Citigold Premier Accounts in the UAE

Citibank, a renowned multinational bank, provides an extensive range of banking services and products in the UAE. These include checking & savings accounts, personal loans, credit cards, comprehensive wealth management solutions and investment products to meet the requirements of both individuals and businesses. Among its products, Citibank Citigold stands out as a noteworthy offering, designed to meet the financial needs of its customers.

Citigold is Citibank's premium banking service that offers exclusive benefits and privileges to its customers. You can enjoy a host of services such as high account limits, preferential interest rates on loans, online and mobile banking services, a dedicated relationship manager, foreign currency exchange, and much more. This article provides an in-depth look at the Citibank Citigold Premier Account, including its key features, benefits, eligibility criteria, rewards, and more. With Citigold, you can enjoy banking from the comfort of your home.

Joining Offer and Benefits of a Citibank Citigold Account

Citigold account is a preferred choice in the UAE primarily because of the exciting offers and rewards it offers. As a comprehensive wealth management system for banking, it gives customers access to a superior portfolio of investment products, wealth advisory services, and a lot more.

Let us look at some of the features and benefits associated with a Citigold account in UAE- 

  • Get up to AED13,000 as a welcome bonus upon maintaining your initial funding balance for 90 days, on meeting the insurance and investment criteria.
  • Enjoy a wide range of wealth products & services along with premier banking services across UAE and Singapore with Citigold account.
  • With a Citigold account in UAE, get a dedicated wealth management advisory team supported by a treasury expert, Wharton-trained relationship manager, and insurance specialist who will serve as a single point of contact for all your banking needs and provide you with personalised financial advice to tap into wealth-building opportunities worldwide in a holistic way.
  • Get a complimentary Citi credit card, preferential pricing on bank transactions, priority service, and much more.
  • Enhance your lifestyle and personal experience by taking advantage of the excellent privileges offered by Citibank CitiGold account.
  • Easily switch between nine currencies and save a significant amount on currency conversion fees with a Citigold account.
  • Take advantage of on-shore and offshore banking solutions and get access to an array of benefits.
  • For your investments with Citigold accounts, the bank gives daily market insights on currency updates, foreign exchange rates (Forex) and more. You can also enjoy receiving instant market insights anytime and anywhere. 

For Customers who Open Mutual Funds/ Stock Securities Brokerage Account during Offer

  • If you open a mutual fund account or securities brokerage account with Citibank N.A. UAE and complete your investor profile during the offer period, you shall be entitled to receive AED 500 cashback. 
  • To take advantage of the offer, the following conditions should be met– 
  • Active mutual fund or securities brokerage account with Citibank UAE
  • A valid investor profile
  • Knowledge and experience in mutual funds or securities exchange account you are dealing in
  • The offer shall be at individual customer identification numbers and, thus, is applicable only once per customer.
  • If the customer opens more than one mutual fund with Citibank, a single or joint relationship, the offer shall be applicable to the latter.
  • Applicable cashback shall be credited to your Citibank bank account on the 15th of the subsequent month in which the mutual fund or securities brokerage account is opened.
  • This campaign excludes SIP investment.

Eligibility Criteria to Avail of the Offer

Open a Citigold account and get up to AED 13,000 cash reward, provided you qualify for the following eligibility criteria – 

  • The offer is available to all UAE residents, excluding US persons and those associated with Citibank, including non-employees. 
  • All new customers opening Citigold relationship bank accounts are eligible.
  • The offer is valid from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023 (both dates included)
  • The reward shall not be given to customers who have closed a Citibank account within 12 months prior to opening the Citigold Account.
  • For joint accounts, only the primary account holder can redeem the reward.
  • To qualify for the offer, you must have a total relationship balance of USD 200,000 (or equivalent in other currencies) or more. Moreover, you must maintain the balance for 90 consecutive days of opening the account. These 90 days are called the ‘funding period.’
  • The funding period should be started within 90 days from the account opening date, and to compute the reward, the lowest daily balance maintained for 90 days shall be considered.
  • Another point to be kept in mind is that funds transferred from Citibank UAE accounts shall not be counted towards the total relationship balance calculation to fulfil the offer. For instance, suppose you opened an account on January 5, 2023, and maintained a total relationship balance of $350,000 after the successful completion of 90 days. But when analysing the balance, $100,000 comes out to be transferred from another Citibank UAE bank account. Thus, while computing the total relationship balance, $100,000 will automatically be deducted, and $250,000 will be taken into account. However, in this case, your total relationship balance of the account will be more than $200,000; you will qualify for the welcome offer.
  • To get a bonus reward, you must have purchased at least $10,000 worth of life insurance or investment products by the end of 90 days and qualify for the welcome or funding offer.
  • Your Citigold account must be in good standing at the time of the offer.
  • If you qualify for the funding offer, you cannot enrol for any other offer related to the Citigold account relationship.
  • After you qualify for the offer and bonus reward, the funds shall be transferred to the customer’s bank account within the next 30 days working days. 
  • Citibank has the right to change or modify the campaign at any time.
  • Citibank’s employees, affiliates, directors or other officers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising from the offer.
  • In case the minimum balance of $200,000 is not maintained for the 4 months, the account shall be closed or downgraded by the concerned bank adhering to the terms and conditions.

Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section to know more about Citigold premier account in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of account is Citibank Citigold account?

Citibank Citigold is a wealth management and relationship account. It can be used for your lifestyle requirements as well as to invest money in various ventures. 

What is the validity period of welcome bonus offer applicable on Citigold bank account?

Citigold welcome offer is applicable from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Are there any other offers other than welcome offer on Citibank Citigold account?

You can avail additional offers if you qualify for the welcome offer, as follows – 

  • AED 500 cashback if you invest in Citibank UAE mutual funds or securities exchange account
  • Bonus rewards if you purchase at least $10,000 worth of life insurance or investments products by the end of funding period (90 days)
When will I get cashback of Citigold welcome bonus?

After you qualify for the offer, the funds shall be transferred to the customer’s bank account within the 30 working days of fulfilling the qualification criteria.

Do I get reward points or account credit for fulfilling the CitiGold rewards requirements?

After you fulfil the reward requirements, the bank credits the cash rewards into your account. 

What are some special benefits that Citigold account offers?

Dining privileges, shopping discounts, complimentary access to Citigold lounges and airport lounges, preferential FX rates from the Citibank teams of experts and other lifestyle benefits are just a few of the many benefits you can enjoy with a Citigold account.

How can I maintain Citigold relationship?

You need to maintain a minimum of $ 200,000 in the form of deposits or investments with Citibank to begin your Citigold relationship account.

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