Get Cashback up to AED 2000

Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card Features & Benefits

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Published: 17 October 2019Last Updated On: 13 January 2021

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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Citibank, with its presence since 1995 in the Middle East, offers corporate and investment banking services in many countries across the globe. Among these varied services, Citibank’s Credit Cards are the most sought after.

The Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card is the credit card that aims to achieve simplicity with every service.

Highlights of the Card

  • Free for life
  • No Late Fee
  • Easy Installment Plan
  • Instant Cash
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Unlimited Supplementary Cards

Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card Features

  1. Loan On Phone: The member of the Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card can get instant cash at just a click. You can now have access to a loan that requires no additional documents or a salary transfer. This can be done easily by converting a portion of your available credit card limit into a loan, which can be repaid easily over a tenure up to 48 months.
  2. Easy Installment Plan:With the 0% Easy Installment Plan offered, you can now convert your big purchases into small payments. These installment payments can be spread over a period of up to 48 months.
  3. Citi World Privileges: The holder of a Simplicity Credit Card can take advantage of exclusive discounts at numerous entertainment and dining establishments in 95 countries across the globe.

Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card Benefits

  1. Free For Life: The Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card charges no annual fee.
  2. No Additional Charges: No extra fees are associated with the Simplicity Credit Card. This means, that there is no late fee, no over limit fee or no cash advance fee.
  3. Supplementary Cards: The cardmember’s family members get access to unlimited free supplementary cards. You are also given the option to decide the spending limit on each card.
  4. Airport Lounge Access: Cardmember and the supplementary cardholder can enjoy airport lounge access across the UAE.
  5. Dining Pleasures: The cardholder is entitled to a 20% discount with the fine dining program at over 400 dining outlets in UAE.
  6. Buy-1-Get-1: Thousands of buy one get one offers on hotels, spas, dinings, and entertainment across the Middle East are available at your Mastercard’s Buy One Get One app.
  7. Online Banking: You can now have complete control over your finances by accessing your account from anywhere in the world and at any time with the help of the Citi website or the Citi mobile app.  
  8. Contactless Technology: The Simplicity Card comes with contactless technology which helps in making your transactions faster and easier.
  9. 3D Secure Transactions: The 3D security offered by Citi ensures complete peace of mind while making online transactions.
  10. Bill Payments: This Citibank Credit Card makes it easy to pay your utility bills from your credit card account with no additional costs.
  11. Alerts: You can have full security and track your transactions with the help of the free SMS and Email alerts offered by the Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card.
  12. Citi Mobile App: The Citi mobile app provides you with the freedom to do everything at one glace at your fingertips. You can activate your card, secure your transactions with the help of an OTP (one-time-password) and access features as per your demand like Citi World Privileges, Citi Easy Payment Plan, Citi Statement Pay Plan and Loan on Card.

Over to You!

If you like and prefer a simple way of handling your transactions then the Citibank Citi Simplicity Credit Card is the choice for you. It provides you with the simplicity of managing your account and expenses, along with exclusive deals on dining, entertainment and travel. Citi aims at providing you with the ease to track every move you make with your credit card, on the screen of your phone.