Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai, commonly known as CBD bank is the 7th largest bank in the UAE, considering its asset capital. Established in 1969, CBD is headquartered in Dubai and serves UAE citizens across the country through a network of branches.  The bank is popular for its innovative products and simplified services. Among its product and services, it offers personal, business and corporate bank account, deposit schemes, investment banking, and credit and loan services.

In addition, the bank offers numerous ways of opening a bank account via online and offline channels. With lenient criteria and low banking services charges, CBD bank is a preferable choice for banking in the UAE.  Read the article below to know various products and services offered by the bank.

Best Banking Products
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    Bank Account
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    Credit card

Products and Services Offered by the Commercial Bank of Dubai

Following is the summary of products and services that the bank offers.

CBD Accounts CBD Savings CBD Deposits Loans Loan Tools Credit Cards Tasaheel Al Etihad Credit Bureau General Insurance
Life Insurance & Saving Plans  Safe Deposit Domestic Transfer International Transfer Instant Remittances Banking Ways Deals and Offers CBD Investr CBD Frxtradr

Online and Offline Features of the CBD Bank

CBD Bank offers a host of feature on it products and services. From online banking to insurance coverage, the bank offers unique benefits. Here are the online and offline features of Commercial Bank of Dubai. 

Online Features Offline Features
Wide Range of Credit Cards and Accounts to choose from. CBD branches are available almost anywhere.
General and Life Insurance Coverage -
Novel Investment Solutions via CBD Investr and CBD Frxtradr -

Commercial Bank of Dubai Offerings

Following is the list products offered by Commercial Bank of Dubai. 

Products offered by CBD
CBD Accounts CBD Digi Accounts with Smiles
CBD Digi Account
Current Account
Foreign Currency Account
Savings Account
Esaver Account
CBD Savings Mustaqbali Savings Scheme
Mutual Funds
CBD Financial Services
CBD Deposits Step-up CBD Elite
Step-up Time Deposit
Bonus Booster Deposit
Premium Saver Deposit
Time Deposit
Unit Time Deposit
Loans Personal Loans
Tamweel Car Loans
Mortgage Loans
Loan Against Fixed Deposit
National Loan Scheme
Digi Personal Loan
Loan Tools Personal Loan Calculator
Mortgage Loan Calculator
Credit Cards World Mastercard Credit Card
Super Saver Credit Card
CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card
CBD Smiles Visa Platinum Credit Card
Visa Infinite Credit Card
Visa Signature Credit Card
Visa Platinum Credit Card
Credit Shield
SNB Migrated Credit Cards
Tasaheel -
Al Etihad Credit Bureau -
General Insurance Care Plus Coverage
WomenCare Coverage
Travel Insurance Coverage
Life Style Protection Plus Coverage
International Term Plan Coverage
Life Insurance & Savings Plans FutureInvest Coverage
Life Care Coverage
COVID-19 Cover for BANCA policies
EduCare Plan
Smart Pension Plan
Smart Save Plan
Safe Deposit Aman Safe Deposit
Transfers Domestic Transfers
International Transfers
Instant Remittances
Banking Ways Mobile Banking
Online Banking
SMS Banking
Phone Banking
CBD Wallet
Alternative Payment Options
Digital Services
Deals and Offers CBD Rewards
CASA Win Flights Home
3x Salary
Digi Scholar Campaign
CBD Investr -
CBD Fxtradr -

Types of CBD Bank Accounts

1. CBD Digi Accounts with Smiles

Simply download the CBD Mobile application and set up your new CBD Digi Accounts with Smiles in less than 10 minutes using EMIRATES ID. It offers numerous features including zero minimum balance requirement for new customers, free debit card, and free remittances. Moreover, you earn smile points on all transactions with the account, making your banking experience extra rewarding.

2. CBD Digi Account

CBD allows you to open an account instantly with your Emirates ID within minutes through the CBD Mobile app. You can then begin making payments and receive transfers instantly — with no minimum balance. CBD also makes money transfers a breeze by allowing you free remittances and ATM withdrawals from CBD ATMs across the country.

3. Current Account

CBD's current account gives you the flexibility to perform multiple transaction per day. These accounts are suitable for self-employed individuals who need to perform numerous transactions for their trade and business.  The features include services such as eStatements, payment services, SMS alerts, and overdraft facilities.

4. Foreign Currency Account

In today's globalised economy foreign currency accounts are as necessary as your everyday accounts, especially If you are an ex-pat in the UAE. CBD makes it easy for you to manage your foreign currency account with the CBD Mobile App that allows you to open and fund an account, view balances, contact their customer service and everything in between.

5. Savings Account

CBD gives you the opportunity to lock in those attractive savings rates from your preferred currency with it’s savings account. Simply create an account and you'll be rewarded with attractive returns.

6. Esaver Account

Esaver offers you an interest rate of up to 1.5% per month. You open an account with CBD, deposit your money and then wait for interest. There is no account maintenance charges or balance requirement. 

Types of CBD Savings Schemes

1. Mustaqbali Savings Scheme

In an attempt to give our future generation a decent start, CBD created something unique - Mustaqbali Savings Scheme. The earlier you invest for your child; the better future you can ensure. So start investing a small amount every month and watch your child’s savings grow into something big!!

2. Mutual Funds

CBD Mutual Funds - The motive behind mutual fund investment is to create wealth by making wise investment and generating long-term returns. You can choose from a wide range of mutual funds schemes based on your goals, investment profile and risk appetite.

3. CBD Financial Services

CBD financial services can help you diversify your stock portfolio and invest in the best sectors of the Dubai Financial Market. Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced trader, CBD Financial Services assists you according to your risk appetite and financial goal.

Types of CBD Deposits Schemes

1. Step-up CBD Elite

With the Step-up Elite deposit option, you receive up to 0.85% interest rates per year on your invested amount. Simply dedicate to saving funds for a full year and, you will earn guaranteed returns and rates.

2. Step-up Time Deposit

It's hard to plan for the future, and even harder to decide how to invest when you're trying to account for things like inflation and return on investment.  However, CBD Bank helps you planning your investments to maximise your returns. Step-Up Time Deposit from CBD provides rates up to 1.4% that is fixed on a term of 720 days, allowing you to plan for the long-term.

3. Bonus Booster Deposit

Bonus Booster accounts help you generate a larger return over the period offering higher interest rates and safer investment. If you begin saving funds with the CBD Bonus Booster Deposit Plan of 1,000 AED and deposit an amount every month for 36 months, you will earn up to 8.25% overall return at the conclusion of the term.  

4. Premium Saver Deposit

Premium Saver Deposit Plan can help you build up your savings without any effort. The bank deposits a certain amount of money into your account every month with a minimum amount of 5,000 AED. CBD will offer you an overall return of up to 1.40% interest rate. 

5. Time Deposit

Tenure options ranging from 7 to 60 days – with competitive interest rates and a choice of terms, CBD Time Deposit offers you a safe and flexible way to manage your savings or surplus funds.

6. Unit Time Deposit

A single deposit broken into different units, the Unit Time Deposit is a product that is actually designed to provide you with maximum freedom while also providing higher profits.

Types of CBD Loans

1. Personal Loans

You can achieve all your financial needs with a CBD personal loan. If you have a decent credit record, you can get a personal loan at competitive rates and pay it off in regular instalments over a flexible repayment tenure.

2. Tamweel Car Loans

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of driving your own car. Tamweel Car Loans makes it easier than ever to finance your vehicle with an easy approved car loan.

3. Mortgage Loans

Wanting to buy your own home but need a mortgage? Well, look no further. 

Visit Home Loans page at and claim your CBD Mortage Loan. You will get your CBD Mortgage pre-approval in just a few minutes and have the lowest available interest rates. 

4. Loan Against Fixed Deposit

You can receive cash for your immediate financial needs without having to liquidate your Fixed Deposit with CBD Fixed Deposit Loan against Deposit.  You can borrow up to 90% of the total balance in FD or a maximum of 20 million AED. Moreover, you don’t require a guarantor or collateral to acquire a loan against fixed your deposit. 

5. National Loan Scheme

CBD is devoted to assisting UAE nationals with debt management. As a result, CBD is glad to participate in the Central Bank's National Loans Scheme initiative. This initiative is designed to help UAE nationals reduce their financial burden. 

6. Digi Personal Loan

CBD Digi personal loan is a finance solution that gives you instant access to funds and simple applications on your mobile device. Approved through Emirates ID without anyother documentation.  The wide range of creative repayment plans and competitive interest rates offered can help you find a personal loan that works for you.

CBD Loan Calculator Tools

1. Personal Loan Calculator

With the aid of CBD Finance Group's Easy 3-Step Personal Loan Calculator, you can plan your finances better. This calculator walks you through 3 simple steps: Select loan amount, input savings and income and choose the loan duration. It is totally free and available for all applicants.

2. Mortgage Loan Calculator

Plan for your mortgage. CBD Mortgage Loan Calculator helps you determine how much you can afford in terms of home price and monthly payment.

Type of CBD Credit Cards

1. World Mastercard Credit Card

CBD World Mastercard credit card is a premium card that offers a range financial benefits on shopping, lifestyle, entertainment, and travel benefits. Following are the key features of CBD World Mastercard credit cards in the UAE


  • Premium Rewards Program
  • CBD Rewards for every Dirham Spent.
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Fraud Protection

2. Super Saver Credit Card

As the name suggests, Super Saver credit card is affordable and comes with no annual fee for the first year. You get numerous shopping and loyalty benefits on CBD super Saver credit card. Here are the key benefits of Super Saver credit cards in the UAE.  


  • First-year annual charges waived
  • Exclusive deals and offers
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Fraud Protection

3. CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card

CBD Smiles Visa Signature Credit Card offers numerous deals on shopping and travel expenses. In addition you get loyalty bonus when you sign up for the card. Here are a few features and benefits of CBD Smiles Visa Signature credit card in the UAE. 


  • 10000 Smiles Welcome Bonus
  • Receive up to 10 smiles on every purchase
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Exclusive deals and offers

4. CBD Smiles Visa Platinum Credit Card

CBD Smiles Visa Platinum credit card is another card that offer attractive loyalty points and benefits on lifestyle, travel and shopping expenses. Following are a few benefits of CBD Smiles Visa Platinum credit card. 


  • Welcome Bonus worth over 2500 AED
  • Receive up to 5 smiles on every purchase
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Exclusive deals and offers

5. Visa Infinite Credit Card

CBD Visa Infinite credit card is a flagship credit card from the bank and is loaded with a wide range of privileges on all shopping, travel, entertainment and lifestyle expenses. As a cardholder, you also get loyalty rewards that you can redeem and avail yourself of additional discounts. Following are a few benefits of CBD Visa Infinite credit card.


  • Complimentary Travel Coverage and Purchase Protection
  • CBD Rewards for every Dirham Spent.
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Fraud Protection

6. Visa Signature Credit Card

CBD Visa Signature credit card offers numerous benefits to the cardholder on each and every car expense. You don’t need to pay any annual fee for the first year making it affordable for you. Some key benefits of CBD Visa Signature credit card are mentioned below. 


  • First-year annual charges waived
  • Premium Rewards Program
  • CBD Rewards for every Dirham Spent.
  • Airport Lounge Access

7. Visa Platinum Credit Card

CBD Visa Platinum credit card is affordable and easy to acquire with lenient eligibility criteria. The card doesn’t include any annual charges and offer loyalty benefits on every credit card expense.  Following are the key benefits of CBD Visa Platinum credit card. 


  • Annual charges waived
  • Premium Rewards Program
  • CBD Rewards for every Dirham Spent.
  • Complimentary Travel Coverage and Purchase Protection

CBD Tasaheel

The Overdraft facility of CBA provides you with the perfect overdraft solution to meet unexpected expenses and emergencies in a very easy and convenient way. As a result, you can expect much better financial flexibility.

1. Al Etihad Credit Bureau

Your credit score is an important reflection of your creditworthiness. With a healthy credit history, you get to enjoy more opportunities and financial privileges. Get to know your credit score and manage your financial obligations better with Al Etihad Credit Bureau.

Types of CBD General Insurance

1. Care Plus Coverage

CBD Care Plus Coverage is a typically a critical illness cover that offers coverage against 37 critical illnesses. Along with worldwide coverage, the bank also offers numerous other benefits as mentioned below.  


  • Comprehensive Coverage with 37 covered illnesses
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Guaranteed Renewal
  • Lump Sum Payout after 28 days of Disease Diagnosis
  • No medicals required

2. WomenCare Coverage

It is special plan that focuses on securing women comprehensively. You get coverage against numerous female specific illnesses including worldwide coverage. Here are a few benefits of WomenCare Coverage. 


  • Comprehensive Coverage with specific female illness
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Simple documentation and processing procedures
  • Lump Sum Payout after 28 days of Disease Diagnosis

3. Travel Insurance Coverage

CBD Travel Insurance Cover offers comprehensive protection to you and your belonging during a domestic or an international trip. Here are a few features of CBD travel insurance plan. 


  • Affordably priced global coverage
  • All solutions are Schengen visa friendly
  • The yearly multi-trip coverage allows for unlimited trips.
  • Professional multilingual support and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

4. LifeStyle Protection Plus Coverage

Lifestyle Protection Plan offers security in case of job losses so that you can maintain your current lifestyle by replacing your salary until you find another job. Here are a few benefits of LifeStyle Protection Plus cover.  


  • Due to the involuntary loss of work, essential funds are provided.
  • Compensation for a better way of life in the event of an unfortunate death due to an accident or illness
  • No medicals required.
  • Enrollment over the phone is quick and simple.

5. International Term Plan Coverage

Term plan coverage from CBD bank are affordable and offer a comprehensive life protection including security against critical illnesses. Following are a few benefits of CBD International Term Plan in the UAE. 


  • Comprehensive Coverage with critical illnesses covered
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Key-man Insurance Coverage
  • Non-Medical Limits up to 2.5 million AED

Types of CBD Life Insurance & Savings Plans

1. FutureInvest Coverage

It is a type of whole life insurance that also accumulates a cash value and pays you after a certain tenure based on your requirements. Following are the benefits of FutureInvest Coverage. 


  • Lifetime Coverage with up to the age of 101 years 
  • Investment in a diversified class of assets
  • Choose the tenure, premium and coverage that suits you.
  • Variety of additional benefits and add-ons to choose from.

2. Life Care Coverage

It is also a whole life insurance with a cash value component and pay you a regular income or a lumpsum payment after a set tenure. The cover provides life secure for age up to 99 years. Here are a few benefits of CBD Life care coverage. 


  • Lifetime Coverage with up to the age of 99 years 
  • Investment in a diversified class of assets
  • Choose the plan that suits your investment strategy, requirement and budget.
  • Variety of additional benefits and add-ons to choose from.

3. COVID-19 Cover for BANCA policies

CBD also offers a range of Covid-19 cover through various life insurance plans. Here are a few benefits of covid 19 cover. 


  • Endowment Plans with guaranteed maturity and non-medical limitation up to 1.47 Million AED.
  • ULIP Plans with non-medical limitations up to 1.84 Million AED.
  • Online Critical Illness Plans with a sum assured up to 350,000 AED.
  • Orient International Term Policy with on-spot coverage of up to 2,50,000 AED.

4. EduCare Plan

CDB EduCare plan is specially designed to for your child education. The amount that you invest today accrues considerable interest to beat the inflation and pay for your child’s higher education. Following are the key benefits of EduCare plan in the UAE. 


  • Financial security against unanticipated events, as well as a savings program
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Your family would be able to manage financially in case of your unfortunate death
  • Variety of additional benefits and add-ons to choose from

5. Smart Pension Plan

CBD Smart Pension Plan offers salary replacement after retirement for a period of up to 20 years. It offers worldwide coverage and, you can customise the plan based on your requirements. Here are the key benefits of Smart Pension plan. 


  • Income in USD on a consistent basis for up to 20 years
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Earn excellent loyalty bonuses through continuous investment
  • Variety of additional benefits and add-ons to choose from

6. Smart Save Plan

CBD Smart Save plan grows your funds over the period and also provides security against mishaps. The bank also offers easy customisations through various add-ons. Following are a few benefits of Smart Saver Plans. 


  • Financial security against unanticipated events, as well as a savings program
  • Best performing fund managers identified from a diverse variety of fund types
  • Choose the tenure, premium and coverage that suits you.
  • Variety of additional benefits and add-ons to choose from.

CBD Safe Deposits

1. Amaan Safe Deposit

Aman Safe Deposit offers you a safe and secure place to store your valuables,  whilst you enjoy the day at hand. With security features that rival most bank safe deposit boxes and an affordable price point, CBD provides their customers with the ultimate peace of mind.

Types of CBD Transfers

1. Domestic Transfers

CBD Domestic transfer is the quickest and the most convenient way to make transfers when you need to make instant transactions. The service allows you to transfer funds quickly from your account to any bank account in the UAE or even schedule future transactions with beneficiaries through standing instructions.

2. International Transfers

CBD can help you save time and worry, so you can focus on other important things. With international bank transfers, you can send money to your home country. Set up and arrange regular payments to recipient accounts for recurring transactions, or transfer funds whenever it is most appropriate for you.

3. Instant Remittances

CBD Remit offers competitive rates on international remittance services. Whether you need to send money home to your family, friends and loved ones or for any other purpose, we have the best money transfer solution for you. It's as easy as logging into the app or website, entering your credentials, and transferring funds!

Ways of Banking with Commercial Bank of Dubai

1. Mobile Banking

With CBD Mobile’s flexible, mobile banking services available 24/7 on your smartphone and tablet, tracking your finances has never been easier or more convenient.

2. Online Banking

Wth CBD Online Banking facility, you can access and manage your funds conveniently anywhere round the clock. The online banking feature offer immense security and easy of availing of various banking services. 

3. SMS Banking

CBD offers a convenient SMS banking service that enables you to receive periodic reports and alerts on your account transactions as well as request payment updates from your mobile phone. It is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to manage your money via your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

4. Phone Banking

Banking on the phone is easy with the CBD phone banking service.  You can manage your accounts  at your convenience. Enjoy the freedom of having instant access to your accounts from any location, at any time and get in touch with the bank 

5. CBD Wallet

CBD wallet is your 'Cash Online' account – a banking alternative where you can deposit funds online and use them to pay for online government agencies or private services. It eliminates the need for bank cards and other traditional methods of payment.

6. Alternative Payment Options

You can now add your CBD cards to alternative payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. All you need is a smartphone, download the app and follow the easy instructions to store your card in the payment application of your choice.

7. Digital Services

A summary of the account features available with CBD Mobile:

  • Balance Account Details
  • Debit Card Activation and PIN setup
  • Unblock or Charge Debit Card PIN setup
  • Statement Account Check
  • View IBAN Account
  • Request for Cheque Book
  • Request for Remittance
  • Standing Order
  • Replacement for Debit Card

CBD Bank Deals and Offers

1. CBD Rewards

Collect points every time you use your CBD credit card for awesome rewards.

  • Flight Reservations
  • Holiday Planning
  • Go Miles
  • Online Shopping
  • Cash Rewards
  • Point Transactions

2. MGM

Earning income has never been this easy! Refer a friend or family member to bank with CBD and earn up to 10,000 AED every month.

3. CASA Win Flights Home

Let CBD take care of the planning. Enjoy an exciting journey back home with a chance to win an air ticket sponsored by CBD. With CASA Win Flights Home, you can easily fund your account or transfer your salary to CBD and enjoy a chance in the monthly draw.

4. 3x Salary

When you transfer your salary to CBD, you will automatically be entered into a draw for a chance to win 3X your monthly salary.

5. Digi Scholar Campaign

With Digi Scholar Campaign, you can get the Adventure Experiencse, Tech Experiences, or Hideaway Experiences. To enter, just create a Savings or Current Account using the CBD Smartphone Application and save at least 500 AED for 3 consecutive months.

CBD Investr

CBD Investr is an online investing app for modern investors. It grows your savings and investments, with intelligent and automatic allocations, which are optimized based on risk profiles, goals, and time horizons.


  • CBD Investr uses low-cost ETFs to create internationally diversified and individualised portfolios of equities, bonds, as well as other asset classes.
  • Portfolios are regularly checked and adjusted based on the changing market to make sure they are performing well.
  • Smart algorithms use prior data and results to build portfolios that effectively meet your requirements and constantly manage them to decrease volatility and maximise profits.

CBD Fxtradr

CBD provides traders with access to the world's largest and most liquid market, with minimum transaction costs. CBD has established a Foreign Exchange Trading platform that will enable 24-hour marketplace access Monday through Friday. You can trade currencies and valuable metals like gold and silver using Forwards, Options and Spot.  Following are the key features of CBD Fxtradr.


  • CBD Fxtradr provides 24-hour platform access.
  • 8 am to 9 pm access to the treasury dealing room.
  • Charting access
  • Trading experience that is seamless, with all settings transferred over from IOS, Android, as well as web browser

Awards and Achievements

Year Awards Award By
2021 Best Local Bank in UAE EMEA Finance Middle East Banking Awards
2021 Best Product Launch in the Middle East EMEA Finance Middle East Banking Awards
2021 CEO of the Year EMEA Finance Middle East Banking Awards
2021 Best Innovation Processes Transformers Award
2021 Best Customer Experience Transformers Award
2021 Best Transformational GM of the Year Transformers Award
2021 Best Bank in Digital Loyalty in UAE Union of Arab Banks
2021 Best Innovation in Retail Banking MEA Finance's Banking Technology Awards
2021 Best Mobile Banking Services MEA Finance's Banking Technology Awards
2021 Most Innovative Bank of the Year Leaders in Fintech Awards
2021 Outstanding Digital Transformation in Trade Finance The Digital Banker
2021 Excellence in Innovation – Retail Banking Finnovex Awards
2021 Finfluencer of the Year Finnovex Awards
2021 Domestic Retail Bank of the Year in UAE Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards
2021 Consumer Finance Product of the Year in UAE Asian Banking & Finance Wholesale and Retail Banking Awards
2020 Best Customer-oriented Transformation Transformers Award
2020 Best Bank for Cash Management in the UAE Global Finance
2020 Best Mobile Banking App Global Finance
2020 Best in Lending Global Finance
2020 Most Innovative Card of the Year Seamless Awards
2020 Excellence in Payments Finnovex Awards
2020 Best Commercial Bank MEA Finance
2020 Best Digital Bank New Age Banking Awards
2020 Best Digital Transformation MEA Finance
2020 Most Innovative Project for Bank-Fintech Partnership IBSI Awards

Commercial Bank of Dubai Customer Care Info 

Customer Care Phone Number: 600 575 556


Q1. How to open a CBD account?

Ans: In order to open a CBD Bank account, you need to install the CBD Mobile application and submit your Emirates ID.

Q2. What documentation is necessary to open an account?

Ans: Only your identity proof in the form of Emirates ID is needed to open a CBD account.

Q3. How to lock my CBD Bank Credit Card?

Ans: To lock your credit card, you need to open the ‘cards’ page and simply toggle the card lock button off. This feature works in real-time which comes in handy if your card is stolen.