Citibank Credit Cards in UAE

A known name in the UAE financial sector, Citibank offers plenty of credit card options in the UAE. As a customer, you can avail of basic cards, cashback cards, reward cards, and Emirates cards. Citibank credit cards are one of a kind as they offer benefits like air miles, free access to airport lounges, supplementary cards, cinema offers, travel privileges, free golf benefits, and purchase protection. Some offers which make the cards worth possessing are VoucherSkout discount, Marhaba meet and greet services, MasterCard exclusive offers and Buy One Get One offers from VOX. more

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Founded in 1812, Citibank was initially known as the City Bank of New York, and later it became the ‘First National City Bank of New York. Even before entering the credit card market, Citibank was a proud owner of a wide range of accolades in the world of finance. Today, Citibank has over 2,600 branches, spread across 19 countries all around the globe. The Citi Bank UAE credit card was introduced as early as 1964 when the first Citibank branch was opened in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Known as a customer-first organization, Citi Bank was one of the first US banks to implement ATM technology in the UAE, allowing its customers round the clock access to their funds. Furthermore, the Citibank UAE credit card was also the first in UAE to offer customers a chance to earn travel miles. Currently,  Citibank is a major player in the UAE credit card market and a leading provider of Wealth Management & Consumer Credit Services.

Types of Citi bank Credit Cards in UAE

The Citibank UAE credit cards are split into four brackets, categorized by the types of benefits offered. From travel and shopping benefits to lifestyle privileges, each of the Citi Bank plastic cards offer unmatched and unparallel benefits to its cardholder. The four categories are as follows:

  • Basic Card: Known as the Citi Simplicity Credit Card, this is probably the best credit card in the UAE for customers who have little to no prior experience with credit cards.
  • Cashback Card: Citi Cashback Credit Card is among the most rewarding credit card and it offers amazing cashback on any transaction made with the card.
  • Rewards Cards: Citibank’s rewards credit cards in the UAE are available in great variety, catered to serve customers from all economic segments.
  • Emirates Cards: This line of Citibank Emirates credit cards is loaded with a wide range of travel & lifestyle benefits, including the extremely attractive Skywards Miles rewards, dining, and entertainment offers.

Top Citibank Credit Cards in UAE

Here is a list of the top credit cards offered by the Citibank in the UAE:

Types of Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

Citibank Citi Cashback Credit Card

Citibank Citi Prestige Credit Card

Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card

Citibank Citi Rewards Credit Card

Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card

Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card

Emirates Citibank World Credit Card

Features & Benefits of Citi Bank Credit Cards

Citibank credit cards are available in a wide variety of options, each with their own defined credit limit and card-specific benefits.

Citibank UAE plastic cards are catered to an eclectic range of spenders, from heavy shoppers to travel enthusiasts; there exists a Citibank credit card for all. Depending on what card you opt for, some of the many benefits that Citibank credit cards in UAE offer are as follows:

  • Air Miles - For those who fly a lot, whether for business or for pleasure, air miles are the most advantageous feature a Citibank plastic credit card offers. Some of the Citibank UAE credit cards enable its cardholder to earn skyward miles per unit of currency spent (which is usually more on foreign currency). These miles further can be redeemed on flight tickets, to upgrade from economy to business or business to first-class with Emirates, and even for shopping at some specific
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - Spend your waiting time at an airport in luxurious lounges across thousands of locations with a Citi bank credit card. Many of the Citibank plastic cards offer unlimited free access to some premium airport lounge access globally to its cardholder. Depending on which Citibank UAE credit card the cardholder opts for, they may also be entitled to one free
  • Supplementary Cards: The Citi bank credit cardholder can apply for the supplementary/add-on cards for their eligible family members. Not only these add-on cards come with a pre-defined credit limit, but also all the benefits offered by the primary card are available on the add-on card.
  • Cinema Offers – Many of the Citibank credit cards in the UAE offer buy one, get one free movie ticket at VOX Cinemas every month.
  • Complimentary Golf Benefits - UAE is home to some of the most stunning golf courses in the Members of Citibank UAE plastic card can enjoy free access to some prestigious golfing locations across the country. On spending a minimum of AED 5,000 per month with certain Citibank credit cards, cardholders can enjoy limitless free golfing on weekdays and a complimentary round of golf once every month on weekends.
  • Travel Privileges - Citibank credit cards offer a host of travel privileges to its cardholder including hotel discounts, complimentary Marhaba Meet & Greet Service, discounted car rentals, complimentary travel insurance, and much more.
  • Rewards & Offers - From discounts on high-end gourmet meals to promotions on furniture and grocery shopping, Citibank UAE plastic cards offer an impressive variety of spending options and an extremely flexible reward system, making it one of the best credit cards in UAE for all types of Rewards and offers are updated regularly to accurately capture the customers’ interests, while reward points may also be used to redeem the annual membership fee of the Citibank credit card
  • Purchase Protection - Offered on selected Citibank UAE plastic cards, purchase protection can be a buyer’s best These Citibank cards offer coverage for new purchases, stating that any newly bought item that is damaged or stolen within 90 days from the date of purchase is eligible to be replaced or reimbursed for the full value, as per the store’s receipt.

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Citibank Credit Card Offers

The wide variety of credit card offered to the consumers by Citibank comes with numerous benefits and features detailed previously, On top of those, the cardholder can also enjoy numerous Citibank Credit Card offers that are commonly provided on many of the Citibank cards, depending on the credit card variant. Some of the common Citi bank Credit Card offers are detailed below: 

  • Annual Fee Waiver: Many of the credit cards offer the cardholder with some sort of waiver on the annual fee. While some of the cards offer the first year completely free, others offer the additional option to earn annual fee-free years upon meeting a specific minimum spend.
  • VoucherSkout Discounts: Depending on the Citibank credit card, the cardholder is eligible for up to 150 VoucherSkout credits that allow a 50% discount on the entire bill at more than 500 outlets.
  • MasterCard Exclusive Offers: Cardmembers of certain card variants can enjoy the MasterCard privilege offers.
  • Buy One Get One Offers with VOX: Almost each and every Citi bank credit card offers complimentary buy one get one free movie tickets at VOX Cinemas. The monthly cap might vary from one card to another.
  • Marhaba Meet and Greet Services: Some of the exclusive Citibank credit cards allow the cardholder to enjoy the Marhaba Meet and Greet services to make their travel smooth.
  • Complimentary Roud of Golf: Almost each Citibank credit card offers complimentary golf services to the cardholder. The monthly cap varies from one card to another.
  • Complimentary Stay: Some of the cards offered by Citi also offers a complimentary hotel stay for the fourth night worldwide.

Latest Citibank Credit Card Offers

Annual Membership Fee & Income Eligibility of Citi bank Credit Cards

Given below are the consolidated figures for all Citibank UAE credit cards.

Category Citibank Credit Card Name Annual Membership Fee (in AED) Minimum Monthly Income Required (in AED)

Basic Card

Citi Simplicity Credit Card



 Cashback Card

Citi Cashback Credit Card




Citi Prestige Credit Card



Citi Premier Credit Card



Citi Rewards Credit Card



 Emirates Cards

Emirates-Citibank Ultima Credit Card



Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card



Emirates-Citibank World Credit Card



(Updated as of January 2020)

*Note that the first year’s fee is waived. From the second year onwards a fee of AED 300 is applicable on the credit card unless a minimum yearly amount of AED 9,000 has been spent.

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Citibank Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

A number of factors can affect the eligibility for a Citibank UAE plastic card. The following have the greatest impact on the Citibank credit card application:

  • Age- To apply for a Citibank card, the applicant must be at least 21 years of The maximum age limit for Citibank cards is between 60-65 years, depending on the nationality of the applicant.UAE nationals generally notice a much more relaxed process.
  • Income- Every Citibank plastic card requires a minimum monthly income. These values range from AED 5000 to AED 36,750.
  • ID Proof- While UAE nationals can present their Emirates ID to complete the Citibank credit card application formalities, expats are required to submit passport and visa
  • Address Proof- A valid mailing address is also required to complete the application process. This may be shown in the form of utility
  • Credit History- All Citibank UAE plastic card members are run through an extensive background check of their credit Poor credit history may result in a rejected application.

How to Apply for a Citibank UAE Credit Card?

There are two ways to apply for a Citibank UAE plastic card; online and in-person. Applicants can simply visit the nearest Citibank branch in the UAE with all the necessary documentation to begin their Citibank credit card application process or can head online to apply through the official website of the bank. Online applications are recommended as they are eligible for incredible Citibank UAE credit card offers, such as up to AED 1,500 credited into the account on reaching a minimum spending requirement.

Citibank UAE Credit Card Interest Rates

Like most plastic cards, Citibank cards come with two associated interests; retail interest rates and cash advance interest rates. The retail interest rate is paid on outstanding daily balance on the card and normally charges at the end of a statement period. Cash advance interest rate, on the other hand, is charged on any withdrawal made with the Citibank credit card. While credit cards offer the cardholder incredible spending power, they should not be used excessively to make withdrawals due to their high cash advance interest rate.

Card Name Monthly Retail Interest (in %) Monthly Cash Interest (in %)

Citi Simplicity



Citi Cashback



Citi Rewards



Citi Premier



Citi Prestige



Emirates-Citibank World/Titanium/Gold



Emirates-Citibank Ultimate



Emirates-Citibank Ultima Visa/Ultimate MasterCard



(Updated as of January 2020)

Citibank Credit Card Limit

A Citibank UAE credit card member’s credit limit is determined through an underwriting process, which takes the following into consideration:

  • The applicant’s prior credit history
  • Type of Citibank credit card
  • Track record with Citibank

As a Citibank card owner, you can head over to the Citibank Credit Card login to see your credit limit and to request an increase on it.

Charges on Citibank Credit Cards

Responsible card-holders make it a point to understand the various charges applicable to their credit card before making use of it.  Here are some of the main fees & charges associated with the Citibank UAE plastic cards:

Description Charges
Late Payment Charge (Not applicable for Citi Simplicity)
  • AED 230
Over-Limit Charge (Not applicable for Citi Simplicity)
  • AED 249
Cash Advance Charges (Not applicable for Citi Simplicity)
  • 3 percent of cash advance or AED 99 (whichever is greater)
Card Replacement Charges
  • AED 50
Returned Cheque Charges
  • AED 100
Card Conversion Charges
  • AED 50
Sales Draft Copy
  • AED 65

Canceling Your Citi bank Credit Card

To prevent charges from accumulating on an unused card, cardholders should immediately begin the cancellation process. In order to cancel the credit card, the cardholder needs to talk to a Citibank representative and request for cancellation. The bank may also require them to send a written confirmation of the same. However, they will also be required to pay all the due amounts and accrued charges on the card before cancellation.

Note that Citi Bank may also cancel the credit card from their end if

  • It has been inactive for a defined period of time (usually 12 months), or
  • If the cardholder has continuously missed payments on the card or made use of it for unlawful activities.
Citibank Credit Card Loan -  Check Interest Rates & Eligibility

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Why Choose Citibank Credit Cards?

Citibank has a long history of success in the financial sector as an innovative and customer-friendly institution. Citibank UAE plastic cards are a prime example of their commitment to customers from all economic standings.

  • Variety- Ranging from the super savings Citibank Cash Back card to the high profile Citibank Emirates cards, the bank has managed to create a category for all types of Their vast varieties of options that allow customers to pick a card that suits their lifestyle needs perfectly.
  • Experience- Citibank UAE credit cards have been around since as early as 1964. With over 50 years of experience catering to the UAE market, the bank has managed to capture the most relevant features across its line of plastic cards.
  • Integrity- 50 years of banking is no small feat. Citibank cards have withstood the test of time, providing customers with reliable and transparent services year after
  • Accessibility- With over 2,600 branches in 19 countries, Citibank provides a seamlessly connected experience anytime anywhere to its customer.
  • Stability- The Citi group has 200 years of experience in banking, during which they have weathered many financial crises and industry disruptions. Citibank plastic cards are a safe and stable bet.
  • Benefits-Firstclass benefits and tie-ups with top name brands such as Emirates, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and many more have created extremely rewarding opportunities for its customers. Citibank plastic card’s aforementioned benefits are some of the best in the

Citibank Credit Card FAQs

Q1: What are supplementary cards?

Ans: Supplementary cards, also known as add-on cards, are credit cards that are offered to the eligible family members of the primary Supplementary cards function exactly like a primary card and are even eligible for the same benefits, but all expenses and fees are charged to the main card instead. The primary cardholder can set spending limits on supplementary cards.

Most of the Citibank plastic cards offer 5 supplementary cards free of charge as a benefit, while some even offer unlimited cards for family members.

Q2: What is a late fee?

Ans: Typically a credit card provider will charge the cardholder an annual membership fee and interest on purchases made on borrowed credit. These charges are seen as minimum monthly payments that the cardholder is expected to make by a specified If you have not made the payment by this due date, you are charged a late payment fee. This late fee is charged over the interest you’d normally pay on the outstanding debt. It is advisable to avoid late fees by paying the outstanding amount on time every month, as late fees will also negatively affect your credit history.

Certain Citibank UAE plastic cards do not charge any late fees, such as the Simplicity credit card.

Q3: What is an over-limit fee?

Ans: If outstanding or current balance surpasses the set credit limit, the cardholder is charged an over-limit fee. Interest, cash advances, and other charges are also included in the outstanding balance of an account.

Members of a Citibank Simplicity card are not charged any over-limit fees.

Q4: What is a cash advance?

Ans: Any cash withdrawal made from an ATM or a branch with the plastic money is referred to as a cash Credit cards generally charge a high rate of interest on cash advances, so it is suggested to keep withdrawals to a bare minimum. Use a debit card instead to make withdrawals. Credit card withdrawals incur a cash advance fee and will also have interest charged on the withdrawn amount, starting from the date of the withdrawal itself.

Once again, Citibank customers with a Simplicity card are not charged any cash advance fees.

Q5: What am I supposed to do if my credit card is stolen or lost?

Ans: Lost or stolen plastic cards need to be reported to a bank representative as soon as The bank will then freeze the missing card and replace it with a new one. The longer you wait to report a missing card, the more at risk you are of paying for fraudulent credit card purchases.

All Citibank UAE credit cards come with a zero liability policy for lost cards. This means that as soon as customers report their card as stolen or lost, they are exempted from paying for future purchases made on the card. Citibank typically replaces a missing card within 48 hours within the UAE and in 4 working days for places outside the UAE.

Q6: How do I gain access to airport lounges using my Citibank plastic card?

Ans: Not all plastic cards offer airport lounge Ensure that your card has lounge access benefits or you may be charged during the entry. Similarly, only airports partnered with the bank will permit airport lounge access. To gain entry, you must have your credit card in person. The card will be swiped at the reception and relevant lounge passes will be deducted from your card benefits.

Q8: What are installment plans and how do I book one?

Ans: An installment plan allows the cardholder to pay for heavy purchases in smaller installments over the determined tenor. In other words, customers can purchase items within their credit limit and pay off the full amount over a period of Many banks also offer zero-interest installment plan, which charges no additional amount for these monthly installments and Citibank is one of them. However, you should confirm whether the selected vendor is covered by the bank before making a purchase, to avail the benefits of an installment plan.

Q8: What services can I access through online banking?

Ans: Online banking makes day-to-day transactions easier and hassle-free. Some of the many features of online banking are as follows:

  • Account Balance & Statement
  • Transaction History
  • Fund Transfers: To accounts of the same bank, in other banks and even overseas
  • Pay Bills
  • Add Beneficiaries & Manage Investments
  • Add & Modify Personal Information
  • Block & Cancel Cards
  • Schedule Fund Transfers
  • Create Activity Alerts and a lot more

Q9: Will I earn loyalty points on online purchases as well?

Ans: Yes, any purchases made through your plastic card are liable for loyalty points. These purchases can be made in person or To ensure you are earning points, first confirm whether your card gives you access to a loyalty program. Furthermore, factors such as the type of currency being used (foreign or local), type of items being purchased (grocery and real estate purchases may earn less), and yearly earning limits can determine whether you earn points.

Citibank UAE credit cardholders are automatically enrolled in loyalty programs, where applicable.

Q10: Where do I make my credit card payments?

Ans: Cardholders have to pay the outstanding amount by a specified payment due date, to avoid late fees and delinquencies in their credit These payments can be made through the following ways:

  • Through online transfers
  • Through automatic monthly payments (also known as direct debit)
  • Through ATM deposits (in cash or by cheque)
  • Through a UAE fund transfer system (UAEFTS)

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