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A credit card brings a lot of expectations to the users. People seem to think that credit cards can magically make their financial woes disappear. They start conjuring up scenarios on how and where they can use their credit cards.

However, reality can be a bit different. Credit card is not a child’s play. It is a responsibility. It is no secret that the misuse of the credit card has often led to trouble.

So, we are going to discuss the expectations and the reality of having a credit card.

Expectation: Now that you finally have a credit card in your hand, you might feel free. You have financial independence now, or at least that’s what you think.

Reality: The reality of the credit card is a bit anti-climactic than expected.

Expectation: You expect to be careful with your expenses. You feel that you can manage your expenses better when you have a credit card in your hand.

Reality: In reality, managing your credit card can be a bit harder than expected. After all, it can be harder to stop yourself from buying everything that you like. Having a plastic card might cause you to overspend, without being consciously aware of your expenditures.

Expectation: Every time you dine out with your friends, you hope to pay your half with the plastic card. The bills will be equally distributed between you and your friends, at least that’s what you are expecting.

Reality: Since you have a credit card now, your friends expect you to pay the bill in whole. In which case, you might end up spending much more than you expected in the past.

Expectation: With the help of your credit card, you can finally move out of your less-than-pleasant apartment.

Reality: You still earn the same amount of salary. A credit card doesn’t increase your salary. Your less-than-pleasant apartment will seem much more pleasant now.

Expectation: You can finally buy an expensive VR game.

Reality: Your daily expenses have quickly caught on to your credit limit. Maybe you can buy the VR game next time.

Expectation: You can finally upgrade your lifestyle.

Reality: You have managed to get into debt due to the misuse of your credit card.

Expectation: You can splurge with your credit card

Reality: Splurging is not easy, especially when the bills are piling up.

Expectation: You finally have a credit card. You share a picture of it to the world, after all, they will be Excited for you.

Reality: You have become a victim of the identity card. Turns out, the thief is also excited that you got your credit card.

Over to you

There is no doubt that credit cards can be very different from your expectations. The fact remains that everything has its pros and cons. If you are not careful enough, you can turn into a victim of credit card fraud or easily get into debt. However, if used wisely, you can turn the credit card into a useful asset.

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