Citibank Citi Prestige Credit Card

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Citi Prestige Credit Card welcomes the cardholders to a world of exclusivity. It gives exclusive access, various travel rewards and privileges. Citi Prestige’s privileges and benefits are applicable across the globe. It ensures that the cardholder experiences nothing but the extraordinary wherever they go. After all, everyone deserves an extraordinary life full of extraordinary experiences.

Features and Benefits of Citi Prestige Credit Card

The features and benefits of Citi Prestige Credit Card make it a must-have. Here are various features offered by the card:

Citi ThankYou Rewards

Automatically, the Citi Prestige cardholder will be enrolled into the rewarding program offered by the Citi- ThankYou Rewards Program. The accumulated rewards under the program can be redeemed as Citi ThankYou Points. The points can be redeemed for a wide variety of redemption options that have been formulated on the basis of the UAE credit cardholder’s needs.

Foreign Currency Purchases

For every US Dollar 1 spent in the foreign currency, the cardholder will earn 3 ThankYou Points. Every time the cardholder make reservations for hotel stays, spends on shopping or spends on entertainment etc., paying in foreign currency will entitle them to earn more points.

Increased ThankYou Points Earning

For every US Dollar 1 spent on making accommodation reservations using the official website of Kaligo, the cardholder will accumulate 20 ThankYou Points. The cardholder can choose from 425,000 hotels around the globe and avail the benefit of earning enhanced ThankYou Points.

Purchases Made in Local Currency

For every US Dollar 1 spent in the local currency of UAE- i.e. AED, the cardholder will earn 2 ThankYou Points. Every time the cardholder dines out at a fancy 5-star restaurant or indulges in coffee at their favourite local coffee spot, they will accumulate ThankYou Points.

Anniversary Bonus ThankYou Points

The cardholder will get 10,000 ThankYou Points as an annual anniversary bonus upon paying the full annual membership fee. Terms and conditions applicable.

Sign up Benefit

When the applicant opts for Credit Card online, they get the following benefits:

  1. 30,000 ThankYou Points as a sign-up bonus
  2. AED 1,250 statement credit

Extra Night Stay

Upon booking 4 consecutive nights, the cardholder can rejuvenate and unwind with the complimentary 4th night at the hotel of their choice across the globe. In order to avail this offer, the booking should be made through Citi Prestige Global Concierge. The best part is that this benefit doesn’t come with any limitation on the number of complimentary nights the cardholder can avail in the span of a year.

The cardholder can go through the International Complimentary Night Hotels and Resorts Program under Terms and Condition.

Concierge Service by Citi Prestige

Citi Prestige Credit Card members have access to someone having resources and knowledge to formulate a plethora of exclusive lifestyle experience for them across the globe. More than an assistance line, they have access to a 'lifestyle management' service. The service helps the card member in the following ways:

  1. It helps them to get reservations at best restaurants around the world.
  2. It helps them get an exclusive ticket to a sold-out
  3. It surprises them with various ideas for a wonderful travel experience.

In order to avail concierge service, the cardholder needs to call Citi Phone Banking service that is available 24 Hour and get in touch with the Citi Prestige Concierge Desk.

Access to Aiport Lounge

The cardholder gets complimentary access to more than 1,000 airport lounges across the world on an unlimited basis. The benefit is extended to their supplementary card member as well. The cardholder as well as the supplementary cardholder can bring one free guest each.

Access with LoungeKey

Here are the steps the card member needs to follow in order to access a participating lounge:

  1. Identify himself/herself as a LoungeKey member in front of the staff on duty at the lounge reception.
  2. Display his/her card to the staff on duty at the lounge reception.
  3. In order to register the visit and provide the card member access to the lounge, the card will be swiped.

Meet & Greet Service at Airport

The cardholders can enjoy a complimentary Marhaba Silver Meet and Greet service at Dubai International Airport.

Golf Access

The cardholders can play a round of golf on a complimentary basis once a month at partner golf courses in the UAE.

Free Movie Tickets

The cardholders can enjoy up to 4 buy-one, get-one movie tickets on a monthly basis. The offer can be availed throughout the week.

Supplementary Credit Cards

The cardholders can get unlimited supplementary credit cards their family members. They don’t have to pay any extra fee and they can select the spending limit on the cards.

Purchase Protection

When an applicant opts for a Citi Prestige Credit Card, they automatically get enrolled in Purchase Protection. It protects the eligible purchases made with Citi Prestige Credit Card in case the purchased goods get accidentally lost, stolen, or damaged for up to 90 days of the purchase.

Rewards and Offers on Citi Prestige Credit Card

Gold Tier Membership of Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Being a World Elite MasterCard Card member, the card member is entitled to get a free upgrade to Gold tier in Qatar Airways Privilege Club. The card member enjoys top-tier advantages with Qatar Airways as well as the entire oneworld airline alliance.

Travel Inconvenience Insurance

Travel exposes an individual to the travel-related risks. During his/her travel, in case the card member encounters a problem, be it flight delays or missing luggage; World Elite MasterCard will compensate for the same.

Global Hotel Alliance DISCOVERY Black Membership

The cardholder enjoys DISCOVERY Black-level membership on a complimentary basis, at more than 550 hotels. With the help of loyalty programme offered by Global Hotel Alliance, the cardholder can avail early check-in, free room upgrades, late checkout etc. at best hotels such as Kempinski, Anantara, Corinthia, etc.

Travel Medical Insurance

In case of a medical urgency, when the cardholder needs medical care; he/ she will get the necessary medical care. It ensures his/her health is never compromised.

Here are the services offered by the Citi Prestige Credit Card:

Automatic Alerts

The cardholder can stay updated about their account activity. They can set up alerts to get alerts about their balance, outstanding payments, when they exceed their credit limit and the purchase they make using their card by opting for the automatic alerts service.

Bill Payment

The cardholder can pay their Citi Bank credit card bill through online as well as offline mode. Here’s how:

  • Online: If the cardholder holds an account with Citi Bank, they can pay their Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card bill using their internet banking account. 
  • Offline: The cardholders can pay their credit card bill at Citi ATM by making a deposit.

Contactless Technology

The Citibank Prestige MasterCard Credit Card comes with the latest contactless technology. It makes the transactions easier, faster, and hassle-free.

Reward Program on Citi Prestige Credit Card

How does it Work?

When the card member uses their card to make payment, they earn points as per the applicable terms and conditions.

How to Earn Your Rewards?

The best part about having Citi Prestige Credit Card is earning rewards. Whenever the cardholder makes a purchase using their Citi Prestige Credit Card, they get to earn rewards.

How to Redeem Your Points?

Redeem your ThankYou Points

The Citi ThankYou Rewards Program offers one of a kind rewards experience for their cardholders. The cardholder can redeem their accumulated ThankYou Points for merchandise or can redeem instant rewards such as booking their travel itinerary with their accumulated ThankYou Points.

Here are ways in which the cardholder can redeem their accumulate redemption points:

  • Shopping - Using their ThankYou Points, the cardholder can order merchandise such as apparel, home goods, electronics etc. They can browse through a plethora of items, buy it as per their preference and get it delivered to their doorsteps.
  • Travel Bookings - Using their ThankYou Points, the cardholder can redeem their ThankYou Points for booking hotels, flight tickets, holiday packages, and rental cars. For bookings flight tickets, booking charges of AED 37 are
  • Cash Rebate - Using their ThankYou Points, the cardholder can get a cash rebate on the travel-related spending using their Citi Prestige Credit Card. It enables the cardholder to fly for free with their preferred airline, enjoy free stays at the hotel, book ferry trips for free and explore the world.
  • Transfer Points - The cardholder can transfer their ThankYou Points, to various participating travel loyalty programs and redeem points for booking flight tickets, hotel bookings etc. on a better basis or 1:1 basis. Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card gives the cardholder the best conversion rates without imposing any restriction regarding different programs.
  • Gift Cards/ Vouchers - The cardholder can redeem their ThankYou Points and get gift cards/ vouchers from a wide variety of entertainment and travel partners.
  • Reversal of Annual Membership Fee- The cardholder can redeem their ThankYou Points and cover their annual membership fee. Terms and conditions applicable 

Citi Prestige Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria of Citibank Citi Prestige Credit Card:

  1. Minimum Monthly Income- In order to apply for the card, the applicant must have a minimum monthly income of AED 30,000.
  2. Annual Membership Fee- In order to opt for the card, the applicant will have to pay an annual membership fee of AED 1,500.

Fees and Charges for Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card

Here are the applicable fees and charges: 

S.No. Particulars Charges
1. Yearly Membership Fee AED 1,500
2. Monthly Retail Interest 3.25 Percent
3. Monthly Cash Interest 3.25 Percent
4. Yearly Membership Fee for Supplementary Card Free
5. Direct Debit Set-up/ Amendment/ Cancellation Free
6. Stopping Direct Debit Payment AED 50
7. Card Replacement Charges AED 50
8. Card Conversion Charges AED 50
9. Sales Draft Copy Charges AED 65
10. Credit Shield Plus Charges 0.82 percent of the outstanding monthly balance
11. Life Style Protect Plus Charges 0.79 percent of the outstanding monthly balance
12. Processing Fees For Personal Loan 1 percent of the total loan amount minimum AED 500 Maximum AED 2,500
13. Loan Cancellation Charges AED 100
14. Loan Rescheduling Charges AED 250
15. Cash Advance Charges 3 percent of the advance amount or AED 99 whichever is higher
16. InstaLoan Processing Charges AED 100

 FAQs on Citi Prestige Credit Card

Q1: How can I redeem my ThankYou points?

Ans: You can redeem your accumulated ThankYou Points in two ways. First, you can redeem it for buying merchandise. Second, you can redeem your accumulated points for instant rewards like booking your travel itinerary.

Q2: Can I make foreign currency purchases using Citi Prestige Credit Card?

Ans: Yes, you can make a purchase in foreign currency. Additionally, you will get rewarded for the same. For spending 1 US Dollar in the foreign currency, you will earn 3 ThankYou Points. When you pay in foreign currency for booking hotel stays, or spending on entertainment, paying shopping bill etc., you will earn points.

Q3: How can I pay my Citi Prestige Credit Card Bill?

Ans: If you have a bank account with Citi Bank, you can pay your Citi Prestige Credit Card bill through your internet banking account. You can pay your credit card bill by making a deposit at the nearest Citi Bank ATM.

Q4: What is the eligibility criteria for applying Citibank Citi Prestige Credit Card?

Ans: In order to apply for a Citibank Citi Prestige Credit Card, you must have a monthly income of AED 30,000. In addition to that, you ought to pay AED 1,500 as an annual membership fee.

Q5: Can I transfer my ThankYou Points?

Ans: Yes. You can transfer ThankYou Points to various participating travel loyalty programs. By doing so, you can redeem your accumulated points for flight tickets booking, hotel bookings etc. on a 1:1 basis or a better basis.