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Credit cards are synonymous with convenience as they make our lives so much easier. It is therefore one of the most efficient financial tools available in the market that makes everyday purchases a hassle- free business. They not only replace the need for carrying a heavy wallet around but they also make payments quick, so no more standing in long queues. 

However, credit cards have many more benefits like rewards points and cash back, travel miles and so much more. Several banks across Bahrain offer cars that come with the best credit card offers in Bahrain to make the deal even sweeter. Let us dig deeper into the fascinating world of all that credit cards in Bahrain have to offer.

Compare Credit Cards in Bahrain  

Banks in Bahrain offer multitudes of credit cards and therefore it becomes extremely important to compare credit cards before applying for one that suits your requirements most aptly. Different cards come with different sets of benefits and features. While some credit cards might be free, meaning they come with no membership cost, there might be some cards that do charge a nominal annual fee. Henceforth, before one does apply for credit card in Bahrain, it is best to weigh in the several advantages and disadvantages associated with each card.

Compare credit cards in Bahrain from the comfort of your house as the digitalized world makes comparisons online super easy, helping one narrow down on the credit card that is ideal for them. Mentioned below are some of the primary factors one must consider before choosing their perfect card:

  • Rate of Interest: Bahrain credit cards come at lucrative interest rates that are used by credit card companies to captivate their customers. Low interest rate on a credit card is important so as to not burden one’s budget. As a result, every applicant should carefully compare the different credit cards available in the market to find the one with the lowest rate of interest.
  • Minimum Salary Requirement: In order to apply for a credit card in Bahrain, there are some eligibility criteria one has to meet. These eligibility rules are set by each bank and among these minimum salary requirement is a primary criterion. Most credit cards in Bahrain come with a minimum income requirement of BHD 3,000.
  • Other Charges and Fees: There are certain compulsory charges that are levied upon the cardholders. It is, therefore, necessary to go through the fine print to fully understand the different fees and charges added to your credit card bill each month before your credit card application in Bahrain.
  • Benefits and Rewards: The best credit card in Bahrain is surely the one that offers the most rewards and benefits. Check the different rewards offered by each card before going ahead with the application process for a credit card in Bahrain. Choose a credit card that comes loaded with benefits but at the same time pick one that comes with benefits that best meet your requirements.
Bank Credit Card Name Minimum Salary Requirement Annual Fee
BISB Gold MasterCard BHD 3,000 BHD 1,500
BISB Titanium MasterCard BHD 3,000   BHD 3,000
BISB  Gold Visa Card BHD 3,000   BHD 1,500
Al Baraka Islamic Bank Gold Credit Card BHD 250 BHD 0
Al Salam Bank Jiwan Credit card BHD 300 BHD 0
BISB  Visa Platinum Card BHD 3,000 BHD 0
Citi Bank  Citi Premier Card BHD 1,000 BHD 50
Citi Bank Citi Rewards Card BHD 300 BHD 25
AUB Platinum Credit Card BHD 3,000 BHD 0

Mentioned underneath are some of the primary features of the credit cards available in Bahrain. The applicants should be making credit card comparisons on the basis of the following factors & benefits:

  • The Annual Membership Fees: An annual membership fee is charged for utilizing the credit cards. The many rewards and benefits of a card can be availed after paying the annual fees.Usually, a higher credit limit means one has to pay more as a membership fee. But certain companies offer credit cards in Bahrain without any annual fees. These are credit cards that are popularly known as fee-free cards. 
  • The Credit Limit: This feature is an essential factor that needs to be considered before applying for a credit card in Bahrain. The credit limit is defined as the maximum amount of money a cardholder spends by using this card. This limit differs depending upon the bank and the card chosen.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate: This is the rate of interest charged on the amount the cardholder will pay once the card has hit the expiry of the grace period. Not clearing dues during this grace period marks the cardholder as a defaulter. But it has more consequences like, increasing the annual percentage rate. Some credit card companies charge a variable annual percentage rate. This means the annual percentage rate changes every few years however, the cardholder will be informed of the change by the bank. 
  • The Grace Period: The grace period of a credit card will be mentioned on the credit documents. This grace period is the time duration that is given to the cardholder for paying back their dues to the credit card company. Not abiding by the payment date entails the cardholder being declared a defaulter as well as making them liable for paying hefty fines and/or an higher rate of interest.
  • The Offered Benefits: Credit cards in Bahrain come bearing magnificent benefits. These benefits are provided by participating in loyalty programs. Under such programs, the cardholder is eligible to earning points every time they utilize their card to make a purchase. These points are redeemable for cash back as well as amazing rewards as per the terms and conditions of the credit card policy.