before choosing the best credit card in Saudi Arabia for you:

  • Interest Rate: One of the most important features is the interest rate while applying for a credit card in Saudi Arabia. You must compare interest rate on different Saudi Arabia credit cards and opt for a credit card that offers a low interest rate so that it won’t affect any of your financial plans in the future.
  • Other Fees & Charges: Each credit card levy some compulsory fees and charges such as annual membership fee, late payment fee, over limit fee, etc. that the card member has to bear. You must go through the fine print carefully so that you are fully aware of the charges applicable to the respective credit card.
  • Minimum Monthly Income: There is a minimum monthly income slab for each card, so before you apply for credit card in Saudi Arabia, you must go through the minimum income requirement and select the card as per your monthly income.
  • Benefits & Rewards: Each credit card in Saudi Arabia come with its own set of benefits and rewards which add up an additional benefit while buying goods or services using that card. In such case, you must compare credit cards in Saudi Arabia which would provide you the maximum rewards and benefits as per your lifestyle needs.

Since there are numerous categories of credit cards in Saudi Arabia, it is quite difficult to select the best card for you. Here is a list of top 5 credit cards available in Saudi Arabia:

Bank Credit Card Name Annual Membership fee (in SAR) Minimum Monthly Salary (in SAR)
FAB Bank FAB World Credit Card 0 25,000
SABB SABB Titanium MasterCard Credit Card 420 8,000
Riyad Bank Riyad Bank Visa Signature Credit Card 750 3,000
American Express The American Express Blue Credit Card 200 10,000
Banque Saudi Fransi Banque Saudi Fransi MasterCard Platinum Credit Card 600 3500
  • Welcome Bonus: Many banks in Saudi Arabia offer a signup/welcome bonus to new credit card applicants once the card is issued to them in terms of discounts, vouchers, and reward points.
  • Cash back Offers: Many credit cards in Saudi Arabia offer guaranteed cash back to its users upon making a payment using the respective card.
  • Reward Program: Generally, the majority of the credit cards come with a reward program that enable the card members to earn reward points on each transaction they making using the card.
  • Lifestyle Benefits: Many Saudi Arabia credit cards offer exclusive lifestyle benefits right from shopping and dining to entertainment and wellness to meet the need of its customers.
  • Travel Privileges: Travel privileges of credit card include free airport lounge access, air miles, airline offers, free hotel stays, car rental, travel insurance etc.

The eligibility criteria of Saudi Arabia credit cards are based on several factors. Following are the primary eligibility criteria to apply for credit card in Saudi Arabia:

Eligibility Criteria Requirement
Nationality Saudi National
Age 18 years
Income Varies from one bank to another
Employment Status Self-employed or Salaried Individual
Credit Score Good Credit Score (700 & above)