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By Atul Yadav
  | Published: 25 October 2021

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Beginning its journey in the Emirates of Dubai in 1967, Citibank grew famous for its services and innovative banking products. Over the coming years, it expanded across Abu Dhabi and the Middle East with a network of 39 ATMs, four branches, three CitiGold lounges and a smart centre. Along with various banking products, Citibank is one of the largest credit service providers in the country, including personal loans. 

Citibank’s CitiGold offers a comprehensive wealth management solution and investment option to manage and grow your wealth. The CitiGold offers a premium banking experience with a range of privileges such as investment advisory, insights and more. With a CitiGold bank account, you get customised wealth management, asset allocations, insurance planning and more. Additionally, you get the option of short-term and long-term investments under the guidance of dedicated relationship managers. Go through the article below to find out more about Citibank CitiGold bank account. 

Benefits of CitiGold Account in the UAE

Designed to offer you top-notch banking services to grow and manage your wealth, CitiGold comes with unique benefits, privileges and offers. You get relationship management along with customised asset allocation to build your portfolio. Various benefits of the CitiGold account in the UAE are as follows - 

  • As a CitiGold account holder, you get onshore and offshore services for wealth management and solutions across the UAE, London, Jersey Singapore and more. 
  • You get a global investment and wealth management opportunity under the support of a wealth management advisory team led by the relationship manager and assisted by a treasury and insurance expert. 
  • With a CitiGold account in the UAE, you receive a complimentary credit card for convenient fund access, preferential banking transactions rates and priority banking services. 
  • For your investments with CitiGold accounts, the bank gives daily market insights on currency updates, foreign exchange rates (Forex) and more. You can enjoy the market insights at your fingertips anytime and anywhere. 
  • The bank accepts a range of currencies in the savings account with interest accrued every month.
  • With Citibank CitiGold savings accounts, you can avail of ATM withdrawals up to a daily limit of AED 10,000 across all the Citibank ATMs without any charges.
  • Citibank supports you identify and capitalise new markets with optimised investment plans to achieve your short-term investment goals. 
  • The bank assists you in calculating the market risks and returns across different markets in countries for long-term investment goals. 
  • With CitiGold banking, you can avail of bespoke financial planning and management to secure your valuables with insurance suggested by the advisory team. 
  • When you open a CitiGold overseas account, you continue to enjoy the Citibank relationship privileges. You can view your account balance across all the Citibank global relationship platforms on one secure online page.  

Joining Offers and Rewards with CitiGold Account in the UAE

To all the new clients, Citibank offers numerous joining bonus offers, including complimentary services, cashback rewards and a lot more. Following are the joining bonuses and promotional offers with the Citibank CitiGold account. 

  • When you open a CitiGold account, you can receive up to AED 5,750 as account credit, subject to meeting their criteria. 
  • While opening the account with a minimum deposit between USD 200,000 to 999,999, you get cash rewards of AED 2,500. You receive an extra reward of AED 1,250 for maintaining USD 200,000 to 999,999 (total relationship balance) in the account for 90 days (the offer is valid up to October 15 for new clients).
  • You earn up to AED 4,500 when you open a CitiGold account with an initial deposit of USD 1 million or more (total relationship balance). 
  • You can also earn cash rewards by referring the account to your friends. The bank provides account credits of AED 2,500 to both referrer and referee when the referee opens a CitiGold account with an initial deposit between USD 200,000 to 999,999. 
  • When the referee starts a CitiGold private account with an initial deposit of USD 1 million or above, both the referrer and referee earn AED 4,500 as an account credit. 
  • At the end of the funding period, if the referee holds at least one investment unit or life insurance plan, he earns AED 1,250 as a cash reward. 

Note: In order to participate in the referral program, individuals need to go through the detailed terms and conditions available on the Citibank official portal. 

Detailed Feature of CitiGold Bank Account in the UAE

Along with exclusive privileges and rewards, Citibank offers a host of features on the CitiGold account. Following are the key features of the CitiGold bank account in the UAE. 

  • Customised Banking Services - CitiGold bank account offers a personalised banking experience to each of its clients. As an account holder, you get preferential rates on services, access to CitiGold Lounges and personal financial advisors and planners. 
  • Complementary Credit Card - When you open the CitiGold bank account, the bank offers you a free credit card that includes various lifestyle, entertainment, travel, shopping benefits and more. You can also enjoy free airport lounge access, Buy 1 Get 1 cinema offers and much more. 
  • Investment Planning and Personal Financial Advisory - With a CitiGold account, you save your funds and grow them by investing under the guidance of financial advisors and planners. The advisors understand your financial situation and suggest the right investment strategies to maximise the growth of your funds. 
  • Global Investment Opportunities - CitiGold accounts in UAE open your way into the global investment market. The CitiGold client advisory groups help you tap into profitable opportunities from all over the world.  
  • Quick Market Updates - The team of professionals continuously monitor the market trends and keep you informed with daily currency updates, foreign exchange forecast and other market insights.   
  • Multiple Currency Accepted - An individual can open a bank account in multiple international currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, apart from UAE Dirhams. 
  • Free International Fund Transfers - A CitiGold account holder can transfer funds anywhere around the world without any hassle via Citibank online banking. Using Citi Global Transfers, you can transfer your funds free of charge to any Citibank account worldwide.
  • CitiGold Insurance - Citibank offers its CitiGold customers various life insurance and unit-linked investment plans to grow their finances over the period. The life insurance plan from Citibank provide worldwide coverage, protects you and your valuables and also acts as an investment plan. 

Top Reasons to Select CitiGold Bank Account in the UAE

Extending across all the continents, individuals can avail of Citibank’s banking services anywhere around the world. Citibank gives you numerous other reasons to choose the CitiGold account in UAE. 

  • Bespoke Services - With a CitiGold account, you can avail of personalised banking services according to your financial situation and planning. The bank provides preferential rates on the services depending on various customers. 
  • Onshore and Offshore Banking Services - Managed by a single relationship manager in the UAE, you can access various wealth products and solutions across Singapore, London and the UAE, thereby enjoying convenient onshore and offshore banking services. 
  • Dedicated Team of Advisors and Planners - To grow your investments, Citibank provides a team of expert investment advisors and financial planners who guide you through your financial journey. 
  • Perks and Privileges - Along with advisory and insights, CitiGold members also enjoy numerous travel, lifestyle, entertainment and shopping privileges around the world.
  • Welcome Bonus and Rewards -  When opening a CitiGold account in the UAE, the bank offers cash rewards and bonuses into your account. With an initial deposit of USD 200,000 and above, you can earn up to AED 2,500 and up to AED 4,500 after opening the CitiGold Private Client account. Additionally, you can earn up to AED 4,500 by referring the CitiGold account to your acquaintances and friends. 
  • Customer Support and Services - Citibank proves its reliability with 24/7customer support via phone line, email and online channels. With a strong global presence, Citibank provides banking services worldwide. 

Eligibility Criteria for Opening a CitiGold Account in the UAE

Citibank lays down a few eligibility criteria that individuals need to satisfy in order to apply for the CitiGold account in the UAE. Following are the eligibility criteria for all the individuals in the UAE. 

  • Age - An applicant must be at least 18 years old or above to apply for the CitiGold account. 
  • Initial Deposits - To be a CitiGold priority customer, an individual needs to deposit a minimum amount of USD 200,000 or above in their personal bank account. Moreover, to be a CitiGold private client, an individual must deposit at least 1 million USD. 
  • Nationality - Citibank accepts applications from UAE nationals and other individuals with UAE residency permit to open a CitiGold premier account. However, individuals need to furnish the documents as required by the bank during the application process. 

Documents Required to Open a CitiGold Account in the UAE

Following are the documents that you would require during the CitiGold account opening process in the UAE. 

  • Emirates ID in original and its copy for UAE nationals and residents. It is advisable to carry a passport in case the individuals have one
  • A passport in original and its copy for expatriates
  • Income proof such as employment letter with mentioned salary
  • A recent salary slip from the current employer
  • Latest utility bill, lease/rent agreements, etc. for address proof

Note: The bank may ask for additional documents related to your income, sources of income, business details, etc. 

How to Open a CitiGold Account in the UAE?

To open a CitiGold account, individuals need to contact Citibank customer support and provide their contact and personal details. The support team will guide them through the detailed application process. They may also choose to visit the nearest branch with all the required documents and fill the application form as per the instructions of the bank representative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the initial deposit required to open the CitiGold bank account?

Ans: To open a CitiGold account, individuals need to deposit at least 200,000 USD. Additionally, to open a CitiGold private client account, individuals need to deposit at least 1 million USD. 

Q2: What is the minimum age required to be eligible for CitiGold account membership?

Ans: An applicant needs to be at least 18 years of age to open a CitiGold account. 

Q3: Do I get a debit or credit card to access my funds?

Ans: Citibank offers a complimentary credit card to CitiGold customers. However, with every personal account, the bank offers a debit card to access the funds easily. 

Q4: Do I get reward points or account credit for fulfilling the CitiGold rewards requirements?

Ans: After you fulfil the reward requirements, the bank credits the cash rewards into your account. 

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