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The Citi Premier credit card is Citibank’s gift to travel enthusiasts. Offering a wide range of benefits, this Citibank UAE credit card helps travel enthusiasts explore various locations without hitting hard on their pockets. The card offers a variety of travel exclusive benefits. Additionally, it offers a loyalty program, which enables cardholders to experience the cultural delicacies offered at various locations at discounted rates.

Features and Benefits Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

, Citibank credit card offers the following features and benefits:

  • Airport Lounge Access across the Globe: Citibank card holders can display their card at one of 1,000+ airport lounges all over the world. Supplementary Citi Premier cardholders can avail the same benefit as well. Furthermore, cardholders and supplementary cardholders are allowed to invite one guest each.
  • Dining Benefit: Citibank credit card offers benefits for the food lovers. Citi Premier cardholders can enjoy gourmet meals at the select restaurant at discounts of up to 20% off. 
  • Golf Benefits: UAE is dotted with beautifully manicured golf courses. The Citi Premier card enables the cardholders to access to one free round of golf every month at select golf courses.
  • Protection Purchase Benefit: Citi Premier card members get free purchase protection. Under this benefit, any new purchases made through the Citibank credit card are entitled to a full refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase, in the event the purchased goods are stolen, damaged or lost.
  • Supplementary Cards: Family members of the cardholders can enjoy an unlimited number of supplementary cards, each with a custom defined spending limit. Supplementary cardholders can avail various Citibank credit card offers such as airport lounge access.
  • Airport Meet & Greet Service: Citi Premier cardholders can avail bronze complimentary meet and greet service at Dubai International Airport. 
  • Travel insurance for covering a medical emergency. 
  • Travel inconvenience cover, which provides insurance coverage to the cardholder against lost baggage, flight delays and other interruptions.
  • 24/7 access to a local concierge across the globe. The concierge will help the cardholder book tickets to local attractions, popular restaurants, hotels and events. Citibank credit card offers 'lifestyle management' service for the Citi Premier credit card holders.
  • A complimentary third night’s stay on booking two consecutive nights, a complimentary third night’s stay on booking three consecutive nights and two complimentary night’s stay on booking four consecutive nights at certain Starwood Hotels and Resorts worldwide.
  • Upgrade to the Gold Tier of the Qatar Airways Privilege Club. The cardholders can avail top-tier benefits offered by Qatar Airways and Oneworld airline alliance.
  • Alerts- Automatic Account: The credit card cardholder can opt for automatic updates to get updates related to balance amount, payment reminders and offers. These updates will be sent to the registered email and mobile as requested.
  • Online Payments: The cardholder can type Citibank credit card login, login to their account and make monthly payments in a matter of a few seconds.
  • Contactless Technology: The contactless technology adapted by Citibank UAE credit cards enable the cardholders to make transactions faster and easier. This also protects the card against wear and tear damage.

Rewards and Offers Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

The ThankYou Program

Holders of this particular Citibank credit card are automatically enrolled in the Citibank loyalty program known as Citi ThankYou Rewards. There are three ways to earn ThankYou points:

  • Spending Local Currency: For any purchase made with this Citibank card, the cardholders can earn 1.5 ThankYou points on USD 1 of local currency spent. The cardholders can explore various attractions of the UAE, knowing that they are also earning while they spend.
  • Spending Foreign Currency: Making purchases made in the foreign currency enables the cardholders to earn even more. To be exact, they can earn 2 ThankYou points per every USD 1 of foreign currency spent. The Premier Citibank credit card offers the cardholders an enhanced benefit to promote the use of card outside the UAE, hassle-free.
  • Hotel Bookings: Further enhancing the travel benefits of a Citibank credit card holder, the Citi Premier card’s enables the cardholder to earn ThankYou points by making hotel bookings across 425,000 hotels. For reservations made through, the cardholder can earn 15 ThankYou points on every USD 1 spent.

When the Citibank credit card holders use the card on a regular basis, they earn ThankYou points. When it comes to redeeming the ThankYou points, the cardholders often wonder ‘How do I use my ThankYou points?’ Mentioned below are the various ways in which they can redeem ThankYou points:

  • Travel: Citibank credit card offers a travel-friendly card i.e.Citi Premier credit card. The ThankYou points can be redeemed against a host of travel expenses such as hotel bookings, tour packages, car rentals and even flight bookings.
  • Transfer Points: The ThankYou points can be transferred to other Citibank UAE credit card loyalty programs and the programs offered by various select partners. One of the greatest benefits offered by the card is air miles transfer. The Citi Premier card enables the cardholders to earn air miles for partnered airlines. The cardholders can use the Citibank credit card online miles calculator to calculate the number of miles they can earn per USD spent in local or foreign currency. The miles calculator can be found online in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Gift Cards/ Vouchers: Other Citibank credit card offers which can be availed through the Citi Premier card include gift vouchers and gift cards that can be redeemed from various entertainment and travel partners. The ThankYou points open up a world of possibilities for the cardholders.
  • Reversal of Yearly Membership Fee: With ThankYou points, Citibank UAE credit card offers the facility of reversal of yearly membership fee. Basically, the cardholder can redeem their ThankYou Points and cover their yearly membership fee.

Eligibility Criteria for Citi Premier Credit Card

The eligibility criteria for Citi Premier credit card are mentioned below:

  • Annual Membership Fee: AED 750
  • Monthly Interest (Retail): 3.09%
  • Eligibility: Minimum monthly income of AED 15,000

Fees and Charges Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

The fees and charges of the card are as follows:

S.No. Particulars Charges
1. Yearly Membership Fee 750 AED
2. Monthly Retail Interest 3.09 Percent
3. Monthly Cash Interest 3.25 Percent
4. Yearly Membership Fee for Supplementary Card Free

Documents Required for Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

Here’s a quick rundown on the documents required in order to apply for Citibank premier credit card-

  • Valid Emirati ID
  • Passport in case of expats
  • Salary Slip

FAQs on Citibank Citi Premier Credit Card

Q1: What is the minimum income required to apply for Citibank Premier credit card?

Ans: The minimum income required to apply for Citibank premier credit card is AED 15,000.

Q2: What is the annual membership fee for this credit card?

Ans: The annual membership fee for this credit card is AED 750.

Q3: Can cardholders make use of contactless transactions to make payments using this credit card?

Ans: Yes, cardholders can make use of contactless transactions to make payments using this credit card.

Q4: What is the monthly rate of interest applicable on the Citibank credit card?

Ans: The monthly rate of interest applicable on this card is equivalent to 3.09%.

Q5: Does this credit card offer insurance coverage?

Ans: Yes, this card comes with the feature of insurance coverage.