CitiBank Credit Card Bill Payment - How to Do it Online & Offline

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  | Published: 10 June 2021
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Credit cards are perfect for resolving instant financial woes as they buy you extra time to pay your bills. You can pay your bills or make a purchase using your CitiBank credit card and pay to the bank later. However, when it comes to making payments, you must maintain punctuality to keep your credit score intact. The best thing is that you can pay your CitiBank credit card bill through various methods.

CitiBank Credit Card Bill Payment Through UAEFTS in UAE

CitiBank allows you to pay your credit card bill via UAEFTS at an exchange house. UAEFTS stands for United Arab Emirates Funds Transfer System. This system is a Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system anchored by the Central Bank of UAE which facilitates the transfer of funds from one bank in the UAE to another via UAE’s central bank system. Please confirm that the exchange house supports payments to and from CitiBank. 

Also, the exchange house may charge you an additional fee for facilitating the transaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using UAEFTS To Pay CitiBank Credit Card Bill


  • UAEFTS payment can be accessed through an exchange house. In case you are not able to make the payment online or offline, you can avail of UAEFTS and pay for your CitiBank credit card bill.
  • Payment made using UAEFTS is accepted by all banks.
  • UAEFTS mode accepts payment in foreign currency as well.
  • You receive a notification when the payment is processed and confirmation of the payment is sent when the payment is transferred.


  • The exchange house may levy additional charges to accept the payment.
  • It may take up to 2 days to clear your payment request.
  • Not every exchange house accepts payment for every bank. You will need to find the exchange house that facilitates CitiBank’s payments.

Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment Options in UAE

Procedure to Pay CitiBankCredit Card Payment Offline in UAE

The traditional method of paying for your CitiBank Credit Card Bill is to visit the nearest CitiBank branch and pay directly to the bank. To make CitiBank credit card bill payment offline you can use:

Citibank Credit Card Payment by Cheque

As a CitiBank customer, you are allowed to make credit card payments offline by writing a cheque in the favour of the bank. Do not forget to:

  • Enter the account number
  • Specify the credit card number and amount
  • Signature
  • Deposit slip along with your cheque.

The cheque of any other bank may take more than a day for clearing.

Citibank Credit Card Payment by Cash Payment

Paying through cash is one of the most popular ways of making CitiBank Credit Card bills payment offline in the UAE. You can borrow the money from your bank account and deposit the cash to Cash Depositing Machine at the nearest CitiBank branch. The transaction will reflect immediately and you will receive the notification of payment.

Procedure to Pay CitiBank Credit Card Payment Online in UAE

CitiBank provides several methods to let you pay credit card bill online through various methods:

How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill CitiBank Mobile App

If you are a CitiBank account holder, you can pay your CitiBank credit card bill online using CitiBank mobile app in 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your CitiBank mobile app
  • Step 2: Select the credit card to pay
  • Step 3: Choose the account you want to use to pay for the credit card
  • Step 4: Choose the amount, date, and purpose for the transfer
  • Step 5: Enter your banking pin once again to verify and confirm the payment.

Online transfer-Other UAE Bank Account

 If you do not hold a banking account at CitiBank, you can pay your CitiBank credit card bill online from other banks via your banking account in less than 2 minutes by:

  • Logging into your registered bank account via the bank’s mobile app
  • Once you have logged in, select the ‘Payment and transfers’ option
  • Choose the ‘Other UAE credit card’ option
  • Enter your personal information
  • Enter the CitiBank card details such as card number, card holder’s name, date of expiry
  • Specify CitiBank as the issuing bank and the address as ‘Oud Metha, Dubai’
  • Enter the amount to be paid
  • Specify the purpose of transfer
  • Enter your account pin, verify and confirm the payment

Citibank Credit Card Payment by Direct Debit

You can also use the direct debit facility to make a credit card payment. A direct debit is an autopay method enabled through instruction. This method of payment allows CitiBank to automatically deduct the outstanding amount from your registered account on the due date. In case you forgot to make the payment, this facility will ensure that the amount is automatically deducted from your account, protecting you from the penalty and keeping your credit score spotless. 

You can set the direct debit instruction if you need to make a recurring payment every month. However, when you set the direct debit option, you need to ensure that you have enough account balance for making credit card payments. In case your account balance falls short, you will be liable to pay the late fee and charges.

How to set direct debit instruction for your non-CitiBank Account

CitiBank allows you to enrol for the direct debit facility from your non-CitiBank account conveniently. To avail of this facility, you are required to download the form from and fill in the required details. Once you have filled the form, you can mail it to:



P.O.BOX 749


You can also choose to submit this form directly to a CitiBank branch. The bank may apply additional charges to provide this facility.

Citibank Credit Card Payment Through Phone Wallet

CitiBank also provides you the option of making CitiBank credit card bill payments online using a phone wallet. Paying through a phone wallet allows you to access any bank account to make the credit card payment online. You can use several platforms:

  • Apple Pay
  • EWallet
  • Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and Klip
  • Google Pay
  • PayBy
  • Samsung Pay

How to Pay CitiBank Credit Card bill from other Bank Credit Card

While banks are usually hesitant in accepting the payment for credit card bill through other credit cards, you can use another credit card to make CitiBank credit card bill payments using another bank’s credit card in case of emergency using cash withdrawal or balance transfer facility.

To pay using cash:

  • Borrow cash using your credit card at an ATM facility
  • Visit your credit card bank
  • Deposit the cash in Cheque and Cash Depositor Machine (CDM)

To pay using balance transfer facility

  • Call your credit card company which is providing a balance transfer facility on your card
  • Verify your card details, account number, etc
  • Specify the card number and the amount of the bill card you need to pay for.

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