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Citibank Personal Loan

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When it comes to personal finance in the UAE, Citibank has decade’s worth of experience. CITIBANK Personal loanCitibank personal loan enables the UAE nationals to avail of quick funding and short-term capital at reducing interest rates starting from 14%.

The applicants can avail of Citibank personal loan in the UAE at 0% processing fees which makes it distinct from other providers offering personal loan in the UAE.  The applicants can enjoy flexible tenor starting from 6 months to 48 months. They also have the facility of early settlement at a charge of 1%. The Citibank personal loan offers generous loan amounts and plenty of additional benefits as detailed below.

Citibank Personal Loan Interest Rates

The Citibank personal loan rates charge a reducing balance interest. A reducing balance interest is charged directly on the outstanding principal amount. Every time the loan borrower pays an instalment, the Citibank personal loan interest rate decreases.

Citibank Personal Loan
Personal Loan Category Max Loan Amount Tenor Interest Rate Type of Interest

Personal Loan With a Salary Transfer

AED 175,000

6 months - 48 months

8% - 15% (p.a.)


Personal Loan Without a Salary Transfer

AED 250,000

6 months - 48 months

14% - 30% (p.a.)


(The rates are subject to changes with time.)

Features and Benefits of the Citibank Personal Loan

Feature Availability

Early Settlement

Yes (Fee: 1% of outstanding balance)

Salary Transfer

Not Mandatory (mandatory for salary transfer loans)

Reducing Interest Rate

Salary Transfer Loan: 8-15%

Non-salary Transfer: 14-30%


From 6 months to 48 months

Quick Approvals


Phone Banking


Noon Vouchers

Upto AED 1250 on Loan amount Above AED 1,60,000

The Citibank personal loan offers loan borrowers the following features and benefits:

Easy Application

Citibank personal loan application process is very easy. The applicants can simply apply online or via phone banking.

Loan Amount

Citibank personal loans offer the applicant a high loan amount i.e. up to 8 times their salary. The Citibank personal loans in the UAE are capped at a maximum limit of AED 175,000 for personal instalment loan and AED 250,000 for salary transfer loan.

Quick Approval

Citibank online personal loan application process is extremely quick. The bank offers 24-hours loan approval and disbursement as per the applicable terms and conditions.

No Processing Fee

Till June 30th 2020, the Citibank personal loan will be offered without any processing fee. This is applicable for requested loan amount from less than AED 50,000 to upwards of AED 150,000.

Interest Rates

Citibank personal loan interest rates are reducing in nature and starts from 8% per annum. It means with every instalment the loan borrower pays, the interest charged reduces.

Additional Benefits

Currently, Citi personal loans offer Noon e-vouchers of up to AED 1,250. This offer is received upon the approval of the Citibank personal loan.

Citibank Personal Loan Eligibility and Required Documents

To avail of the best Citibank personal loan offers, the applicant will have to meet the following Citibank personal loan eligibility criteria: 

Credit Score

For checking the applicants’ eligibility for a Citibank personal loan in the UAE, their credit score will be checked to ensure they have a positive payment track record.

Minimum Salary

The Citibank personal loan eligibility criterion for minimum salary is fairly low. The applicant must have a minimum monthly income of AED 10,000 to avail of this personal loan.

Salary Transfer

The defining trait of Citibank personal loans in Dubai and other Emirates is their non-mandatory salary transfer feature. However, if you apply for a salary transfer loan, salary transfer obviously becomes mandatory for you.

The applicant can complete their Citibank online personal loan application by submitting the following documents:

  • Citibank Application: The bank has made it extremely easy for UAE residents looking for a Citibank personal loan to apply by offering a secure digital application form.
  • Employment and Income: Citibank personal loans in the UAE will require the applicants to submit their latest 3 months’ bank statement, their employer’s details, and their latest salary slips.
  • ID Proof: To apply for personal loan, the applicants need to submit their Emirates ID (passport and valid UAE Visa also for expats).

Frequently Asked Questions About Citibank Personal Loan

Q1- Can I calculate Citibank personal loan EMI before applying?

Ans: Yes, you can use the Citibank personal loan EMI calculator free of charge to calculate your monthly instalment amount. The Citibank personal loan EMI calculator is available on the Citibank website and allows applicants to estimate their EMI for salary transfer and non-salary transfer loans alike.

Q2- What are the currently available Citibank personal loan offers?

Ans:  As of now, Citibank personal loans offer 0 processing charge and even offer Noon e-vouchers of as much as AED 1,250 upon approval of the Citi personal loan.

Q3- What is the direct debit facility?

Ans: The loan borrower can set up standing instruction for payment of their Citibank personal loan. This direct debit feature allows Citibank to automatically deduct EMI from the loan borrower’s account every month. Direct debits can be set up online on the official website of Citibank.

Q4- Is it mandatory to transfer my salary to avail of a Citibank personal loan?

Ans: No, Citibank personal loans in the UAE are available both with and without salary transfer. Having said that, salary transfer loan applicants have to pay lower Citibank personal loan interest rates.

Q5- What is the loan amount offered for a Citibank personal loan with a salary transfer?

Ans: Salary-transfer Citibank personal loans offer up to 20 times the applicant’s salary, for a maximum of AED 250,000.