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Top UAE Banks with Cinema Offer Credit Cards

In the hustle and bustle of city life, getting time to enjoy a movie with your family, friends, and relatives is a luxury only some can afford. All these years, movie experience has evolved from a place to watch a motion picture to an absolute cinematic experience. This drastic change has led to many popular multiplexes offering an unforgettable movie viewing experience in the UAE. Apparently, the cost of movie tickets has risen considerably over the years. Banks and financial institutions have also emerged as the greatest benefactor here, to say nothing of VOX Cinemas credit card offers.

Watching movies with these offers in hand becomes much more enjoyable as you get a plethora of discounts for transactions made using your credit card. Most banks come with cinema offers on credit cards. These offers are available in the form of complementary discounts, cashback and exclusive offers and more. If we talk about VOX Cinemas credit card offers first, delving deeper into the brand’s history will make much more sense. Owned by the leading Emirati holding company Majid Al Futtaim that operates in the MENA region, VOX is the cinema arm of this group. Known as one of the most popular cinema chains in the Gulf region, this Majid Al Futtaim’s chain of cinemas has been at the core of innovation and customer-focused services.

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The cinema chain totals up to 345 screens across the Gulf region and offers tailored cinematic experience based on location privileges and customer preferences VOX Cinemas come with experiences, inspired by luxury-THEATRE and GOLD by Rhodes are the two well-suited examples, in collaboration with Michelin’s Gary Rhodes. As a matter of fact, everyone in UAE agrees on the fact that VOX cinemas cater equally for movie buffs and rare visitors. It comes as no surprise that even the UAE banks have begun providing exclusive VOX Cinemas credit card offers that include movie ticket offers on transactions completed with credit cards.

If you like watching the movie a lot and often go to cinema halls, you must be burning a lot of cash on tickets. But fret not- you can save a lot of money if you use credit cards to buy movie tickets at different cinema halls in the UAE. The moment you buy tickets to watch a movie in VOX    Cinemas, you will be able to make the most of credit card offers. Unlike earlier, movie lovers can now book tickets in a variety of ways owing to the evolution of digital technology. Nowadays, users can book tickets on a website or app or they can either make use of the digital mode of payments-net banking, credit cards, and debit cards among others. The most preferred choice among these options is the credit card.

Taking the convenience factor of credit cards into consideration, leading credit card companies like Citibank and Commercial Bank of Dubai to offer a multitude of benefits for their card members. Although such cards are not purely for entertainment purpose, these also cater to the diverse needs of the cardholders. Come to think of it, the card members are surprised at the ease with which VOX Cinemas credit card offers attractive movie benefits. As this format of utilizing a credit card is increasingly becoming the norm, frequent moviegoers have started considering this option every so often.

The greater part of the Arab population shares a penchant for cinema culture and likes to indulge in watching movies. Interestingly, the financial specialists across the region have made it a point to customize their offerings in accordance with the demographics of UAE. So, the positive anticipation toward popular culture gives the banks and cinema halls ample impetus to transform the overall experience of an average user. That being said, the strategic alliance that happened between leading UAE banks and VOX chain of cinemas has made way for VOX Cinemas credit card offers for the moviegoers.

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Top UAE Banks with Cinema Offer Credit Cards

These movie credit cards are like a dream come true for movie lovers around the globe. After all, there are not many people in this world who dislike the idea of getting free tickets or discounts for watching great movies in the cinema. In the UAE, you will find plenty of cinema credit cards that give ‘buy one get one’ and other similar discounts on movie tickets. A few cinema credit cards also offer services like free valet parking up to a certain limit. This service ensures that you do not miss out on the opening scene of your favourite movie. There are some cinema credit cards that keep a part of your purchases to promote environmental activities.

When it comes to the memorable viewing experience, VOX Cinemas credit card offers something beyond the ordinary. There are several banks in this region that offer movie credit cards. Let us give you the rundown on the leading banks that give cinema credit cards on offer:

1. Citibank Credit Cards with Cinema Offer

Enjoy the joy of Indulging in Movies Even More by Making the Most of your Citibank Credit Cards. Listed below are Popular Citi Cards with Offers for Movie Tickets.

Benefits of using Citibank Credit Cards:

  • Get up to two/ four complimentary movie tickets (depends on the card type) with Citi Credit Cards be it any day of the week each month.
  • To book your tickets, visit: or install the mobile app.
  • Log in and get registered for free. Once you have registered, log in with username and password.
  • Choose your movie, cinema and preferred show time.
  • Select the Citi ‘B1G1’ offer
  • Choose your seats and pay with your Citi Credit card.

 Keep in mind that it is not a cashback offer and the cost of the free ticket is not a part of your payment amount.

2. CBD Credit Cards with Cinema Offer

The CBD cards promise to unfold a world of unique experiences and most sought-after privileges for the discerning few.

Listed below are the benefits of using CBD Credit card:

  • Get 50 % off on your VOX movie tickets when you use CBD Credit Card.
  • But first, check your card type to see which benefits you are eligible for: World Master Cardmembers are eligible to receive 50% off on movie tickets(2D &3D) for standard, IMAX, MAX and standard seats-MAX 1 screen at the City Centre, Deira.
  • Visa Infinite Islamic and Infinite card members are eligible to receive 50% on movie tickets (2D &3D) for max and standard. The offer excludes balcony and VIP seats at the MAX 1 screen at the City Centre Deira.
  • Visa Signature card members can get 50% off 2D tickets for max and standard. The offer excludes balcony and VIP seats at the MAX 1 screen at the City Centre, Deira.
  • CBD VISA Infinite Private Banking Metal Card members get 50% off on IMAX Sapphire, GOLD, 4DX, and tickets at Theatre by Gary Rhodes.
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VOX Cinemas Credit Card Offers Entertainment Galore

The most popular VOX chain of cinemas is setting new benchmarks in the entertainment industry and meeting the set standards and high expectations of the audience in totality, in the MENA region. The way this popular chain of cinemas is redefining the viewing experience is beyond ordinary. As evidenced by the popularity of VOX Cinemas credit card offers in the UAE for the entertainment hungry generation. The teams at VOX, across the region, are creating entertainment destinations that seem larger than life and amp up the movie viewing as a whole.

The brand has a strong reputation in the field of providing tailored entertainment solutions to enhance the overall experience. And avid movie fans can opt for VOX Cinemas credit card offers to make the most of these experiences. VOX is a name synonymous with high-quality content and top-notch experiences.

VOX cinema chains have taken the entire cinematic experience up a notch with features like top-end digital projection systems, immersive digital 3D experience, grand MAX screens, immaculate sound technology as well as IMAX with a laser, Theatre and Gold by Rhodes, and KIDS and 4DX.

Novo Cinemas Credit Card Offers

Novo Cinemas is a leading cinema chain in the MENA region, known for providing an unmatched movie experience. Having its cinema chain spread across the country, Novo Cinemas forms one of the largest movie theatre networks in the UAE. To attract audiences from all age groups, it collaborates with various financial institutions and provides Novo Cinema credit card offers to enhance your movie experience. Additionally, you can also avail multiple discounts and offers on food and beverages inside the theatre. 

Novo Cinemas has established itself among the viewers by providing customised entertainment solutions. Whether you’re a movie buff or a casual cinema goer, you can make the best of Novo Cinema credit card offers and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

Novo Cinema offers a wholesome cinematic experience with discrete features like advanced digital projections, enticing 3D experience, and alluring digital surround sound technology, IMAX and MX 4D technology. 

How to find the best Cinema Credit cards in UAE?

You will have set plans for the coming weekend. First off, you will plan for a movie with your buddies. Secondly, you might try out the new eatery in town with your family. And at last, you might want to go on a shopping spree and buy the most sought-after thingies you have been longing for weeks. Splurging your moolah for these experiences is inevitable but it is a feeling beyond words to get the most out of your spends. Is there any feeling better than getting cash back on relishing the food you love or movie tickets on discount? Definitely, all good things will follow once you pick the right entertainment credit card.

This credit card type provides a host of advantages like discounted movie tickets and shopping cash backs or reward points on dining spends. And this is just the start! You are also eligible to other privileges that offer the best bang for the buck. So, what factors do you consider before choosing the right entertainment card?

For beginners, start identifying your spending patterns and understand your lifestyle requirements. For a movie buff who catches at least not less than two shows in a week, an ideal entertainment card should give the best offers on movie tickets. It comes as no surprise that shortlisting the right card might take a toll on you but considering all the advantages and features beforehand can save you aeons of time.

We know how going out to watch a movie can burn a big hole in your pocket due to the skyrocketing prices of tickets. In addition to paying for the movie tickets, you will have to shell some hefty bucks on needful like soft drinks and pop-corns too. All the leading multiplexes and cinema halls in UAE have associated themselves with banks to make things as convenient as possible for the movie lovers. By doing some additional research on your part, you can grab the best offers provided by the best movie credit cards such as loyalty cards, privilege discounts and more

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Why for Entertainment Credit Cards? is not only a popular web aggregator of services related to finance but also offers aptest online solutions that help you streamline your crucial decisions with the utmost ease. This holistic system has always given much-needed consideration to cater to the varying needs of the users. Responding effectively to customer’s queries related to the finance products becomes our topmost priority. When it comes to offering the expert guidance on the best entertainment credit cards, we have got your needs covered. Our experts provide an in-depth analysis along with an extensive comparison of finance products regarding their prices, features, benefits, and demerits across categories. Minimizing the gap between the supplier and buyer, addressing their concerns individually- that is all we love to do. Moreover, we take extra care and attention in rolling out only the best, viable solutions. This way, we play our part in helping out our customers with the most accurate decisions.

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