Credit Card Bill Payment Online & Offline in UAE - Know All Methods & Procedure

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A credit card expands your financial reach by allowing you to pay for purchases later. A credit card not only enhances your shopping experience but also contributes to shaping your reputation and credibility as a borrower in the UAE. Paying your credit card bill timely boosts your credit score and helps you in increasing your credit limit in the UAE. 

What is UAEFTS ?

UAEFTS stands for United Arab Emirates Funds Transfer System. This system is a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system anchored by the Central Bank of UAE which facilitates the transfer of funds from one bank in the UAE to another via UAE’s central bank system. The system requires banks in the UAE to shift from SWIFT financial message to a file-based settlement system enabling efficient processing of AED payments. 

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How UAEFTS works in UAE ?

When you submit a request for fund transfer using RTGS, your request is immediately queued for action in the system. The transfer is processed and finally settled in real-time. You can review the status of your request throughout business hours. Once, your payment request is processed, all the concerned parties i.e. the payer and the payee receive a notification. 

Features of UAEFTS in UAE ?

  • Complete Straight-through processing (STP) support
  • Clearly defined message formats
  • Supports multi-currency including USD and EUR
  • Debit confirmation and credit notification for every financial transfer

Pay Your Credit Card Bill through UAEFTS in UAE ?

According to the norms in the UAE, all banks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the UAE accept payments through UAEFTS. In case you need to make a credit card payment offline but you are unable to visit your bank, your bank allows you to pay through an exchange house. Visit the nearest exchange house which facilitates credit card payments. For instance, ADCB, Emirates NBD, CitiBank, Mashreq Bank, RAKBANK, and others allow their credit card users to pay through exchange houses. Please note that the bank may charge you an additional fee for paying through an exchange house. 

Credit Card Payment Options in UAE

There are broadly two platforms to pay your credit card bills: Offline and Online

Method to Pay Credit Card Payment Offline in UAE

Offline payment is a traditional method of paying your credit card bills in the UAE. This method requires you to visit your credit card bank branch to pay the bill. To pay offline, you can use the following methods:

Credit Card Payment by Cheque

To pay through cheque:

  • Fill in the name of the credit card company along with your credit card number.
  • Specify the amount.
  • Write your account number and contact number behind your cheque
  • Attach the deposit slip where you have specified your name, credit card details, cheque number, account number, and amount
  • Attach the deposit slip with a cheque.

You can choose to visit the bank and deposit the cheque or mail the cheque to the bank. The bank will clear your payment via the Image Cheque Clearing System (ICCS).

Please note that some banks may not accept payment in cheque and you may require to pay in cash or using online methods.

Credit Card Payment by Cash

Paying your credit card bill using cash used to be the most preferable method. All you need to do is visit the bank and deposit the money in Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

Even though paying offline requires you to travel, this is believed to be a safe way of paying your bill.

Method to Pay Credit Card Payment Online in UAE

There was a time when the offline mode was the safest and the most preferred method of paying credit card bills. However, with the increasing accessibility and improvement of technology, the online mode of paying has replaced the offline method of paying. An online mode of payment allows you to pay your credit card bill from your home, office, or anywhere in the world, without visiting the bank. There are several methods available in the UAE to make your credit card payment online:

  • Direct Debit
  • Online Payment
  • Payments using Wallet App such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, and others
  • Credit card to credit card payment

Credit Card Payment by Direct Debit

There are times when you may forget to pay your credit card bills. This will not only attract penalties but also hampers your credit Score. To avoid late payments, many credit card providers offer a direct debit facility. This facility enables you to connect your credit card payment cycle to your account balance. When the due date arrives, your credit card company automatically deducts the outstanding amount from your bank account. This facility gives you peace of mind and allows you to forget about payment dates.

Credit Card Payment by Online Payment

You can also make your credit card bill payments through your mobile banking app. All you need to do is open your banking app, choose the card you want to pay. Enter the amount and the payment will be made. In case your credit card and bank account are in different banks, you can set up a credit card payment option or transfer the balance from one bank account to the other and then pay.

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Top 10 Banks in the UAE offering the UAEFTS payment facility

The top 10 banks in the UAE which offer the UAEFTS payment facility are:

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • CitiBank
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Deem
  • Emirates NBD Bank
  • FAB Bank
  • Mashreq Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank (since this was the last bank on the list I have added it. Please check it once. I could not find the link for exchange house or UAEFTS payment for this bank)

How To Make Credit Card Payments Using wallet App

Banks in the UAE let you make Credit Card payments using Wallet apps. Connecting your bank account to the Phone wallet is a safe method of paying your bills and transferring the amount to a payee within a few minutes. There are several popular wallet apps which you might consider for making credit card bill payments:

  • Apple Pay
  • EWallet
  • Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and Klip
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • Samsung Pay

Credit Card Bill Payment by Apple Pay

Apple Pay phone wallet is compatible with only Apple product users. Since it is a secluded payment app, the traffic on the platform is comparatively less and the payments are made quickly. Apple users can make their credit card bill payments following these simple steps:

  • Download the app from the apple store
  • Login to your registered apple account
  • Input your debit card details
  • Add your card to the online wallet
  • Open the Apple Pay app
  • Add the credit card details
  • Choose pay now
  • Select amount
  • Enter pin and the payment will be made


Credit Card Bill Payment by EWallet

EWallet is the “first UAE Central Bank licensed” wallet which allows you to make a credit card payment online. Follow these instructions to make the payment:

  • Download the app from the apple store or google store
  • Register your ID
  • Enter your account details
  • Add card and card details
  • Select the pay now option
  • Make credit card payment

Credit Card Bill Payment by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and Klip

Sixteen national banks have partnered with Emirates Digital Wallet LLC. To make credit card bill payment using Emirates Digital Wallet download the app from EDW or the bank which allows the payment using this phone wallet app.

Credit Card Bill Payment by Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the most popular phone wallet app used around the world. To use google pay download the app from the Google store. Register the account and card details on you’re google pay account and pay for your credit card bill.

Credit Card Bill Payment by PayBy

PayBy phone wallet services were first enabled by Abu Dhabi Bank. To use PayBy for making your credit card payments, download the app from Google store, apple store, or HUAWEI App Gallery.

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How to do Credit Card to Credit Card Payment in UAE

While paying for one credit card from another gives you more time to repay your credit card bills, it is not a bright idea. The banks usually do not prefer receiving credit card payments from another credit card to prevent the risk of fraud. Besides, only a few cards provide you the facility of paying for your credit card using another credit card. However, if it is required there are two methods of paying:

By Cash

You can borrow cash using a credit card to pay your other credit card bill via cash deposit. However, your ATM bank may charge you extra for borrowing cash.

By Balance transfer

Instead of using one credit card to pay for the other, you should rather transfer the balance of one credit card to the other. This transfer of debt is called a balance transfer. It is a more professional method of transferring the debt on your credit card. To avail of this facility, contact your card issuer of the card where you want to transfer the debt. The card issuer will require your card details like card number, account number, the amount that needs to be transferred. Your card provider will then pay for the credit card and the transacted amount is transferred to another credit card. The bank will also charge you a processing fee.

You can use these methods to make your credit card bill payments online or offline for these credit cards:

  • ADCB Credit Card 
  • Fab Credit Card 
  • Emirates NBD Credit card
  • Deem Credit Card
  • Mashreq credit card 
  • Rak Bank Credit Card 
  • Citibank Credit Card 
  • ADIB credit card 
  • CBD Credit Card 
  • Standard Chartered Credit Card

Other Banks Credit Card Bill Payment in UAE

Other Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Process
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List of Top 10 Bank Offers Credit Cards in UAE 

Bank Credit Cards
Deem Finance Credit Cards ADIB Credit Cards
ADCB Credit Cards Sharjah Islamic Bank Credit Cards
Citibank Credit Cards Dubai Islamic Bank Credit Cards
Emirates NBD Credit Cards FAB Credit Cards
Commercial Bank of Dubai Credit Cards  

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